Log Tropinol xp, Anabeta, Intimidate, Lights out, Humanabo

  1. Log Tropinol xp, Anabeta, Intimidate, Lights out, Humanabo

    Hello my friends !!!!! ok, this is the stack I`m planning to start next september 16 and probably log this journey, will last for two months.

    - lights out: two bottles: 2 caps at bedtime
    - Intimidate SRT: two bottles: 1 cap at bedtime
    - Anabeta: two bottles: during day with carb meal, probably 2 caps with two meals
    - Humanabol: 4 bottles: during day 4 caps
    - Tropinol XP: two bottles: PW; 4 caps 60 mins before gym

    Those are the main sups, also I have one bottle of Dermacrine, thinking of take this at 3 pumps Monday to Friday so it will last 8 weeks approximately.
    All the protein of course, plus BioGro from Isatori, the multivitamin, etc etc. Please, criticize and comment my plan.

    - Age: 38
    - Weight: 170 lbs
    - Height: 5,87 ft. is that correct? I`m Spanish, we use metric system. 1,79 centimetros

    Weight training: Get Swole from Cory Gregory, I tried before summer hollydays and like very much !!!!. Been training seriously last 5 years.

    Diet: in check !! 40% cals from carbs; 30% cals from protein; 30% cals from fat. Near to 2.800- 3.200 cals per day.

    I apologize for my language, like I said, I`m Spanish and unfortunately don`t have many opportunities to practice.

    Un saludo desde Espaņa!!

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  3. That's a lot of different products. Subbed, very interested. I've been on the fence about ordering the intimidate + tropinol stack from nutraplanet for myself!

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