Working out the kinks with Peak Beta +

  1. Working out the kinks with Peak Beta +

    Thanks MN for hooking me up with a supply of Peak Beta + to log. A little history on me, im a sprinter(duh) and i'm in my offseason. I tend to forgo stim breaks in season and i've been breaking from supplements in general for about a month now with the exception of: Caff-free focus Xt, osteo-sport, and usplabs protein all occasionally. My workouts will consist of mainly cardio, lower body lifting and explosion but i will not forgo the upperbody completely. I dont track calories or anything but i avoid fried foods, fast food, sodas, and red meat.

    Day 1:
    I took 4 caps of Peak Beta+ and 15 minutes started to feel a slight mood lift and i felt lighter in a sense of weight sort of like i instantly lost 20 pounds. There wasn't any extra energy associated with this but I found my self singing out loud. About 30 minutes in I jogged to the gym which takes about 10 minutes. When i got there i got right to the action. I did a mirage of legs: leg press, lunges, squats, quad extensions hamstring curls, single leg squats box jumps. I did dumbbell chest press which was the only exercise that felt easier than usual. Hamstring curls and quad extensions were a bit harder than usual. I finished my workout with a scoop of whey mixed with milk and i may take osteo sport before bed. I cant say that i noticed too much in the lifting or cardio department today. But this is just day 1. I will keep this log updated. Feel free to ask any questions.

  2. In. I agree about the good mood.

  3. Day 2: day 1 i crashed after leaving the gym. I sat down on the couch and woke up 2 hours later. So this is obviously not a stimmed pre.

  4. Okay so i've been sort of inconsistent with working out these past few days but today i took 8 about 40 minutes before a 20 minute jog and i cant say that i felt anything other than a mood boost. Maybe thats the extent of this PWO. I do feel a tad bit stronger though but effects are hard to judge with a stim-free pre

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