Antaeus labs Oneiromancer

  1. Antaeus labs Oneiromancer

    Thanks to Antaeus labs and @henryv for sending some of there new sleep/recovery/dream inducing supplement .

    Intrigued by lucid dreaming and positive visualization along with sound sleep I'm very happy to test this product .

    I started using Oneiromancer on Thursday night . I dosed 2 caps about 45 mins before bed with a lite snack .

    Thursday and Friday night I started feeling drowsy around 30 mins in . I slept soundly both nights and woke up ( that I remember) only once .

    Now both nights I had numerous dreams non that I can remember but I did dream all night .

    Now Saturday night I had some crazy nightmare about the conjuring . It was actually very close to my normal wake up time .
    Studies say most lucid dreaming occurs before your internal clock goes off to start waking you up.
    I feel I'm close to achieving lucid dreams. That's where the fun be continued
    "Strive to seize the initiative in all things"

  2. Still falling asleep rather quickly . I usually get up once in the middle of the night either to use the head or eat . Getting back to sleep has been very easy .

    Still no lucid dreaming but I am having dreams every night. Most of my dreams borderline insanity but that's normal for me . Having them every night though is entertaining to say the least.
    "Strive to seize the initiative in all things"

  3. in, product looks very interesting

  4. E****lent sleep continues as do frequent dreams . I recommend 5 days on 2 off . I usually skip Friday and Saturday .
    "Strive to seize the initiative in all things"


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