Epic Erase Pro/D-Pol Lean Bulk Log

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by LiveToLift View Post
    Looking forward to hearing that final review sir. Seems this run went so quick! Glad you have enjoyed it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Danb2285 View Post
    Yeah man this flew by!
    No kidding... I swear I totally lost track of septemeber
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  2. Tues/Weds update:
    Tuesday - Push Hypertrophy

    OHP - 55x5,60x5x5x4x3
    Dumbbells since the rack was in use by some girl who had it, the smith, the bench, and most of the floor space taken up to do some lazy circuit... I was pissed

    Tricep OHP - 80x8x8x9x8drop45x10

    DB Decline Press - 60x10x8x10x8
    Hadn't done these in forever so I kinda guessed on the weight but got lucky. These felt much better for my elbow then flyes

    Lateral Raise - 15x12,20x10x10x9 (20s for 10 may be a pr, not sure)
    Run the rack (25lb-5lb) x10 per db

    Tricep Rope Pushdown (FST-7) 80x10x10x10x10x10x10x10+partia ls for extra pump

    Pretty solid workout overall. I was in a foul mood most of the time since my first exercise (and one of my favorites) got ruined by the dumbass who had to use the entire gym to do nothing useful. Aggression on this stack is just epic and i really have to try to keep myself a bit settled at times ha.

    Weds- Legs Hypertrophy:

    Squat 235x5,255x5,265x4,275x3,285x2( PR Wt)
    Wasn't feeling my absolute best but still good enough to push the envelope. I think next time I may take a rest day before legs and see if I can really smash my PR

    Ham Curl Gx13,Hx9x8x8+7partials
    Standing Calf Raise Nx10x10x10x10+burnout

    Leg Extension Kx12,Lx10x10x10+8partials
    Seated Calf Raise 85x12,90x10x10x11+burnout

    Leg press (fst-7) 290x10x10x10x10x10x10x10

    Just for giggles (and because I couldn't quite walk yet) I threw some weights on the bech and gave it a go (haven't benched in well over a year). Was able to throw up 205 for a single which is good for me. I'd love to hit 225 in the next year or so, but I've always had trouble progressing on bench.

    Today is my last pill of EP and like I thought there was only a littel extra DPol after yesterday so I just used it all yesterday. I'll do my final review on the stack at lunch today.


    PACKAGING: 8/10
    -Simple, efficient design; Consistent with the other Purus products. I like the modern yet simple look as its not flashy but still catches your eye. Tub is about the size you'd expect for a 1 month powder. Only negative is the scooper is pretty big and can make the last few scoops a bit of a hassle to get out in the proper dosing.

    MIXABILITY: 4/10
    -80% of this mixes very well with a quick shake or spoon swirl. the other 20% however doesnt mix at all no matter what. I tried hot water, longer shaking, spoons, blenders, and even letting it sit for an hour all to no avail. Just suck it up and wash down the granules at the bottom and you're good to go, but it will not mix.

    TASTE: 9.5/10
    -Loved this. I'm a huge vanilla/cream flavored person so this was right up my alley. It has a slight sourness to it, almost like a lemon meringue pie flavor. Can have a bit of a lingering aftertaste which is the only reason i didnt give it 10.

    SERVINGS: 7/10
    -For starters, my tub came up 1 day short (the other log came up 5 so there may be a bit of a consistency in dosing issue). The scooper is pretty big and the powder is fairly fine so i can easily see how a very consistent dose would be hard to get. I was pleasantly surprised as when i first looked in the tub i thought it would run out much sooner.

    EFFECT: 8/10
    -As a DAA product, it absolutely did what it bills. I had noticeable increases in libido, aggression, and overall sense of well-being. The downside was that I did not see much in the way of the pumps that are claimed. i had a few GI issues during this cycle, but I cannot guarantee that they were from this, and actually seems less likely that they were due to the fact that they were weeks in, not right away.

    -Increased libido, aggression, sense of well-being, no gi issues

    -Poor mix, servings claimed vs actual, lack of pumps

    OVERALL: 9/10
    -Great taste and very noticeable impact on my libido and aggression were the highlights of this product for me. As a DAA product, I would certainly recommend this, as I can tell that it worked for me. I would use this as part of a PCT or possibly as a standalone natty cycle. Another key here would be that I had no GI issues that I can directly link to this product. I haven't tried bulk DAA but if you have issues with that this would be worth a try IMO.


    PACKAGING: 8/10
    -Classic PES. Simple design, looks nice, nothing spectacular.

    DOSING: 10/10
    -1 pill each day. It's as simple as that. I took it with my pre-workout shake most days.

    EFFECT: 7.5/10
    -I was unsure how to judge this going in as I have never run a standalone AI (only on cycle or in PCT). My biggest concern was that I was at a higher bf% then I feel would show much in the way of "hardening" or "drying" so this is hard for me to judge. I will say that I experienced some joint issues a few weeks in and that was a good thing as this convinced me that it was actually lowering estrogen as claimed. I added some extra fish oil and that did the trick to cure the sore joints.

    -Lowered estrogen, simple dosing

    -Joint pain (easily fixed though)

    OVERALL: 7/10
    -It's difficult for me to point out anything really great that this product did for me physically, as most of the positives seem to have come more from the DPol. However, I imagine that the DPol would not have worked as well or showed as much impact without the EP. If I were to run it again (and I will in PCT for my next cutting cycle) I would hope to see more of the hardening/drying effects. I believe that my bf% was the limiting factor here and don't blame the EP for this. I can't say that I reccommend this as a standalone product unless for PCT, however, it does make for a nice stack with the DAA, adding to its effects.


    OVERALL: 8/10
    - The highlights of this stack for me were the increase in aggression, increase in libido, decrease in estrogen, and overall sense of well-being. About a week or so into my cycle I began really feeling the effects of this stack and from there on out I was nothing but positives. At a higher bf% I don't see a ton of great use for this stack as you really miss out on the positive effects claimed by the Erase Pro. I would use this under 10% bf as a solid natty cycle to help maintain muscle and strength, while keeping a lean/dry/hard physique. Overall, I enjoyed my run, and would certainly run this cycle again (under different circumstances though). I believe this would make for a perfect addition to PCT as all of the postive effects are what you would want here.

    Once again, thank you to Livetolift and Grambo (and all the others at PES/Purus) for the opportunity to log this stack. I can say that this is certainly something I want to incorporate in my PCT's in the future and might give it a shot when Im nearing the end of a cut.

  6. Glad you enjoyed both products man. Sorry it didnt mix well and came up a day short. As you mentioned, It is extremely hard to get an accurate scoop to with such a fine powder to match up to exactly what the label says. Just one of those things. Thanks for the log!
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  7. Glad you enjoyed the run sir and thanks for the good honest review. I definitely would love to hear your feedback on the EPRO after you get down to the lower body fat range. I really see the effects increase when I'm leaner.

    Thanks for the log.
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    And to really finish this off, my end pic (a few days late ha) definitely can tell some positive body comp changes so just another plus to this stack!
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