Wicked shred fest with AMS & FRL!

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  1. 10/27-off
    Walking lunges db-40s-100 yrds
    Frt sqts-180-10x10
    Pistol sqts-8x10 each leg
    Calf raises-200lb-100(split 2 sets)

    Still loving the Decasarm &5alpha. Today was a hectic day and my strengh was way down. I felt like saying fk it, but i pushed through and got a decent wo in. I figure doing something is better than nothing. Looking forward to 2moro.

  2. 10/29 CHEST/BACK
    Pull ups wide-bw-10x6,bw+25-10x4
    Seated rows-160-10x10
    Push up(feet elevated)-bw+45-10x10

    This is my first day back after a deload week. Dosed my Decasarm &5alpha the same today and got after it. I felt better today than yesterday. Everything went good. Slight twinge in my right shoulder but i used a tennis ball and rolled it out against the wall. It was nice doing weighted dips again. These are prob my favorite and i get a great pump in my chest and shoulders. The push ups finished it off well. This is my last week of Decasarm & 5alpha so i am going to try and finish strong.

  3. 10/30-off
    MIL PRESS-115-10x5,135-10x5
    ARNOLD PRESS-50-10x10
    DB SHRUGS-80s-10x10
    AROUND WORLDS-45plate-10x10 each dir
    DIP SHRUGS-bw-20x10

    Decasarm &5alpha still treating me well. I felt pretty good today. I pushed through my wo in 50 min and had an awesome pump with a little cardio benefit. The second half with the ss were killer. Shoulders and traps were blowin up.

  4. 11/1-off
    CHIN UPS-bw+45-10x5
    TRI PUSH DOWN-120-10x5
    HAMMER CURLS-40s-10x2,50s-10x3
    OH TRI EXT DB-35s-10x5(both arms at once)
    SEATED INCLINE DB CURL-40-10x3,50-10x2
    SKULL CRUSHERS DB-45s-10x5
    STAND DB ALT CURLS-50s-10x5
    CG PUSH UPS-25x5

    Only a few more days left on Decasarm &5alpha. Still feeling good with no sides. Arms were fried after wo. It was a very good bro day.

  5. 11/3-off
    WALK LUNGES-bw x100 yrds
    BACK SQTS-135-10x3
    FRT SQTS-135x10
    365x8(PR!) (450/1RM) I still cant believe i pr'd this high.
    CALF RAISES single leg-185x100(split 4 sets)

    Today was a damn good wo for me. Decasarm &5alpha were def working. Started with bs and felt a little pain in my low back so switched to fs. The weight just felt light so i just kept adding it. I was very happy to PR at 315, but i felt i could keep going. Honestly 365 didnt feel bad. I know i could have gone heavier,but i didnt want to get greedy. 2moro is my last day with the shred stack,hopefully i can finish strong.

  6. 11/5-CHEST
    DIPS-bw x30
    INC BENCH-135-10x2
    INC DB BENCH-50x16x4
    DS 40-failure
    DS 30-failure

    Today is my last day with Decasarm &5alpha. I was 176 this morn. This has been about a 7 week run with the shred stack. Recomp went pretty well. I didnt eat like i was cutting, so bf prob only went down 1-2% but i added more size over all. I am very pleased with AMS & FRL. This was a smooth cycle with no sides or probs if any kind. I would def recommend it to anyone who wants a good first ph run or if you just want a user friendly stack. I wanted to end strong and i was happy with my wo. Lastly i want to thank Harbonah and Royd the Noyd for setting me up with this double run. FRL and AMS are top notch and i would def run these products again.


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