PES/USP love.

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    PES/USP love.

    Been a long time coming I've said I was running a stack and would post my log results and review at the end. I have before and afters which is why I waited so long to post, for what I hoped would be a noticeable visual difference to gauge results.

    The stack: 12 weeks run, recomp goal.

    Weeks 1-4:
    Anabeta Elite

    Weeks 5-8:
    Anabeta Elite
    Compound 20

    Weeks 9-12:
    Compound 20

    Other supps used throughout:
    USP BCAA+ (watermelon=addictive)
    USP protein powder (since release)
    PES Enhanced as Preworkout
    Staples: creatine, orange triad, CL fish oil, super cissus, beta alanine.

    Training was consistent throughout, modified PHAT workout every other day. Power upper/hypertrophy lower/hypertrophy upper/power lower.
    Added morning fasted cardio in week 8 after morning alphamine dose.

    Diet was keto at 200 over maintenance weeks 1-8, 150-200 under weeks 9-12. Carb refeeds after workouts only and they were moderate (add a banana + honey to PWO shake, as an example)

    Onto the supp effects and results!
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    Everything was used as directed on the labels unless otherwise noted.

    Anabeta Elite - The hunger inducer and recomp king. Definitely advise using the elite version in a longer (8-12) week run or do what I did before and bridge forskolin-95 into an Anabeta Elite run. Really helps keep the added mass during a bulk/recomp lean. I've never noted any effects other than those mentioned but what more could you want? helps add lean mass.

    Prime - This was my first experience using Prime and I will be using it again when I am bulking for sure. I didn't notice any recomp effects from this although I have seen some reviews where users did experience this. What I did notice was a difference in my gym sessions, it was as if I added extra caffeine to my preworkouts, in that I had that 'alpha' feeling like I was throwing weights around easier and had a great pump. Even out of the gym after being on Prime for a while I noticed fuller muscles around the clock and I found myself in a better mood on a daily basis. while using Prime I hit several new PR's and finally started making some progress with my shoulders.

    Versa-1: I have reviewed this before and love this supplement for its effects on my gym sessions and my vascularity. I notice vastly improved focus and muscle-mind connection while using this. Prime + Versa-1 gave me some killer workout sessions, not to mention full muscles all day and thanks to Versa, intense amounts of vascularity. Loved looking in the mirror a lot of these days for sure.

    Compound 20- This one surprised me to be honest. It was the least hyped up of all the supplements I was trying and honestly ended up being the most effective for me, how you to respond to some of these supplements is highly individual. I got a better recomp effect from C20 than I seemed to from Anabeta Elite, which is impressive to say the least. The muscle fullness and hardening effects were as good if not better than I got from Prime, to top it off. These effects were noticed very quickly as well, within the first week my muscles were all hard as rocks. It didn't give me any extra power to speak of in workout performance but definitely helped me with the recomp in that I was looking progressively leaner, and had full and hard muscles.

    Alphamine -
    As much as I wanted to just leave a smiley face and let it be self explanatory I guess I can eleborate. There just isn't anything not to love about this and it is why I will love PES until the end of time. It lifts my mood unlike anything else I have ever supplemented with and gives good, clean energy for hours. Perfect to wake up to for fasted cardio. On top of this it has a fantastic formula that has always helped me shed weight, and it did. In my final 4 weeks where I added Alphamine I lost 5 pounds, and that was only at a 200 cal deficit. As if that wasn't enough, it is also muscle sparing and has a solid dose of HICA in each scoop to keep me from losing muscle during my cardio. I sound like a rep now I'm sure but the stuff just works. Oh, and one more thing to top it off with, raspberry lemonade flavor chilled, sex in a shaker cup.

    AT-2 - I added one of these bad boys to my morning Alphamine dose and one again 6 hours later each day. I didn't notice the thyro effects but it is supposed to be used over a longer period of time like forskolin, from what I read. What I did notice from the very first dose was that it did a good job of raising my body temp and having me sweat more every morning. I have a feeling if I extended this to an 8-week run I would see better results overall.

    Other shout-outs to USP- your modern BCAA+ is the best tasting, most effective BCAA I have used to date. Watermelon flavor is perfect.
    Your protein powder tasted as good as all the hype made it out to be. Fit perfectly into my diet for this run as well, I've got a stockpile now

    To PES: Enhanced I have also commented on countless times around the forums here, best pre-workout I have ever used and the ONLY preworkout I didn't gain a tolerance to within a month. Actually, it has been about 3 months now and it is still as potent as it was with my first scoop. Focus + Energy + pumps = perfect pre.
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    After: Sorry for quality, Ipod camera ftw

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    New tattoo, figured I would spare people trying to make out what it says lol
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    as always I don't feel the pictures did this justice.
    What matters is I feel better, hit a bunch of PR's, and overall improved myself physically.

    Thank you PES and USPlabs <3
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    I hope this went into the right place, it wouldn't let me start a new thread in the product review section for some reason...

    Next run I will log start to finish properly, and there will be some more PES/USP love involved
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  6. Great review!!!!

    Idk if its the right place either but you can see work was put in.

    Noticeably bigger/leaner/tighter
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  7. Awesome feedback man! It looks like you had a very successful run.

    Thanks for taking the time to put such a thorough review together. I look forward to following your continued progress.
    PEScience Representative

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    Great review!!!!

    Idk if its the right place either but you can see work was put in.

    Noticeably bigger/leaner/tighter
    This for sure ^^^^

    Superb review bud. Glad you enjoyed everything. Please keep us posted on future logs !

  9. Thanks for the in depth review and very nice results. Not surprised at them based on the combinations you put together.
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