First time Cycling RPN havoc / Epistane - Feelings

  1. First time Cycling RPN havoc / Epistane - Feelings


    I haven't done a prohromone cycle for 2 years and this is my second cycle I've ever done. I wanted to do a supplement journal of RPN Havoc to help anyone out there doing it. Today is the first day taking it and I took 30mg. One pill spaced out ever 4 hours. By the end of the day I'm definately noticing some mood disturbances. I'm pretty intuned with my body and I was watching this video on facebook that was racist, but mean to be funny. It was funny, but I found myself getting offended. I actually got kinda irritated and I was trying to figure out why the video was bothering me. I don't get irritated over dumb stuff like that.

    Go figure, doing 30mg on the first day was probably too much.

  2. Day 2

    Nothing out of the ordinary. Felt pretty good all day. 30mg

    Didn't lift today, it was my off day.

  3. Might wanna move this log to the cycle info section. Probably placebo feeling on the first day
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    Might wanna move this log to the cycle info section. Probably placebo feeling on the first day
    How do I move this log?

  5. Day 3

    Nothing out of the ordinary. But I did have wine today, completely forgetting I was on rpn. Oh well.

  6. Day 5 on havoc RPN

    The mild irritability and increased aggression is real. It's manageable, but noticeable. I felt some soreness in my back. That's probably the back pumps. I picked up some taurine from gnc. I thought I could go without them but after just 4 days I could feel it.

    Saturday and today Sunday I experienced some pretty strong lethargy. Took a nap. It's hard to tell if it's because of my crappy eating for the days or it's the havoc. My guess is it has more to do with the sugar crash, but havoc is dragging me a bit.

    Tomorrow is day 6, and I've upped my dose substantially. Well, I really just starts with a strong dose.

    Day 1 - 30mg
    Day 2 - 30mg
    Day 3 - 30mg
    Day 4 - 40mg
    Day 5 - 40mg
    .. I'll stick to 40mg through out, or possible cycle down the last week right before pct.

    I'm looking leaner and tighter when I look in the mirror despite some off diet escapades.

  7. Day 6
    Another 40mg day. Some mild lethargy, but no back pumps. In the morning I had some weird mood disturbance. Like depression or just a weird "low" that I ocassionally get when not doing any prohormones. Like lack of motivation. It was worth noting here.
    workout felt solid today. Doing 2 on , 1 off.

  8. First dose in the morning 10mg had some pretty strong lethargy. I didn't take my caffiene or bronkaid. Just woke up from a 30 min morning nap.

    Going to take some stimulants now.

  9. Increased sex drive during this first week. I've noticed my chest and shoulders have gotten bigger. I'm also more vascular in the arms.

  10. Day 12
    Increased levels of confidence. Feeling very strong. I was able to hit 225lbs on the bench for 9 reps for the first time. I'm finding that I'm faster through my sticking point in pressing movements.

    As far as visual apperance, my body is noticeably leaner and more muscular. I've attached my calorie intake from my fitness pal.

    I've been doing between 30-40mg per day. Today I've decided to do 20mg for a few days. And as along as my results stay similar, I will keep there. After watching some youtube videos on prohormones it caused some concern for shut down that may occur after I cycle off.

    Planning on going nolvadex after cycle.

  11. Day 18

    I decided to ditch the 20mg a day plan and go up to 40mg of havoc. Today is my first day back with 40mg and it's 4pm and I've had 30mg so far today. I'm feeling lethargy today, but I'm not sure if it's the prohormone. This is the first time I'm feeling lethargy while taking havoc. I'm looking leaner, getting stronger.

  12. About 6 more days left on my cycle and most of results have been most obvious on week 3.

  13. Hey man what were ur sides after the cycle


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