Pros: I've been taking Oneiromancer every night and dear god. My dreams are out of control. Full episodes of tv shows playing out in my head, hearing songs that my brain is making up at the time, big *deep* dreams about my life.

It's absurd. I wake up each morning from these vivid dreams and am absolutely shaken.

Cons: Waking up very groggy / numb feeling for most of the day. I think it is the mega dose of 5-HTP (@ 300 mg a day). I've backed off the dose to 1 pill a night and feeling better.

I don't really fall asleep any easier than I would without oneiromancer.

Other: Also on a weight loss diet and popping a bunch of other supps including 3Z. 3Z never really did much for me in terms of dreams, but I don't get enough magnesium so its good for that.

Overall: 9/10. As an every day supp this is pretty powerful.