[Insert Clever Title] Day's PES Alpha-T2/Anabeta Elite Log

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  1. [Insert Clever Title] Day's PES Alpha-T2/Anabeta Elite Log

    First, thank you to Coopdeloop, aka Mr.Cooper69 for the chance to log these two great supps.

    The Logging Products

    PES Alpha T-2

    Alpha-T2 Proprietary Blend

    Thyro-Adrenergic System
    Olive Leaf Extract, Bacopa Monnieri Extract (50% bacopasides), Pausinystalia Johimbe Bark Extract (SA2-A TM), Higenamine HCl

    PES AnaBeta Elite

    Prop Blend 1625 mg

    Anacyclus pyrethrum D.C. (root) Extract
    95% Forskolin (Standardized from Coleus forskohlii)
    5-Androsten-3B, 7B-diol-17-one

    Workout Days:
    ABE: 2 Pre-Workout, 2 Post-Workout
    AT2: 1-2 Pre-Workout, 1 (6-8) hours later

    Rest Days:
    ABE: 1/1/1/1 spread throughout the day
    AT2: 1/1/1 spread throughout the day (Aligning with my stim intake)

  2. Workouts & Diet

    Current Weight : 232 lbs.
    Bodyfat: less than your mothers
    Goal Weight: I dunno really. Just recomping.

    Bench: I haven't PR bench in at least a year. Was 315x2 last time I did it.
    Squat: I haven't PR'd a Squat in awhile. I'm coming off a torn ankle ligament so PRs aren't really a focus here.
    Deadlift: 405 x 3 is my PR from ~4 months ago

    2900-3200 Calories/Week
    275g Protein
    XXXg Carbs
    XXXg Fat

    I'll only be tracking my protein, I'll be recomping and maintenance is right about 3100 currently.

    I don't have 'set' goals but I'd like to see an increase in strength overall.
    I'm not too worried about putting on weight at this moment, I'd like to overall get leaner but I don't find this to be a problem or troublesome with my diet/training.


    I run a typical PHAT program, slight modifications on some exercises.

    It typically looks like this:

    Day 1: Upper Body Power
    Day 2: Lower Body Power
    Day 3: Rest
    Day 4: Back and Shoulders Hypertrophy
    Day 5: Lower Body Hypertrophy
    Day 6: Chest and Arms Hypertrophy
    Day 7: Rest

    Other Supplements:
    Genomyx Decimate, Genomyx Origin, Genomyx CreIgnite, Genomyx Protocol, Genomyx Gut Health
    Nimbus Nutrition Posedion NT
    SAN Greens Fusion (When I remember, which is never)
    Driven Sports Craze

    Current Picture


  3. I'm cross-posting this from two other forums. I'm on day 6. I'll be updating this as well.

  4. Day 6:Chest/Arms HyperTrophy

    Pre-Workout: 2 scoop Origin, .5scp Craze + 1 Alpha T-2, 2 Caps ABE Pre/Post

    Song on Repeat for Today:

    Thoughts: So far not significant changes in appearance. I can def tell that AT2 makes me feel warmer, and it seems to greatly increase the potency of other stimulant products.

  5. Strong incline presses ftw

  6. Did this one for fun tonight.

  7. Subbed here as well.
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  8. Love these 2 products!

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  9. Not sure where to follow this...I am watching everywhere.
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  10. Day 7: Lower Body Power

    Pre-Workout: 2 Bananas, 1 AT2, 1 scoop Furious Melons Craze, 1 scoop Decimate, 3 scoops Protocol V.2, 2 scoops CreIgnite, 2 ABE
    Post-Workout: 2 ABE

    Today's Song:

    Workout Notes: Sweating a ****-ton as usual. Appetite is staying pretty even, and I think the AT2 + Decimate controls the hunger increase from ABE.
    --->Enjoying the mood uplift from AT2, it def has a nice nootropic type feel and mood increase. Diggin it.

    315 on squats felt really good for once. I tore my ankle back in mid-march and this was the first lift where I was left with nagging pain and soreness in my right ankle.

    I need to invest in a legit belt, so I can start throw more and more weight on these legs.

    I moved Calves to tomorrow with my Upper Body Power Day so i'm excited to lift some heavy ass weight tomorrow.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    Not sure where to follow this...I am watching everywhere.
    Quote Originally Posted by cubsfan815 View Post
    Love these 2 products!

    Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    Subbed here as well.
    Thanks for joining guys.

  12. Day 8: Upper Body Power

    Pre-Workout: 2ABE, 1 AT2, 1 scp. Decimate, 1scp. Furious Melons Craze, 3 scp. Protocol

    Notes: My shoulder that has a micro tear starting flaring up when it came time for Shoulder Press. My arm went all numb so I could only do super light weight.

    Overall, I'm enjoying ABE. I can tell that the Forksolin is playing a good role in becoming leaner. I like the mood effects of Alpha T-2.

  13. Subbed. Good start so far it seems.
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  14. Do you have experience with Bacopa? I hadn't used it in awhile, but I think it aided in some well being when I was using AT2. AT2 + Decimate had me euphoric even during the worst of work situations.
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    Do you have experience with Bacopa? I hadn't used it in awhile, but I think it aided in some well being when I was using AT2. AT2 + Decimate had me euphoric even during the worst of work situations.
    I thought I had, but I realized I hadn't.

  16. 07/27/2013: Upper Body Hypertrophy

    Pre-Workout: 2 caps AT2, 1 scp. Craze, 1 scoop Decimate

    Thoughts: I'm noticing a very, very nice leaning effect from ABE. I really am enjoying this stuff.

  17. 07/28/2013 & 07/29/2013: Rest Days

    1/1/1/1 dosing for ABE on off days.

  18. My comparison:

    I like new Alpha T-2 much more honestly. I don't tolerate yohimbe well at all normally, but I've had no issues with the revamped Alpha T-2 at all.

    I also love how it limits my stim intake, 1 scoop Decimate + 1 scoop Craze + AT2 is excellent for hours.

    I used to take ~800-1200mg/day, I'm down to like 600 max a day. I love it.

    AT2 is a staple irregardless IMO, the mood effects from taking a few caps solo is awesome as well.

  19. 07.30.2013: Lower Body Hypertrophy

    Pre-workout: 1 cap AT2, 1 scp. Craze, 1 scoop Decimate

    07.31.2013: Shoulders Day

    Pre-workout: 1.25 scp Decimate + 1 AT2 + 1.25scp Craze + 3 scoops Protocol

    If you recall, I had skipped the shoulder section due to my shoulder/arm going numb so I had a day to make up. I'll be doing Chest/Arms tomorrow but had to do a specific shoulder day today.

    I opted for John Meadows Shoulders Training as it's a favorite of mine.

    "Heavy lateral raises (partial reps): Grab a pair of very heavy dumbbells, and let your arms hang straight out to the side. Just do little swings. Do 4 sets of 35 reps. Tilt your head back when you do these, and again, keep your arms straight. Make sure the medial head of your delts begins to lift the weight up.

    Machine rear delts (reverse peck deck): 3 sets of 35 reps. Get the weight back as far as you can with kind of an exaggerated ROM.

    Rear delt dumbbell laterals face down on incline bench: 1 destroyer set. Grab heavy dumbbells, strap up, and do 60 reps. Drop the weight and pick up half of that weight for the next set of 30. Lastly, drop that weight in half, and do 10 reps using a FULL RANGE OF MOTION and 2 second holds. Lights out delts!"

    It looks simple but it's killer.

  20. Tomorrow marks the 14th day of this run. I will be reflecting on my thoughts so far more in-depth tomorrow.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  21. I'm in! Now I have some catching up to do.
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  22. I'll reflect on my thoughts on these products tomorrow as tomorrow will be the 14th day.

    ABE Thoughts:
    I'm a huge fan of well-formulated products. AnaBeta Elite is the one of these products.

    The Write-Up is below:

    Anacyclus pyrethrum DC Extract

    We spent months testing this ingredient on our elite test subjects. We knew this ingredient had potential after reading the animal studies on A. pyrethrum and seeing its potent anabolic effects. With a unique extraction method to PES, we found how to make this stuff STRONG. After we had already been providing this powerful ingredient to the market for nearly 6 months, a new published study on anacyclus was released in a highly regarded journal.

    The research on this ingredient shows that while it is a powerful anabolic, it has modest androgenic effects. This ingredient alone is quite amazing, but we've harnessed in two more ingredients to take AnaBeta Elite to the next level.


    Not just forskolin...95% pure Forskolin!

    This ingredient has so many pro-bodybuilding and physique altering attributes that we could write a book on it...but lets focus on why it fits into AnaBeta Elite.
    For one of the obvious reasons it is a testosterone booster. By adding in this angle to AnaBeta Elite you are now coupling an anabolic ingredient (anacyclus) with a pro-anabolic ingredient. This well rounded physique altering compound should be a staple in any anabolic stack -- but you get it right in AnaBeta Elite! These are the common reasons Forskolin has remained a loved ingredient in the industry and why we felt it shines when we added it to the formula.

    Most of the studies on forskolin use a 10% extract, something we were not satisfied with. In AnaBeta Elite you get 95% forskolin, thats over 9 times more pure and over 9 times as powerful mg for mg of extract!

    So here we stand with 2 ingredients. One harnessing an anabolic effect of its own, and another giving pro-anabolic and physique altering effects. There is only one more puzzle piece that fits.


    Since AnaBeta Elite is formulated for hardcore bodybuilders and athletes alike we knew we had to target the cortisol pathway. Cortisol spikes are seen in intense training. This catabolic hormone is the last thing your muscle tissue needs to have spiking. A study done on rugby players showed an high rise in cortisol levels after a match, and declining testosterone levels.

    We did not want to make you go out and buy a cortisol product to attack this muscle degrading hormone -- we brought you the benefit here.

    I've noticed the following about ~2 weeks now then:
    --> Noticeable increase in strength
    --> Much leaner appearance

    It's quickly becoming one of my favorite supplements. I'm very excited to see the month long results, and I am likely to pick up a second bottle to push this to 8 weeks.

    Alpha T-2

    As we already know, I'm a big fan of _____ ________. Yes, awesomely formulated supplements.


    Key Highlights:

    Alpha-Adrenergic Antagonism!
    Oleuropein Infused!
    Caffeine Free!
    Full 1-Month Supply!
    The New Alpha-T2 Upgrade Offers:

    More Thermogenesis!
    More Appetite Suppression!
    Researched Backed Extracts That Increase T3 & T3 (Olive Leaf & Bacopa)!
    One of The Newest Most Researched Extracts for Fat Loss in Humans (olive leaf)!
    Alpha-T2 is a caffeine free product that gives a smooth warm feel, and lasts for hours. Finally you can take a thermo that gives a strong feel without being overwhelmed by caffeine, or better, you can still enjoy your morning cup of coffee. You don’t have to forfeit results with this clean, jitter-free product. PES Alpha-T2 still gives you tons of energy and powerful ingredients but without all the side effects.

    What sets PES apart from the rest of the pack is the scientific research they used to formulate Alpha-T2. Instead of throwing the kitchen sink into PES Alpha-T2, they chose effective ingredients to give you results!

    PES didn’t jam as many ingredients at unknown doses into every capsule as we could. We didn’t stuff it full of caffeine to make you think that the more jitters and crash you have means the more weight you are losing. Our products are formulated off of science and the amount of each ingredient is the full and effective dose.

    A great benefit to this product not containing caffeine is you can stack Alpha-T2 with caffeinated products like your favorite stimulant supplements to wake you up in the morning, or your stimulant loaded preworkouts. So if you are a true caffeine junkie, yes, you can use caffeinated products with Alpha-T2 if you want.€€ Alpha-T2 belongs in your supplement regimen!

    I've noticed the following using Alpha T-2:

    Gym Session Impact:
    --> I've noticed an incredible amount of sweating when using this product.

    Stimulant Intake Impact:
    --> When combined with Decimate, this brings an even sweeter version of Decimate out. The mood impact alone increases significantly.

    Stand Alone Use:
    --> I've tried a couple caps just standalone and wow, there's some interesting mood effects but it really shines standalone in appetite increase.

    Appetite Suppression:
    --> I typically use w/ Decimate (which is wonderful for appetite suppression by itself) but when you combine these two it's truly incredible. I've gone 6-7 hours without eating before I notice that I'm really hungry. Great mood this entire time too.

    **I think this product may be a staple year-round as it actually sees to have a real synergy effect with stimulants.

  23. 08.01.2013: Chest/Arms Hypertrophy

    Pre-Workout: 1 Cap AT2 + 2 Caps ABE + 1scp Decimate + 1scp Craze

  24. And gaining even more on those inclines! Really nice!
    ***PES Representative***

  25. 08.02.13: Rest Day

    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksandar37 View Post
    And gaining even more on those inclines! Really nice!
    Yeah, If I get a spot I think I could throw up 115s for 5 reps.


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