Being Alpha with MN Peak Beta+

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  1. Last Peak Beta+ session.
    I will go Bang on my way out.
    Took 8 caps and 2 uncut.
    I really like the peak beta+ uncut combo.

    Work sets
    335x5 380x3 420x3+ goal 8
    420x9 PR city baby

    531 app says deadlift 1rm is 545 lol.

    Well my review will be pretty much what I already put up in the review thread.

    I've really enjoyed this product. My sweet spot for dosing is 8 caps 50 minutes preworkout. If you take it any later you feel it kicking in at the end of your training. It feels a little weird taking 8 capsules at once but I pop them all with a gulp of water and they go down fine. When taken alone you really dont feel anything but I consistently had an elevated mood or overall good feeling. Low rep heavy sets you don't really feel anything, but high rep sets you can really feel a boost of endurance. As I got into the bottle I was able to handle a lot more assistance work than I usually do. When stacked with a stimulant preworkout this stuff really shines. Pretty much works synergistically with whatever you take. When doing cardio with peak beta + you don't really hit a wall you can kind of just keep going. I train for powerlifting and I wouldn't normally use a nonstimmed product like this but I do enjoy using it. My high rep finishing sets I have a lot more strength and power output than without. I didnt have a lot of PR's but I had a good few. I would say this product would be great for a bodybuilder type strongman, or cross fit. Thank you MN and Swollen One.

  2. Thanks for the thorough log and great final review Broken Bottle!

    I've used uncut alongside Peak Beta+ and love the combo myself!
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