AdonisBelt's PES ERASE PRO For Shreds 8 Week Log!!!!!!!

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  1. AdonisBelt's PES ERASE PRO For Shreds 8 Week Log!!!!!!!


    How's it going my fellow brethren and sistren (real word, I swear) of iron! Here's the deal! I'm going to run an (unsponsored) 8 week cycle of PES Erase Pro! The goal is going to be to apply it to my last 2 months of cutting, although I may go longer depending on results (hopefully I won't have to), during which my plan is to apply PES EP to rid some stubborn estrogenic fats, maintain strength, and aid in my pursuit of shreddedness. According to some reps on the forum, Erase Pro should do all this and more. I'm all natural. Natural as morning dew on grass, and this is the closest to non-natural I have ever ventured- which isn't that bad considering I bought this stuff at GNC. Lullz. My approach to life, and especially fitness, is nothing short of severe determination and discipline. This is my passion, and I grew up through wrestling and karate where I became a co owner of a karate school with 2 others when I was 14. Complacency is mediocrity. Either **** or get off the pot. You must buckle down for the bull****. These are real mantras of mine that I apply everyday to myself- the last one, I made up meself.

    Besides that, I have a girlfriend of 6 years, a cat who just turned 1 last may, I graduate from CU Boulder with a BAS in Economics and a minor in Computer Science this coming may, and I am currently interning with Northwestern Mutual. I have a real genuine interest in economics and particularly financial analysis. Soooo if anyone reading this is looking for a determined and young economics major for any jobs, anywhere (100% dead serious), preferably as an entry level financial analyst. PM ME!

    I also enjoy producing music. You can get your musical wtf here:

    I'm 21 Years old 6'4" 230.4 lbs now and definitely sub-10% bf, but this is the kind of log with pictures so you guys can be the judges of that. I grew up as a fat kid, and have been basically applying fitness to my life since middle school. Although I may not look it now due to my 2-3 month deep cut, I am an endomorph- you may be able to tell by my frame.

    All-time PRs (you can choose to beleive or not, I could care less):
    Flat Barbell Bench Press: 345x1
    Deadlift with straps & No Belt: 615
    Squats: I've never really trained for squat prs and typically have stuck with front squats. Which leads me to the next critical peice of information.

    About 2 months ago I tore both hamstrings. My left in 1 place and my right in 2 places from HIIT sprints. That sucked. Since, I have been doing rehab, and now I am to the point where I can work them out, but I am slowly bringing the weight back up, so leg day weights will be in the dumps. Sorry, but to me big numbers aren't worth not being able to walk again.

    1 pill per day with meal. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear. For 8 Weeks.

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    If you have any complaints send them to my girlfriend as she cant take pictures for crap. lol. Bad lighting for the win.


    Currently, my diet consists of the following:

    Ill generally approach it where Ill shoot for about 230-240g of protein from complete sources like whey isolate or chicken breast, then Ill get my fiber out of the way (45g seems to be what my body needs to get things moving) then Ill get my fats out of the way (I seem to be able to sleep when I go right about 65g) which usually takes me to 70g. From here, I'll fill the rest up with carbs. If I think I'll be doing anything especially energy-driven I'll typically increase my carbs a bit (through total calories), and when I have the occasional rest day I'll bump up fats and lower carbs (keeping calories constant)... So I do carb cycle when need be, but my routine typically does not call for it. While my approach seems perhaps loose to some, it really isn't... In fact I'm more anal about reaching my protein and fat macros and succinctly my carb macros more than any other person I've met or seen. Lullz. Nothing I eat is not accounted for on myfitnesspal (which can be found here: Davisongabriel's profile | if link is broken let me know. this interweb thing is confusing) minus the typical seasongs I use... which are about 3g of crushed black pepper, 5g of tumerac, 3-4tbsp of 0 callorie hot sauce, 3g of cinnamon in my morning cup of Joesph, and a liberal scoop of crushed garlic if I'm feeling naughty.


    My routine is a varying intensity upper/lower split with 3 variations of each emphasizing different heads or muscle groups on each day. The volume is low, the frequency is high, and the intensity is moderate. I have about 12-15 working sets per major muscles and about 9 for smaller muscles per week. You'll see... you'll all see. Doing this lets me hit my muscles frequently and hard. I have lost no strength thus far short of a bit of strength when it comes to volume my biceps can handle. With this routine, and hitting different parts of the, say, triceps with different amounts of stress I rarely need a break, and when I do I am very attuned to my body and can sense it. So although my routine is a 6 day cycle, I'll typically workout erryday. I used to be a fan of working out every day, but now I workout erryday. I find this suits me better.


    Minus the obvious supplement of PES Erase Pro I am about to log in accordance with my progress in these following months I use all of the following, and have for a while. NOTE: I have taken these all before, so I will be able to notice the differences from PES Erase Pro just fine. If this bothers you, then you can just leave

    Micronized Creatine Monohydrate
    Fish oil
    Vitamin D3
    ON Multi-Vitamin
    Potassium Chelate
    Beta Alanine
    Citrulline Mallate
    B Complex.


    So, with everything, there should usually be a purpose. For this log its to contribute some anecdotal evidence to the world in regards to the benefits of PES Erase Pro on a cut. Typically this is not what this product is typically logged for, so it should be some good fun! My criteria? Seeing if this will have any noticeable differences. I've tried all of it... OxyElite, DHEA, Chromium Piccolinate, Lipo 6 black, yohimbine.... the list goes on.

    If this stuff does what it say it does, my hard work ethic and discipline should definitely exacerbate it's effects after running through 2 bottles of this stuff.

    At the end of the cycle, I will post some pictures and tell you my thoughts, and if it is worth the time and money.

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    Winter is coming.

  2. Good luck. Will be following

    And you don't look anything like 230lbs, mean that in a good way. You look much leaner and carry the weight very well.

  3. I'm in!!!!

  4. I'm definitely in, great intro

  5. 8/6/13 - Part 1

    Woke up this morning after having the weirdest fuarkin dream ever... it was like a cross between black ops zombies, spiderman, space, someone wearing my skin, and me getting my arm chopped off and stitched back on. I remember thinking "this won't look aesthetic, my future in physique/natural bodybuilding is over." But luckily it was just a bazaar dream.

    I walked over to my supp closet, popped 3g of DAA in my mouth and gulped it down. I like the sweetness of it. From there I walked to the bathroom, and weighed myself after. I weigh 229.4 - a new low. So thats nice.

    I had my morning cup(s) of coffee afterwards, got my things together, and biked to my gym. Its a rec center but surprisingly hardcore. The gyms near downtown Denver where I live are absolute ish, and the cheapest place actually seems to have the best stuff to offer, so i sacrifice the frills of a fancy locker room or machinery for the hardcore nature of the chipped and mismatched plates for the wide selection of equipment and quiet of not too many people. I like the sense of surrounding myself with "real people". The kind of people around here are low income, but come to actually work. Compared to when I would lift at CU Boulder's nice gym or Lifetimes Platinum level, some of these patrons actually ***** some of the better physiques I have seen. I like that its not about showing off fancy yoga pants for the cardio bunnies or fancy lifting gear. Here, its humble. Here, its real.

    Today is my Lower Body B day:
    5x5 Squats
    4x10 Pointed Feet Leg Curls (takes the glutes out of the movement) Supersetted with..
    4x8 elevated ab rollouts.
    3x20 Varied foot placement leg press calf raises

    This is the main frame of the workout, but at the end I was feeling extra pumped due to starting this log, and just feeling good, so I threw in:
    3x8-12 Single Leg Leg Press for more volume on my quads
    1:30 second elevated plank.

    I do also bike back, which is about 4-5 blocks, with the last 2 being uphill. By the time I get in the door, I'm always panting. I love it. I consider it to be a nice HI Interval that always pumps my legs nicely. My cat always waits for me to come back, and gives me the weirdest look when I'm sweaty, panting, and carrying my bike in.

    I'm beginning to really be able to start putting more weight on my leg lifts now, which is almost more exciting than progression on a regular bulk. I edged further up in the weights towards what I had been doing from back squats (ATG, ALWAYS) of 235 to this week's weight of 245. It was too easy, but I don't wanna risk anything. Next week I'll do 255. This is why I wanted more volume, just to try and work my glutes and quads as I can't work them optimally at the moment.

    I am an intermittent faster, so because of this, I have not eaten yet nor have I taken my first pill for PES ER. I will most likely post one more time today after my meal and LISS/Moderate intensity cardio today.

    I appreciate those that have posted under here, and am genuinely thrilled to have your support. I will be monitoring my overall mood, joint health, vascularity, weight loss, and amount of striations these coming days... The above pictures I feel don't really do justice, and my striations in my chest hardly show. So I may or may not get a better pic up sometime soon.

    If anyone here has any suggestions as to what I should look for when beginning this epic journey I would love to hear it.

    Comments, criticism, love, hate... all welcome.

  6. Photos rarely do justice so don't worry about it

  7. Good luck. Erase pro is a fun run. Iv used erase og plenty of times, just had my first run of erase pro not too long ago.. And yes, erase pro is much better IMO

  8. Thanks Wilsy and bigadam. Much apprecitated.

    8/6/13 Part 2

    After my workout I took a nap followed by a low intensity, fast paced walk on the treadmill for a 200 calorie session.

    I then broke my fast today with a tasty protein bar and took my first pill of Erase Pro with it. Didn't feel too much aside from a odd kind of stomach lurch, most likely due to eating a protein bar- Promax Pro Series triple chocolate. Really tasty with 28 complete g of protein and 10g of fiber. I'd highly reccommend.

    Besides that I wolfed down the following in one sitting about 3 hours later:
    Albertsons Essential Everyday - Lentils, 7/8 cup (dry)
    365 - Fish Oil Capsule, 3 capsule
    Shurfine - Enriched Long Grain White Rice, 1.15 cup (dry)
    Kroger - Boneless Skinless Breast 910 g
    Skinny Cow Limited Editions - Truffle, Pretty In Pink Velvet, 1 Bar (63g) (I didn't think I'd like it, but I really do! maybe its the cut, but they are tasty!)
    Smart Balance - Omega Vegetable Oil W/ Ala, 2 tbsp
    -hot sauce
    -crushed black pepper

    I took these with it:
    5g creatine
    3g HMB
    3 ON multivitamins
    1 Vitamin D3 with Calcium (generic costco)
    250mg of selenium
    300 mg potassium chelate
    2 probiotic capsules.

    Tomorrow I will switch back to my main vegetarian diet which I prefer- predominately whey isolate, rice, and lentils. I typically will have half of my total whey with my meal, and then the next half near the end of my fast later in the day.

    I think I will take my Erase Pro with my first meal, or I may take it later with my 2nd protein shake. I can't decide. For some reason I feel strange about taking my new sup with everything on top of a meal- for some reason I feel like it wont be as effective.

    Perhaps I am overthinking things, if so, Id love to know.

    I am very excited to see if I notice anything tomorrow, or even when I go to bed. I will be looking at the scale and mirror intensely as well as critical of my performance in the gym. My guess is that the effects won't be immediate.

    Either way, I feel blessed to be able to have the luxury to be able to supplement to the extent I do, live a life where I can workout as much as I want, and do stuff like an 8 week log of Erase Pro. Money is extremely tight supporting myself through school and out-of-state tuition, but I am doing what makes me happy and at the end of the day I am content. This lifestyle is not cheap, and not viable for many people in this world. I am grateful for all of it.

  9. Subbed.
    PEScience Representative

  10. Which DAA product do you use?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Wilsy7 View Post
    Which DAA product do you use?
    Ai Sports Nutrition

  12. 8/7/13 Part 1

    Woke up today and took my DAA. I looked in the mirror as I do everyday for any changes and noticed a little more definition in my upper abs/oblique region. Besides that, nothing too different. I waited around to go to the bathroom and afterwards I weighed myself. Today I was 230.0 . This is up from a weekly low of yesterday which was a little disappointing, but honestly I'm not surprised. I finished eating my food (over 2 lbs of chicken and like 2 pounds of rice) around 8:30pm which is fairly late fore me, and I felt a backed up.

    Its still pretty crazy to me how fast a body can ingest foods and make use of them. I'm dropping weight, and definitely taking in more weight than Im "putting out." Its kind of a crazy concept of 12 hours later weighing around normal after a 4 pound meal, while definitely not taking that big of a crap ... more like half a lb today if that.

    Today is a busy one but time management is key as I biked to the gym after taking my beta alanine, citrulline mallate, protovol, 1/2 my dose of creatine, and a b complex in some diet coke. The way citrulline mallate fizzes in diet coke is pretty cool. I feel like I'm missing something but that should do it. EDIT: Leucine. lol.

    My workout today was upper body, and holy ish was I feeling driven. It was very focused on volume

    5x8 Incline BB Bench at 205
    4x12 Upright Cable Rows at 85
    4x10 Rev. Grip Tricep Pressdown at 90
    4x10 cable seated low row (sitting on DB) at 190
    5x12 Face down Incline Prone DB Shrugs at 200 (too easy)
    3x8 Hammer Cable curl with Roper at 90

    I felt so driven and ended up doing some drop sets for the hammer curls. I am getting minimally weaker only with my biceps and am just hanging on to my pre-cut weights. With the hammer curl i could only squeeze out the 7th rep on the last set so I did 2 concurring drop sets. Felt good.

    I did also notice that I felt more of a burn in my muscles today which was an unexpected difference. I have no idea what that even means. But the pumps I got today were pretty stellar and I definitely the big fish in the gym pond today. There was a little more separation between my triceps and rear delts- that was exciting as well.

    From there I biked downtown to take out some money for a new car I am buying today and then turned back around and headed back. From there I started to make some food. This is when I took my PES Erase Pro.

    150g US Milk Protein, Unsweetened, Isolate, from Truenutrition
    4 tbsp Omega Vegetable Oil w/ Ala (56g)
    1 cup (dry) Lentils
    1 1/8 cup Enriched Long grain white rice
    8 tablespoons of "Zesty" Cilantro Salsla- Medium

    Yes. This is what I ate in one sitting less that 15 minutes ago prior to posting. If there is any noticeable difference it has to be my hunger. As an expereicned intermittent faster I am used to consuming large meals, but I have reached a level of insatiability that is crazy to witness first hand. I'm not even full feeling... Not sure what this is attributable to but i HOPE its the Erase pro already working. This meal was 2120 calories with 146g of Protein, 65g of Fat, and 253g of Carbs with 40 of those being fiber, and my body wants more. All I have left is 150g of more protein powder

    With this meal I took all my other supps: The rest of my creatine, 3g HMB, 3 fish oil capsules, some D3, some probiotics, selenium, potassium chelate, and Erase Pro

    *** This is why I worry about taking my Erase Pro with my first meal, because its fuarking HUGE, i just wonder if the bio-availability diminishes with larger meals. I remember hearing that when you eat large meals at once your body passes it through quicker and you miss out on nutrients. This being the case, I may begin to just take my Erase Pro with my DAA in the Morning on an otherwise empty stomach. If there is any feedback that is desired on my end, it would be someone opinion on the matter.

    This was my day so far, and I most likely will refrain from any steady cardio as I really pushed my chest today and feel tired right now as I sit hear typing post my mega IF meal.

    I think Erase Pro calms me post consumption as well. I like this, and if its placebo its fine by me.

  13. If your still worried about the erase timing you could take it as you wake. People seem to notice no difference when taken with or without an empty stomach. Try taking if first thing.

  14. 8/8/13 Part 1

    Took my 3rd dose today with my DAA this morning, and it just felt more right. Went to the gym a few hours later and took my standard pre workout cocktail. Today was a Glute focused Lower Body day, and although short, it was intense.

    4x8 (each leg) barbell lunge at 140
    4x8 RDL at 140
    3x15 standing machine calf raises supersetted with
    3x 1 minute planks.

    That is the milk and cookies of the routine, but I just kept wanting to go. So I move onto
    1x6 Hanging leg drops (like dragon flags for abs, but you hang by bars, cheat yourself up so your upside down, and resist the negative. These are awesome)
    3x15 Hipe Abductor and Abductors super-set together on the same machine.

    Real men, use the Hip adductor/abductor machine.

    After this I biked back home, the uphill biking for 2-3 blocks is getting easier for me. After this I read for a bit and then got started on making my Main meal of the day:

    Calories, Carbs, Fat, Protein, Fiber.

    Cochran - Egg (Ca 50g) (Standard), 4 egg 280 0 20 24 0
    Truenutrition - U.S. Milk Protein *Chocolate Unsweetened, 150 g 600 5 3 116 1
    Albertsons Essential Everyday - Lentils, 1 cup (dry) 32g 280 76 0 32 36
    Smart Balance - Omega Vegetable Oil W/ Ala, 2.5 tbsp (14g) 325 0 35 0 0
    365 - Fish Oil Capsule, 3 capsule 30 0 3 0 0
    Shurfine - Enriched Long Grain White Rice, 1.0625 cup (45 grams) 638 149 0 13 0
    Private Selection - Zesty Cilantro Salsa Medium, 3 TBLS 15 3 0 0 1

    This Erase pro must be working. My appetite is more crazy than yesterday, and I was really impatient with waiting for my IF window to open... Hunger has been the main thing I have noticed after these few days of taking it. Its ridiculous. If I wasn't so dedicated right now I would go to a buffet this weekend and eat until I had to leave. At first I worried this was some effect of a placebo, but after reading a lot of journals today and clinical trials it turns out that estrogen does play a part in regulating appetite in the previously discussed fashion, similar to Leptin apparently. Additionally, although I have always had sleeping problems, I feel like I am getting a deeper sleep. Also, as previously stated, I am feeling really charged to workout. I swear, the other day on my last rep on the incline I hit failure, and the bar was falling slowly for half a second, but I said no, and grinded it out. I don't know how i got my elbows to lockout but it happened; I'm sore as fuark today.

    So in that sense, this means I am responding and that the physical results will show in time. 3 days in out of 56 puts my mind at ease.

    After this report I am going to put my workout gear back on and go listen to my audio book of Game of Thrones (book 1 of the series) and do some LISS and then have the rest of my protein for the day with a well earned chocolate skinny cow. mmmmm.

    Life is good.

  15. 8/9/13

    This day was busy, and I was running all over the place. Not noticing much from this pill so far. I'd write more, but

    A) it doesn't seem like anyone cares.
    B) I have some serious stabbing pain in my upper abs. It sucks. I had some raw broccoli on this day and it seems to if caused me some serious irritation.

    8/10/13 Part 1

    Still laying around due to this searing/stabbing pain in my stomach. I really can't say for sure what the cause is. Regardless I continued taking my Erase Pro and DAA and somehow willed myself to the gym ... I couldn't imagine biking but I drove.

    Today was lower body with a hamstring focus...

    5x5 deadlift at 355
    4x8 DB RDL at 70 lb dumbbells superset with
    4x6 hanging leg raises - toes to hands
    3x12 barbell calf raise.

    All of this weight was fairly easy in regards to what my muscles could handle but I'm still proud of myself due to my stabbing pain in my small intestinal area.

    My energy is sapped, I feel week, and I'm having periods of hot and cold body temps...

    Pisses me off.

    I'll eat when I can get around to it as I'm currently laying on my bed.

    New low though of 227.4
    My current UNsponsored PES EP cutting log:

  16. Kudos for powering through, I've had some sort of bug for the past 48 hours. Seems the worst has past, at least the vomiting is over for now. Although I've just arrived home with a feed of drink and it is not good! I care about your progress, have you seen the activity on my log??? Lol don't expect miracles too soon give it some time to kick into your system

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Wilsy7 View Post
    Kudos for powering through, I've had some sort of bug for the past 48 hours. Seems the worst has past, at least the vomiting is over for now. Although I've just arrived home with a feed of drink and it is not good! I care about your progress, have you seen the activity on my log??? Lol don't expect miracles too soon give it some time to kick into your system
    Thanks for the support dude. I'll check out your log definitely! I just feel bad for my girlfriend she has to lay next to me when I'm bloated, constipated, weak, and going to the bathroom every few hours.. Not to mention emitting horrible smells.

    She's a trooper.
    My current UNsponsored PES EP cutting log:

  18. Quote Originally Posted by AdonisBelt View Post
    Thanks for the support dude. I'll check out your log definitely! I just feel bad for my girlfriend she has to lay next to me when I'm bloated, constipated, weak, and going to the bathroom every few hours.. Not to mention emitting horrible smells.

    She's a trooper.
    Take the rough with the smooth and all that lol fingers crossed you'll be over it soon if not already. Start of another week!

  19. 8/12/13

    This is a tasty banana. I'm feeling better. I don't mean that as in I'm back to normal, but more so in a relative way.

    Yesterday I took my typical preworkout on top of game day and couldn't make it through my last 2 exercises (just triceps and biceps) but today I cannot go due to have a piercing, almost "gripping" headache when I do. Additionally I feel like I get kicked in the stomach when I drink a lot of water/liquid at once and the idea of a preworkout and repeated stops at the fountain sounds horrible.

    Regardless, I plan on being back to predominately normal tomorrow. I typically eat 2700 calories a day being I workout and do cardio (200 calories) but ill only take in 2400 due to staying home, and this will be taken out of my carbs.

    My body could use the rest, and if I want to get better i need to give my body the time to. I have been waking up at 6:30 for the past few days on top of throughout the night to seemingly evacuate my internal organs into the toilet and I can hardly remain focused at this point. On top of this I have been getting trained in for an internship from 8-4 since Friday and now today... I could use a break.

    On the bright side, although afflicted with a weird bloat I feel I am still losing weight in a good way and getting more defined- especially in my legs and chest. ... My inner lower chest looks pretty awesome and my striations of my chest are starting to show in almost normal day to day lighting. Outside for sure.

    And I'm pretty sure I could grate a crumbly type of cheese like a nice block of feta or Gorgonzola on my abs.
    My current UNsponsored PES EP cutting log:

  20. In! Great and informative intro man. Loved my erase pro run minus the acne... The OG erase and this one always make me break out and if you're prone too it i would be aware just in case. This is gonna dry you up good, good pics too man looking lean!

  21. Quote Originally Posted by theniteman View Post
    In! Great and informative intro man. Loved my erase pro run minus the acne... The OG erase and this one always make me break out and if you're prone too it i would be aware just in case. This is gonna dry you up good, good pics too man looking lean!
    I don't notice breakouts and I'm very, very prone. :/
    My current UNsponsored PES EP cutting log:

  22. 8/14/13

    Holy ish I've been busy. Getting in a workout, finally feeling refreshed, totally went hard today at the gym. It was quad focused lower day today.

    Back squats
    255x10 (too easy, was underestimating based off fatigue)

    Hamstring curl with 1-2 seconds if isometric hold:
    4x10 @ 85

    The following 3 exercises are concurrent (it's a giant set)

    Seated calf raise: 3x20

    Hip abduction machine w/ hold : 3x20 @140

    Hip adduction: 3x30 @140

    Hanging leg raises to hands: 4x6 - 2 second eccentric

    (I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed the squats. Going from pulled hamstring and inflamed intestines really through me off from enjoying my workout. Until today everything had been seeming like an unbearable and painful hassle.
    My current UNsponsored PES EP cutting log:

  23. Good update! Some impressive numbers considering its easy for you. Lots of potential it seems. Its good feeling healthy again, you appreciate it more after a bout of sickness.

    Ps. Hope your still in a relationship lol

  24. All is well. Still on the cycle just super super busy. Will log when I get time.
    I just don't have it.
    My current UNsponsored PES EP cutting log:

  25. Glad all is well


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