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    Sorry for the lack of updates. I had taken some time off, getting ready for this 5/3/1, and this weekend I just got back from watching the Niners embarrass the Houston Texans. Glad I was able to make it to the 'Stick before it closes this year.

    5/3/1 is going smoothly, as I just got back into the rhythm of it all on Monday, pressing day. Going with light weights so I don't burn out too soon. Think that was starting to affect me on my last setup.

    I started back up with the PF3. For me, I get a steady pump after the workouts. It is similar to what I'd get when using GameDay. Muscles would be full and look developed a couple of hours after working out. Maybe the body was hungry for it.

    Having started to read about peri-workout nutrition, I'm under the impression that proper of timing of PF3 would offer a great benefit.
    definitely feel you on the pumps from taking Pf3 pre-workout. If you take it with 1 serving of Game Day you're getting about 3 grams right there plus your other dosages

    noticing any other benefits/effects at the moment?
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  2. Starting PF3 and dropping whey was the best decision I ever made supplement wise
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  3. Once again, I apologize for the lack of updates. I had been doing well, took some time off, started up Wendler's 5/3/1 which has been a nice boost to the workouts.

    I've just been swamped with work, and though it's a boring desk job, it does sap my mind at times and the last thing I think of doing is sitting at my computer again, albeit, to talk about what I enjoy: working out and experimenting with supplementation.

    Even at two tubs courtesy of MAN, I'd like to give PF3 another go. Perhaps go cold turkey on supps, even staples, save for a multi, and see how I can benefit from what it offers. I had great pumps at times, but GameDay provided better, more lasting pumps.

    PF3 has aided with my digestion, I'll have to say. Also, each time I'd take it, my body's temperature would rise up. I kind of liked that.

    I'm still debating on PF3. I know it has some promise and I want to make sure my final write-up is succinct, informative and as objective as can be.


  4. Thanks for the update!
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  5. I know how it is with work and being really busy, that's me right now as well.
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  6. Very hard product to gauge.... IMO

  7. Do you use whey protein
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by pete8407 View Post
    Do you use whey protein

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Budman7811 View Post
    I completely stopped using whey and it has been great, just pf3 and food
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by ricroc View Post
    I've been seriously slacking on finishing up this log and the main reason was that I really wanted to like PF3, thinking it had some promise having had some via MAN's GameDay, but in the end, I did not like it. I'm feeling open and honest at the moment, so might as well let this fly.

    Main reason: not really sure how to use it to gauge it. I believe I knew this going into the log, but figured that a good trial run would confirm this. After a while, I became disillusioned. With PR-XT, I knew when to take and eventually noticed some changes as a result of using it. With NXT, I noticed it within days. GameDay, I had pumps that lasted longer than I had ever had with any pwo.

    But with PF3, I wasn't sure if it was proving its worth or not. I didn't have a frame of reference to use.

    I believe others were able to get some use from PF3, but for me, I could not tell one way or the other if it was adding anything beneficial to my training and diet.

    I like MAN's line up, but PF3 is not something for me.

    Final analysis


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