Jswains Uncut Mini Log (sponsored)

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  1. Jswains Uncut Mini Log (sponsored)

    AppNutJeff and Applied Nutriceuticals were nice enough to hook me up with a 25 serving mini bottle of UnCut to review for them. Just got settled in at school and everything so im gonna get it up and running. Im basically just going to update every workout day as detailed as I can. This is my first log on here so let me know if you guys have any suggestions on what to do/how to set up the log/what you want to see/etc.

    As of now I just plan to update my log on workout days (which is the only days I'll be using the UnCut) beginning with tomorrows lower body 5/3/1 day. As mentioned, I have been following 5/3/1 for about 6-8 months now and I really like it so I'm going to stick with it for as long as I can push gains out of it. With that said, I am a part of a division 3 athletic team that randomly just decided they were going to make me start working out with the team. So therefore, I might have to put some of my 5/3/1 on hold and do whatever the hell the Athletic Departments Strength Coach has us doing. I am going to try and stick to 5/3/1 as much as I possibly can and I might hit my own gym once or twice a week on top of the MWF lifting we are going to be doing as a team. Just going to play it by feel based on what I feel I need. Really trying to hit legs as much as possible so if I dont feel like i'm getting ample leg work with his program I'll go hit another squat or dead session.

    Alright. So day one tomorrow. Hope to have some of the knowledgeable people in for the ride for tips/suggestions. Sorry for the long post. Updates should be more abbreviated.


  2. I'm in Jared and happy to be part of your first log here. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on Uncut. I hope you are ready to see some PR's in the gym.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by AppNutJeff View Post
    I'm in Jared and happy to be part of your first log here. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on Uncut. I hope you are ready to see some PR's in the gym.
    Love PRs! Cant wait to start with squats tomorrow.
    Training log:


  4. Sub'd and in for the ride.

  5. You're going to really like this product. It's fantastic!
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative
    Are you ready for N.O. UPTAKE? It's a game-changer!

  6. Looking forward to how the first workout went with Uncut.

  7. Alright. Headed out to the gym now. Bout to pop the my first cap! Update coming when i get back.
    Training log:


  8. Workout 1: 5/3/1 Squats

    Warmup sets 135x5 165x5 200x3
    Working sets 235x3 265x3 300x8 = 375 *PR (since high school) (lost a lot freshman year of college, now a sr).
    A1. BBB Squats 220x10x5
    A2. Pull-ups 5 x max reps
    B1. Reverse Hypers 3x10
    B2. Ab Rollouts 3x10
    note: I was squatting to a 8 inch box just tapping the box at parallel.

    HIIT: 3 min warmup -> 6 intervals stationary bike 30s on / 90 s off -> 3 min cool down.

    I felt amazing in the gym today. I listed a couple things i noticed after taking Uncut in my notes on my ipod. I noticed a nice little pick me up after about 15-20 minutes after i took it. Then when i got to the squat rack at the gym i was just in the zone, focused, and i usually have to fight through the core work at the end of leg day but today i had no problem making myself do it.

    Overall after workout 1, i'm really looking forward to the rest of these workouts to hopefully get these benefits consistently from uncut. Im really hoping they stick around for the whole time.
    Training log:


  9. Some good weight up there^ Did you dose just one cap or two? Uncut is not really what I consider "stim heavy" with 130Mg of caffeine per cap. Two is my sweet spot. I think you will notice the focus you will get will get better after a few workouts.

  10. Great lifts today. Sounds like the mini bottle is going to last quite awhile. Glad you enjoyed your first dose

  11. Im going to start dosing 2 caps. I just wanted to start with one to test it out. Im pretty stim tolerant (Just took 2 scoops alphamine+25 mg E) so i will see how 2 caps treats me tomorrow at my team lifting.
    Training log:


  12. Yeah just know that the energy is supposed to be smooth and long lasting versus a hard kick in the butt.

  13. Yea i understand that. Thats what i prefer anyway so thats fine by me!
    Training log:


  14. Alright here goes 2 caps. Update when i get out of biochem after lifting.
    Training log:


  15. Quote Originally Posted by jswain34 View Post
    Alright here goes 2 caps. Update when i get out of biochem after lifting.
    You will hammer the weights....

  16. Heres a picture of the workout we did. I didnt keep track of the weights for the snatch pulls but heres what i remember for everything else.

    Started with med ball core work 2x10 for 3 exercises
    A1. Snatch Pulls: 5x4
    A2. Inc DB press: 55x10 65x10 70x10 (will start at 65 next time, im used to bb incline so i was unsure of where to start)
    B1. Good Mornings: 135x6 145x6 155x6 175x6
    B2. Standing DB Press 45x10x2 40x10
    C1. Step ups (was running out of time before class so i had to hurry) 40lb DB each hand 3x5 per leg (will increase next time probably to 50s)
    C2. Banded mountain climbers (didnt get to these)

    Then we finished up with regular planks, side planks, and reverse planks all with a 45 lb plate.

    Once again the focus and clean energy were there after about 15 minutes. I always love showing up and making a bunch of noise when everyone else is half asleep and everyone kept asking me what pre i took. I really didnt want to stop lifting and if i wouldnt of had to go to class i definitely wouldve stayed and added another set of step ups and possibly some Romanian Dls.

    I might hit the gym tomorrow for some 5/3/1 OHD/Bench/Pullups/and Rows but ill keep you guys posted. I finally got into a routine i was liking and then these baseball workouts started up so i guess you guys are just gonna have to bear with me on the lack of organization in my routine right now.
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    Training log:


  17. Great work my man, so 2 caps was a better dosage for you?

  18. I enjoyed 1 cap but 2 caps is definitely where its at for me. I feel like UnCut + Bronkaid would be awesome. I wont do it for this log but if i end up snagging some after this i will definitely stack the two. I <3 ECA. The focus was good with 1 cap but 2 caps is definitely my sweet spot for focus+stim.
    Training log:


  19. we have a few guys at your bodyweight that will go to three caps. I've never added ephedrine to Uncut but I believe Coop has. If you do I'd start with 16Mgs max.

  20. Yea i feel like 260 mg caffeine in 2 caps is sufficient for me. I feel like i could handle a whole bronkaid tab. I regularly take bronkaid with 2 scoops of alphamine with no issues.
    Training log:


  21. Good work today! Uncut definitely has that effect in wanting to do more workouts than what you've already done. We had a buddy log Uncut and used bronkaid during his cut. It ended being too much stims for him w/ a half tab plus 1 cut. Basically just spaced the two apart.

  22. Really? Hmm I wont do it if you guys dont want in this log but i kinda really want to try it. But you guys hooked me up with this so i owe it to you to respect your warnings, etc.

    Once again, i absolutely love the focus/energy i get from uncut. I dont want to portray any untrue feelings just because i always have a tendency to try and take things to the next level.
    Training log:


  23. Feel free to try it, and add it in the reason for these logs is to share info and I'm sure there are at least a few people that would be interested in your thoughts on the two stacked. Maybe do one cap of Uncut and 25mg's of ephedrine and see how that goes before going with two caps.

  24. Sounds good. Im gonna hit the gym for some 5/3/1 bench w/ 1 chest accessory with chest supported rows and face pulls and might throw in some 5/3/1 DL with some RDLS and Glute-Ham Raises after class later. Update coming after - gonna try the 1 cap Uncut + 1 tab Bronkaid.
    Training log:



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