Tomahawk Logs the New PNI Prodigy

  1. Tomahawk Logs the New PNI Prodigy

    I want to thanks PNI and all of its reps especially howwedo107 for picking me. Going to be logging PNI's Prodigy along with my workouts. Should be updated quite a bit since I cant stay out of the gym.

  2. Alright so I have already tried it a few times.

    Here are some first impressions:
    It smells damn good. Like not just for a preworkout either.
    The taste is a bit of a let down. Especially after how awesome it smells. But I could just be using too much water.
    Doesn't have an over stimmed feel. Gives a good focus but not Tyrone Biggums cracked out.
    The pumps come fast and strong. First time I tried it kind of scared me a bit. Felt weird being so pumped on the first exercise.

  3. I am in.
    Chaos and Pain -Rep

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Onlychevy6 View Post
    I am in.
    Thanks good to see you in here.

  5. This was Thursday
    Flat DB twist press 3*10 with 70/80/90 first time using the 90s. Much easier than expected
    Incline BB ELECT worked up to 295 for 3. Honestly it felt real slow. Not a good thing for me. Usually incline BB is a good indicator for my flat bench max.
    Floor press with smith explosive 6*2 with 210. Trying to work in a bit of Cube Method before I start it up fully.
    Incline DB press with 90s 15/15/12 that last set I just didn't have anything left to push.

    Heavy DB swing 4*35 with 65s superset with trap bar press 4*15 with the 60 pound bar. Pressing the trap bar was easier than I expected. Sucked having to clean it up just to press it. Might add weight next time. First time trying.
    Upright row with cables PSR sets of 3 ramped up with a rep out at end.
    Rear delt destroyer set 60 reps with 40s, 30 reps with 20s, 10 full reps with 10s.
    Rope fall pulls with fat gripz extreme 4*15 with 50.
    Band tricep ext 1 set of 100. Trying to add a little Cube again. These burned like hell at the end.
    Decline sit up 1 set of 30.

    This workout was a nice test for Prodigy. Chest/shoulders is definitely a pump up workout especially for shoulders. They swell up nice and full which Prodigy is only going to help with. Plus I can get a little crazy with volume. All in the search of the gains. This type of training has worked for me(Mountain Dog).

  6. Did an arm work out on Friday but honestly it was just some supersets. Got a decent pump going. Nothing to write home about though. Just trying to get some blood in them to grow.

    Saturday went to the gym got in there and it was a freezer. Don't think it helped I had spent a few hours out in the sun trimming bushes Seriously walked around and just walked right back out haha. Got to my car popped the trunk then manned up and said I am not going to puss out. Walked back in and had a decent leg workout.

    Lying leg curls 15,12,9,6+6+6
    Squats 6*3 with 225 speed squats
    Hack squat machine 3*10 300,310,320
    DB SLDL 3*15
    Tried out step up on dip assist. 3 sets of awkwardness


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