anabolic xtreme-sample

  1. anabolic xtreme-sample

    just got back from gym.....will post up thoughts/review in a few!!!!

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  2. 1st off thanks to fp and ax for the sample.
    i have been using 2scoops of my current pre with 1gm agmatine/3-6gm cit mal added, so since this it was a one serving sample and i didn't add anything to it the comparision is going to be more than a little unfair...

    taste: it tasted like carbmaster peach yogurt to me, very tasty!!!!




    focus/feel good effect:i put these together, but what i got most from supersize and enjoyed most was the feel good effect!!! 30 minutes after drinking i felt like i had taken a shot of dr.feelgood elixir...had a great mood and felt great too....this lasted well after my workout was over. i don't know what ing or combo of ing's caused this effect but i really liked it...a feeling as close to euphoria as a legal supp has a right to be, lol.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

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