Bigintentions rookie log with formutech volatile

  1. Bigintentions rookie log with formutech volatile

    First off Big shout out to shwanks and formutech for hooking me up with this fruit punch volatile! First dose went down tonight and I must say this stuff tastes damn good. Usually pre's taste like total a(s but this was a nice surprise definitely didn't seem like I was drinking a pre workout. The energy came on nice and smooth. I'm a very animated person anyways so I don't like going to heavy on stims to often so this was perfect. I did dead lifts and core today so can't comment to much on pump although I had some sweet vascularity carrying the plates around. Ill get a better feel for the pump tomorow when i hit chest and tris. I had a nice suprise, dead lift PR!!!! Hit 495 for the first time, went sumo styleSumo dead 495 - YouTube

    I'm liking it a lot so far, can't wait until tomorrow!

  2. Nice pr! Way to fkn own it! Looked strong! I feel about like you do ,this pwo is damn good.

  3. 2nd workout chest tris

    WOW! I had absolutely insane pumps, it was crazy. By the end of my workout I couldn't even come close to extending my arms it was awesome. And again the energy was there nice and smooth. This is definitely up there right with hemoval as far as pumps go, top notch. Had good strength as well hit 275 for 7 which is a pr by 2 reps. Going great so far!

  4. 3rd workout


    Hit legs today. Usually have a hard time getting a legit leg pump but I definitely got it today. Started out with squats And hit 405 for 5 which was a pr! I've gotten a pr every workout on this so far part goes to the pre and of course the other part I'm still 18. Overall had a great session and was hobbling out of the gym lol. Back and bis are next, can't wait to feel the pump from that!

  5. Final workout
    Back bis

    Had an awesome workout with a sweet pump! I didn't want to stop going so I lifte for about 2 hours lol. I like measuring m arms after I get a pump for the hell of it, flat I'm usually a measly 15 1/2 but with my pump I was pushin 17's. Sad it's over with. I thoroughly enjoyed this pre, pumps we're rediculous!
    Final review and ratings to come!



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