Wicked gets Annihilated with AAv2

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  1. Your runnin ripped cocktail now to?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by EBF Inc View Post
    Your runnin ripped cocktail now to?
    Ya i just started it last week. Im using it mainly as pwo. But the taste is amazing. Hard not to drink it.

  3. 8/23


    BW chin ups x 20
    BW dips x 50
    EZbar curl-65x10x2
    1 min x3
    Side planks 1 min x 3 Each side

    Dosing 3x3 again today. I made sure i took 2 nd dose before workout. I did this my last workout and noticed a better pump. It was the same today. Arms felt like baloons! Pumped!

  4. Awesome!
    If I live every moment believing, then the chaos in my heart will be a beautiful thing.-
    I am in love, but not in love with someone or something, I am in love with my life. And for the first time, in a long time, everything is inspiring.-

  5. 8/24-8/25

    I had a family thing this weekend so i took a couple days off. Still took aav2 at 3x3. I will be back at it 2moro.

  6. 8/26


    Warm up-dips bw x50
    6 ways 25-10x10
    Dmbll press-60-10x10
    Car drivers-45plate-10x10
    Reverse dmbell fly-20x10x10

    Changed this up a little 2day. After warm up i started my sets. Did 5 sets to start then started ss with next movement for 5 sets for all exercises. (5sets of 6ways then ss with presses for 5 sets, last 5 sets of presses ss with 5 sets of shrugs, last 5 sets of shrugs ss with 5 sets car drivers so on & so forth) I got done pretty quick and had an amazing pump(almost painfull). I am dosing aav2 3x3 again 2day. I took 3 before lifting without a pwo. I had to push myself a little today,but like the last few workouts the pump was great. I am going to assume this is from the aav2.

  7. 8/27


    30- jump jacks
    10-push ups
    25-high knees
    10-push ups
    10-push ups
    30-jump jacks
    1min wall sit
    10-push ups
    25-high knees

    Today was going to be off day, but decided to throw in some cardio. Did 5 rounds with 3 min rest between. This is def a cardio workout for me. I love doing anything body weight related. Will take my aav2 at 3x3 today. Almost at the bottom of the bottle. 2moro will be my last day using this product. I will post last workout and final review then.

  8. Thanks for a solid log. I hope you enjoyed the product man.

    The more support you guys give the more I can come out with. And I have a lot I want to do.

  9. 8/28


    100- australian pull ups
    100- wide grip push ups
    100- wide grip pull ups
    100- dips bw
    100- narrow grip push ups

    Only had about 45 min tonite so i did some body weight volume. I love body weight stuff because its so simple and quick. Well i took my last aav2 pwo. Once again i had a great pump. All in all even with the probs i had at the beginning i would have to give this supp a 7.5/10. If it had more of a kick after taking it i would have scored it higher. I didnt keep my diet very clean. No cutting carbs or dropping cals and i had more than a couple cheat days. Even so i still think i made some improvements. My weight dropped from 180 to 174. Thank you again to the guys at EBF for giving me a shot at aav2. I would def recommend this supp.

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    1st pic is 8/08
    2nd pic is 8/28

  10. Solid review Wicked.
    Thanks for taking the time to log pur product.

    Should you require any further information or have any questions please contact us.
    ...::: Olympus Labs :::...
    Crossfit - DEMIGOD -


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