PF3 with Double S

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  1. I spoke to Rob about this offline, not sure if it is something in the protein itself or the betaine.......
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Budman7811 View Post
    Yes... Fasted with a preworkout and truthfully after the crazy throw up day I actually get anxiety thinking about taking with my preworkout.

    I think also it was like 2 doses in a couple of hours, pre and post.
    Hmm, I do one scoop pre before fasted training as well. That sucks that it isn't working for you

  3. my crapping has been unaffected by pf3. i can only speculate on why people might experience a change in bowel habits since everybody's system is in a different place; both hcl and many components of the serum are anti-pathogenic. we are all said to optimally have 15% bad pathogens living in our gut, and obviously that number can fluctuate with individuals. if any change in stools were temporary in beta-testers, it could indicate the so-called "herx" (die off) reaction so it will be interesting to check in with everyone later. the serum in pf3 is used to slow bowel frequency with ibs-d patients, and constipation was reported as a sided effect, but not loose stools. that said, i think the addition of the hcl turns pf3 into less of an immune product and more of a growth factor product (the ibs-d drug instrucs it not to be served in an acidic solution for that reason). on the topic of the hcl, ive personnaly messed around with 1500mg of betaine hcl per meal; the overdose effect of that is said to be a burning sensation in the stomach, which i didnt experience and though i did notice increased bowel motitlity at that dose, i dont think the 100mg dose would warrent any bowel change, although there are people with more sensitive lining than others (as with people prone to ulcers) so who knows. finally, theres the issue of how successfully enzymes are breaking things down and whether there is sufficient water. i am taking a dose of pf3 with 8 oz of water in accordance with the label, which is alot of water for such a small amount of powder comparitively, and i havent been eating anything else for at least an hour after taking it. i know with slower digesting proteins, more water is desirable, but im assuming everyone has lots of water with their pf3

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Misfit28 View Post

    Hmm, I do one scoop pre before fasted training as well. That sucks that it isn't working for you
    Much better now... I am dosing pre/intra/post another at lunch and another at dinner. I think it may have been a fluke.


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