Cocktail time!...ripped cocktail log(sponsored)

  1. Cocktail time!...ripped cocktail log(sponsored)

    Ok so I first want to that lecheek nutrition for choosing me to log there new product "ripped cocktail"

    First a little about my upcoming goals :

    I'm 6 foot 4 227 pounds. Currently dieting/trying to lose a few pounds without sacrificing too much muscle. During my bulking phase I like go get up to 230-238 pounds, then during the summer I cut down to around 218-222.
    I started dieting around 3 weeks ago, started at at 227.
    I'm going to be using Lecheek Nutritions Ripped Cocktail to hopefully shred the extra weight with a little more ease.

    I was up early today for a shoulder workout + cardio
    Here's my initial impression of Ripped Cocktail

    Taste-apple tini- pretty dang good! I used on scoop which is 1.863 grams. Small dose I know. I added 10 oz's of water(maybe used too much) and I could still taste a strong sweet apple tini flavor! I really liked it.

    Mix- prefect, no clumps no flakes

    Energy- for such a small dose this product provides a nice kick. With one scoop(I'm starting slow) I was ready to go, full of energy.

    Focus-very nice focus provided by ripped cocktail! Nothing like focus xt or enhanced, but my head was clear and I found myself in a "tunnel vision" state

    During my cardio session I noticed my body temp rising. That's what I loved most about this product. I was sweating very profusely.

    Next workout I'm bumping it up!.im going with 2 scoops

    Other supps I will be using
    The basics!
    Fish oil
    Multi v
    Vit c
    Vit d
    Bcaa powder

  2. Day 2 of ripped cocktail

    Bumped it up to 2 scoops today.

    Energy was amazing. This product has a crazy stim effect to it. Reminds me of enhanced in many ways.
    I got the tingles pretty bad from the beta alanine.
    During my workout I started sweating profusely which is something that I love about a quality product.
    Iv been using ripped cocktail about 45 mins Pre workout. 2 scoops with 12 oz of water..the flavor is amazing. In loving the apple tini!

  3. Day 3. Not working out but I am working!
    I work nights..I just took a scoop because I am dead tired and lagging.
    It's been about 20 mins since I took 1 scoop and I already feel energized.
    I really needed a boost! Thank you ripped cocktail for waking my ass up!
    Now back to work!

  4. Day 4. Weight 226

    Took 2 scoops Pre cardio..40 mins before I hit the gym
    Today was a cardio only workout.
    I did 25 mins of hit cardio on the bike. 2 minute warm up followed by 1 min low resistance/medium pace. Then 30 seconds high resistance balls to the wall.
    After I knocked out 25 mins I jumped off the bike and moved to the Stairs. I then did 20 mins a medium pace stair climbing. Just fast enough to keep my HR above 140.

    I thought it was a great without! Soaked in sweat and full of energy. The ripped cocktail definitely helps with focus and drive
    So far I'm really enjoying it

  5. Got In a quick workout today!
    2 scoops 45 mins before heading out the door. Taste is very refreshing. I look forward to drink my ripped cocktail every time
    I didn't have Rome for cardio so I banged out a shoulder workout.
    My workout consisted of military press with Dumbells.

    Hit 3 sets and on the forth I did a drop set to failure.
    After the drop set I could feel my body temp rise and my heart rate start to climb.

    By the middle of my workout I could see the sweat hitting the floor. Ripped cocktail provides me with the prefect amount of energy. It's very smooth and consistent. No crash

    Weight still the same. I'm gonna start adjusting the diet a little more so I can start really shedding the weight

  6. Killed it today.

    2 scoops 30 mins Pre workout.
    Today was leg day.
    I always start with a warm up on the bike. Then I do some light leg extensions to loosen up the knees.

    After the warm up I move right to squats
    I wore a long sleeved shirt today in the gym, and by my second set of squats I could feel the sweat poring down my face and chest.
    After my squat session I felt like I was on a sauna, by body temp was so warm. I also smelled like sh%t..ripped cocktail had my pores sweating out all the junk I ate in my cheat meal last night.
    Weighed myself this morning dry And I'm down 2 pounds. 224 and holding!

    After legs I normally skip cardio but today I had so much energy that I was able to bust out 30 mins of moderate intensity stairs..this was a surprise. Ripped cocktail has upped my workout intensity and duration

  7. Subbin. Want to see this new product work

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Budman7811 View Post
    Subbin. Want to see this new product work
    Dude it's legit. Iv used alphamine and oep powder... Ripped cocktail is up there. Loving it

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bigadam73 View Post

    Dude it's legit. Iv used alphamine and oep powder... Ripped cocktail is up there. Loving it
    That's good to know.

  10. In.

    Very interested in comparison to Alphamine
    Performax Labs Product Specialist
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  11. Yesterday was nothing short of the best cardio workout on a longgg time. Iv been limited in time in the gym this week. Very very busy with work
    I got to the gym with 45 mins to kill
    As I have been doing, I took 2 scoops ripped cocktail 30 mins fasted before the gym
    I jumped on the bike and did a 5 minute warm up...
    At the start of the warm up my HR was at the end of the warm up my HR was at 126
    As soon as the warm up was finished I jumped right into some Intervals. 1 minute medium resistance followed by 30 seconds balls out high intensity.
    I did this for 25 mins. My HR rose to 160 at its highest and 148 for the majority of the cardio session.
    After my 25 mins were finished I was sooooaaaked in sweat. Dripping puddles on the floor.
    I still had energy though! Ripped cocktail packs a punch! So I jumped on the step mill and busted out 20 mins of Moderate intensity cardio. I felt like I was melting.
    After the workout I had burned just under 700 calories(according to the maxhines)
    Weight is dropping slowly but surely. Currently at 224.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by cubsfan815 View Post

    Very interested in comparison to Alphamine
    Honesty...when i use alphamine, i feel that it provides a "feel good" sensation. I haven't experience this with ripped cocktail. Ripped cocktail seems to hit me harder. It works faster in my opinion, and lasts just as long as alphamine.
    Taste- ripped cocktail apple tini is better. It's close, and don't get me wrong..alphamine is amazing, but ripped cocktail is crazy refreshing.

  13. Aww yeah ! It's good to be back
    Just had a few days off of the gym due a mini vacation .
    Finally back in the gym and it feels great.
    Hit back today along with some much needed cardio
    Here's a few details about my back workout while on "ripped cocktail"
    Started with deadlifts...225 warm up for 20.
    275 for 15
    315 for 10
    365 for 7
    405 for 6
    455 for 4

    After my deadlifts were done I could feel my heart rate going crazy! I wore a long sleeve t shirt was crazy hot.
    Ripped cocktail kept me mentally focused during the tough last few reps.
    Ripped cocktail kept me energized all the way through my workout. When it was time for cardio I was beaten up but I knew I had enough energy to power through.
    I ended up doing a quick 25 minute hit workout on the bike
    1 min low resistance, 30 seconds max effort.
    My hr at its highest was 166.
    My body weight is holding at 226 today, bit that's no surprise because I "cheated" a bit while on vacation

  14. Cardio only day today!
    Snuck out the door and had only limited time in the gym.
    Chugged 2.5 scoops ripped cocktail 15 mins before I got to the gym. Ripped cocktail hits you fast!
    I really hope LN makes a amino supp that tastes like ripped cocktail, I wanna drink it all day BECAUE it tastes so damn good
    Well I did 30 mins "hit" on the bike
    1 min cruising, 20 seconds balls out(20 seconds only because my legs were sore).
    Same result as before...crazy amounts of sweat, great focus and energy.
    I was able to burn up 425 Cals(according to the bike)
    After the bike I jumped ok the stairs and cranked out 10 mins of moderate intensity cardio
    Weight is at 223! Diet and cardio is working
    Thank you ripped cocktail

  15. Alright the last 2 days were challenging. I dropped my carbs down to 100 grams for day
    Day one was rough..I relied on ripped cocktail to keep me going. I took 1 scoop in the am fasted. Got some work down around the house and then had my low carb breakfast.
    Pre workout I took another 1.5 scoop(6 hours later)
    Trained chest and tris.
    I did a pretty basic work out
    Flat bench barbell press-4 sets
    Incline barbell-3 sets
    Decline barbell press-3 sets
    Dips, bodyweight- 3 sets to failure.

    Ripped cocktail provides great energy. Keeps me going and motivated. Honestly is reminds me of the ever so popular alphamine.

    Today was cardio only day
    45 mins step mill. 20 mins of intervals. 2 mins moderate, 1 min high intensity.

    Weight is at 222.5
    Feeling leaner lately.

  16. Alright coming to the last week of ripped cocktail
    Took 2.5 scoops today. I can feel myself building a tolerance.
    2.5 scoops 30 mind pre workout. Had me feeling good. For the tingles from the BA, focus was on point like it has been.
    This stuff is pretty awesome. Will definitely be purchasing again after my stim break. Btw the flavor is unreal!

    Killed back today.
    After my second set of pull-ups I could feel my body temp rise. I could feel the sweat start to poor down my back.

    I had enough in my to bust out some cardio at the end of my back workout. I did 30 mins of Step mill. Moderate to high intensity, no intervals.
    I felt as if was in a daze. A good daze..tunnel vision and amazing focus.

  17. And weight is at 220. Coming down slow and steady

  18. Did 2.5 scoop today
    1 scoop right when I woke up, then 1.5 scoops 6 hours later pre workout.

    Felt great all day thanks to my first dose. I felt the effects start to wear off before my workout to I took some more.
    Got to the gym amped up. Felt the tingles from the BA.
    I hit legs today.
    I'm loving wearing a long sleeve shirt while working out and using ripped cocktail. My whole body heats up like a sauna! It's crazy how much I have been sweating while on RC.
    After my leg workout I was supper soar And pretty beat. I still had energy though.. So I junped on a bike and started some slowww cardio. After around 10 mins I felt my energy levels start to climb! Ripped cocktail was definitely still in effect. I was able to bust out 25 mins of solid moderate intensity cardio
    Weight still holding at 220


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