Pow wow Annihilates his Adipose with EBF's AAv2

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    I think I'm doing a protein only day tomorrow I killed it at dinner. But I did run 3 miles and walk one today I get too hungry lol

    Glad to see your discipline
    Thanks brotha, I try to be as strict as possible while still being a young adult. lol Never done an all protein day.. Might have to try that soon myself!

  2. Low carb lunch:
    9oz grilled chicken
    Sautéed French beans, mushrooms, peppers & onions
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  3. Dinner:
    9oz grilled sirloin topped with sautéed peppers, onions & mushrooms
    8 grilled shrimp
    1/2 cup santa fé brown rice
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  4. Had some cals to spare so looks like a little "cheat":
    1 cup Edy's no sugar added French vanilla ice cream
    1 Pure Protein chocolate peanut butter bar
    1 tbsp sugar free chocolate syrup

    Macros: 27P/42C/12F
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  5. Love this log

  6. Quote Originally Posted by EBF Inc View Post
    Love this log
    Thanks man. I'll try to post up some more n00dz but I've never really been "that guy" lol but for the sake of the log, it's the least I could do!

  7. So got some rather exciting news I'll be chiming in on in the morning. Don't let the anxiety kill ya!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by pow_wow41 View Post

    Thanks man. I'll try to post up some more n00dz but I've never really been "that guy" lol but for the sake of the log, it's the least I could do!
    You are "that guy". Haha. Get em up
    ...::: Olympus Labs Athlete & Representative :::...
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by EBF_2356 View Post

    You are "that guy". Haha. Get em up
    Is the duck face & peace sign appropriate then? Haha! All jokes aside, I'll take a couple for today.

  10. Who needs coffee creamer?
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  11. 8/26 Chest/Tris

    Smith machine bench: (inward intentions)
    135x20, 185x15, 205x12, 225x9

    Decline BB bench:
    225x10x2, 225x8

    Incline DB bench: (45/30/15dg)
    50x15, 60x15, 75x12

    High cable cross over: (each side)
    35x15, 45x,12, 50x12
    Low cable cross over: (each side)
    20x15, 25x12, 30x11

    Pec deck:
    170x11 (DS) 150x9( DS) 130x8 (DS) 90x12

    Decline EZ bar skullcrushers:

    W bar tricep push down:
    70x15, 85x12, 100x9

    DB Tate press:
    30x15, 35x12, 35x11
    DB lying tri extension:
    30x12, 35x8, 35x7

    UH reverse curl pull down:
    80x15 (DS) 70x12 (DS) 60x14 (DS) 40x20

  12. Felt super strong today. I'm liking the fact that I only have to eat at a 2-300 defect, while I appear to get bigger, & bf seems to be slowly diminishing. This recomp has been coming along nicely! & my post about my surprise, I will he revealing that later tonight. In the mean time, here is my dinner. Took some pics at the gym but didn't turn out too well, might still post up after work.

    11oz grilled chicken breast
    2 cups Uncle Ben's brown & wild ready rice
    1 cup spinach
    1/4 cup black beans & salsa
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  13. Final macros for the day:
    249P/204C/60F 2,347cals

    Probably my favorite macros thus far. I'm gonna start subbing out fats for carbs more often!

  14. 269 pro 171 carb 69 fat were mine today lol

    We on the same page

  15. So about my reveal..

    I'm actually liking the AAv2 so much right now, that I picked up another bottle. Also adding to the stack will be a bottle of Anabeta & Erase. Just waiting for those to come in & will be adding 3-4 more weeks on top of this log. (as long as the EBF guys don't mind of course)

    I just really wanna dial everything down & use this combo to my advantage for an awesome recomp before the fall hits!

  16. Pic from this morning. Little bloated from my bowl of cereal last night but I had carb cals to spare lol Like I said previously, fat loss is slowly working but I'm actually looking & feeling bigger, which was the ultimate goal.
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  17. Brunch:

    2 protein pancakes (1/3 cup gluten free bisquick, 1 scoop Dymatize XT Banana Nut protein, 1/2 cup almond milk, tsp EVOO) topped with sugar free jam

    4 whole eggs whipped with splash of almond milk topped with Trader Joe's organic ketchup

    1 individual cup of F age 2% Greek yogurt

    Macros: 83P/67C/28F
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  18. Post workout meal: Chipotle salad

    Romaine lettuce
    White rice
    Black beans
    Green salsa
    Sour cream

    Macros: 85P/68C/37F 925cals
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  19. Tonight's workout was great. I'm glad my strength is coming back & increasing since lowering my defect cals. Still aiming for 2-300 under but I felt too weak any lower than that. Anyways, here's what my workout looked like.

    8/27 Back/Bis

    Scapula pull ups

    Decline EZ bar pullover:
    60x15, 75x15, 95x13, 115x10

    BB bent row:
    115x20, 165x12, 185x11 215x10

    Lat bar low cable seated row:
    140x15, 180x12, 200x10

    WG lat pull down:
    140x15, 160x12, 180x10
    Standing Rope pull down:
    40x15, 50x12, 60x9

    Full range D bar pull down:
    120x9 (DS) 100x8 (DS) 70x10

    DB hammer cross body curl:
    35x15, 40x13, 45x10, 50x8

    DB alt incline curl:
    25x15, 30x13, 35x11

    Single arm DB spider curl:

    Double arm high cable curl:
    15x15, 20x12, 25x11

  20. Its amazing how a few hundred carbs can make or break strength. Thats alot if reps man. Good workout.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by wicked442 View Post
    Its amazing how a few hundred carbs can make or break strength. Thats alot if reps man. Good workout.
    Yea, it is crazy. & my body is great at keep up with volume if my cals are right. Thanks!

  22. About to head to the gym to hit some legs. Might throw in some delt work when I'm done but haven't completely decided. Just finished my bottle with my final 3rd dose preWO. My new one & my PES combo should be here tomorrow. I will post up final thoughts either tonight or tomorrow. Not entirely sure if i will continue the log on here or not.. Will atleast post up thoughts in 4 weeks time. Still up for grabs. Update on workout coming tonight.

  23. 8/28 Legs (Quad dominance)

    Leg extension:
    120x20, 140x20, 160x20x2, 180x20

    Leg press: (# of 100lb plates)

    ATG BB squat:
    185x8x2, 225x8x6

    DB step ups:

    Calf raises: (25reg/25in/25out/25reg)

  24. Well, I have decided to end this log. I will however be running an additional bottle of AAv2 in combination with OG Anabeta & OG Erase, & will probably bump this thread in a month with thoughts & results. Anyways, here's my final workout of this log & I will be soon posting my final thoughts.

    8/29 delts/traps

    Rotator cuff stretches

    DB military press:
    35x20, 50x15, 60x12, 65x9

    BB shrug: (split reps F&B)
    135x40, 225x30, 275x24, 315x22

    Single arm side supported raise:

    Rope face pull:

    Lat bar cable front raise:
    20x15 25x12 30x10
    Lat bar upright cable row:
    35x15 45x12 50x10

    HS shoulder press: (lb each side)
    100x12 (DS) 80x10 (DS) 60x10 (DS) 40x13

    DB shrug: 1510 tempo

  25. In for final thoughts.

    With anabeta and erase, holy recomp Batman
    ...::: Olympus Labs Athlete & Representative :::...
    Crossfit - DEMIGOD -

  26. Quote Originally Posted by EBF_2356 View Post
    In for final thoughts.

    With anabeta and erase, holy recomp Batman
    Right? That's gonna be the goal! Lean bulk for the fall.

  27. Sorry guys, it has been an extremely hectic past week. I will finally have some free time Friday where I will post a thorough final review.


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