Gmanall takes on X-Gels/Anabeta OG/GMS

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  1. Goals: I started this log at 209.4 and as of today I sit at 210.4(+1), might not look like a big difference but considering I cut to 204 and got back up and then some I think it's better than I expected(Although some of the shifting weight can be attributed to water/carbs).

    My goals for this log are as listed:
    Bench: 2x225(Didn't reach, but considering my chest is my weak spot and it was more of a bonus goal)
    Deadlift:1x405(This was my main goal, started 6x325(E1RM=377) and was able to quickly add more weight and by the end hit it)
    OHP:1x180(Again mostly a bonus goal, didn't feel safe enough to try and attempt it, I've had some shoulder/joint problems and it began acting up)
    Weight: 215(Change of goals)
    BF: Maintain or decrease(Decreased)

    Supplements: X-Gels, Anabeta OG and GMS

    Noticeable Effect's
    Increased Acne
    Increased Hair Shedding*(Can't confirm which supplement, or if it is. Might be because I had to use more acne medicine to combat the increase. But it was noticeable)
    Increased Sweating
    Joint Discomfort
    Increased Hunger
    Harder Pump
    Recomp Effects
    Strength Gains
    Retaining Muscle
    Slight Increase in Vascularity
    Lower Libdo
    Slight Mood Change*(Might be that I'm more hypo now)
    ______________________________ _____________
    Overall: Don't know how well it'll show in the pics, but I can tell myself that I've dropped 1-2% BF(Self Pinch Test, Thigh size shrunk which is where I store a lot of BF) and added a pound to the scale(So I'll ballpark 3-5 LB Lean mass gain). For a month progress I can't ask for much more!

  2. Afters:

    ^^^Ignore to face lol

  3. Nice work dude! Chest is noticeably bigger
    Hit me up with any questions any time.

  4. Nice work!
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  5. I think chest looks better and stomach seems to have leaned up a good amount. Good job bro.
    PES Representative

  6. Definitely some great results, nice work brotha.


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