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    Finally...I'm back and ready to get this Peak Beta+ log up and running! I've really been looking forward to using this product and specifically, the Creatinol-O-Phosphate. Based on the research I've read, I am expecting really great things from this product and hope to make it a staple in my program (as long as it performs like the research says it should). Name:  20130810_145021.jpg
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Size:  152.5 KB Currently, I am a little undecided if I plan to compete in any more men's physique contests this year or buckle down to focus on adding size and shape to my weak areas for next year. I feel like the next 4 weeks will do a lot to show me which way to go. I've been dealing with a lingering back issue...and although it won't and doesn't keep me out of the gym, there are certain movements and exercises that I stay away from in order to not exacerbate it. It may be something that will keep me from totally committing to a contest show prep....we will see. So, I am still at my Bootcamp classes (4x/week) for an hour, lifting 4x/week, and I have started taking Parkour classes!! If you haven't tried Parkour or Freerunning, you should. Not only is it a great workout but it's extremely fun and challenging as well. My diet is back in order starting this week. I will admit that with the kids home on summer vacation, I have eaten more pizza and ice cream in the past month than I have in the past year. That has started to show in the mirror so with the beginning of the Peak Beta+, the diet is back on as well. Calories will be right around 2500-2700/day, with 45% protein, 35% carbs, and 20% fat. I will stay right there for the next 4 weeks and assess how I look. That will probably determine whether I ramp it up to high gear for the following 6 weeks for a November show or switch gears to prepare for the off-season. I have a couple posts to follow this one as I actually started the Peak Beta+ last week. I'll run through my workouts and observations....A little family vacation came between me and being able to start logging last week! From here on out I will be up-to-date and daily!

  2. 8 caps is the sweet spot
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  3. DAY 1: Name:  day 1.jpg
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    Chest and shoulders. Overall...a good lift. Obviously there won't be ton to report in the first couple days as far as effects from the Peak Beta+ is concerned. I felt strong throughout the lifts and the weights were at my normal ranges. I finished the workout with a 20 minute HIIT session on the elliptical.

    I will adjust my volume depending on whether or not there are any upcoming physique shows. Right now, I am keeping the volume on the lighter end...Usually 12ish sets for chest and back, 8-10 sets for shoulders and arms. 15 sets for legs.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    8 caps is the sweet spot
    That's my plan! 8 caps pre-workout. This week should be the time when the effects become very noticeable.

  5. I will catch up days 2 and 3 tomorrow and then log tomorrow's Bootcamp workout as well. Given that my workout routine consists of weightlifting as well as long bouts of intense, interval training, I should be able to get a good sense as to how Peak Beta+ affects both aspects of training.

  6. Day 2 and Day 3 were back & arms. One thing I really began to notice during these lifting sessions was that the first three to four reps in each set were very explosive and easy. There are times that the first couple of reps especially as the sets go on an on in a workout start to get difficult and even the first rep of the last set can be a bit of a struggle. I didn't notice any of that during these lifts and each set was explosive and strong especially the first couple of reps. My poundage were within my normal range and overall, each lifting session felt really strong.

    In between these two lifting days were two Bootcamp workouts. For those of you who have not seen any of my previous logs, my Bootcamp workouts are an hour of intense interval training that utilizes kettlebells, TRX suspension straps, medicine balls, battle ropes, rip trainers, plyometrics and sprints, sleds, Olympic lifts, and anything and everything else the instructor wants to throw in. They are awesome workouts that hit the whole body and really attack and improve my cardiovascular endurance. These two workouts were pretty normal and it wasn't until this morning, during boot camp, that I really started to notice the first marked signs of endurance improvement.
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  7. My boot camp workout this morning was really strong and I really began to notice some endurance increase and improvement. The bulk of the class today were 4 minute interval periods that included kettlebell swings, TRX rows, push ups, medicine ball wall shots, plyometric box jumps, burpees and a 400 meter sprint. We did this circuit 4 times and in between each circuit were more bouts of TRX Suspension strap work and more kettlebells. My time on each interval improved as the class went on. This is definitely out of the ordinary for me as normally, my times would probably increase as I got more fatigued. However, I was able to shave off about 7 to 10 seconds on each interval. I could really feel the ability to push harder as the class went on and there was definitely less perceptible muscle fatigue than I would have expected normally.

  8. Damn those workouts look tough, Ive done a few things on the TRX and that thing is no joke. I couldnt believe how hard sets of push ups at the end of a chest day were with it.

    8 caps is my preferred preWO dosing protocol as well.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by SwolenONE View Post
    Damn those workouts look tough, Ive done a few things on the TRX and that thing is no joke. I couldnt believe how hard sets of push ups at the end of a chest day were with it.

    8 caps is my preferred preWO dosing protocol as well.
    They are tough but I love 'em! There really isn't any better feeling than pushing your body to its limit for a solid hour and knowing you'll reap the benefits for the rest of the day. This mornings Bootcamp was more of the same. Lots of TRX, kettlebells, RIP trainers, sprints and a TON of ab work. My abs are already sore as I type this tonight. I wanted to try and sneak in the gym tonight for a chest workout but that will have to wait until tomorrow morning.

    I am feeling a real sense of an increase in my cardio and muscle endurance during my workouts. It's almost a subtle inclination that I feel, just a "feeling" that I can push the sprints a little faster for a little longer or squeeze out a few more kettlebell swings. I get that feeling...toward the end of a set, that I can continue and push at the same rep speed and rate and I don't have to slow down.

    This effect is really good and I am very pleased with it.'s a subtle feeling that just allows my body to keep up a strong pace and stay consistent throughout the set instead of the normal slowing down a little at the end. I'll keep tracking this feeling but the endurance and muscle fatigue benefits are showing through.


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