Every master was once a PRODIGY (PNI Prodigy new formula)

  1. Every master was once a PRODIGY (PNI Prodigy new formula)

    What's up AM? First off I want to thank Ricky and PNI for letting me and 9 others the opportunity to log their PWO PRODIGY!

    I've tried the old formula and loved it! It's hard for me to find a good PWO because countless times I've tried to find one I could consistantly stick with and found VERY few that would work for me without me getting somewhat tolerant of it after about a week of use, so lets hope that PRODIGY can be one to fill that void!

    First off I'll give you my stats and a lil background about me as this is my first log on AM
    Age: 18
    Maxes: haven't 1RM in a while since I've been dieting but use training maxes which will be seen when I log my workouts.

    I currently entering my sophomore year at California State University San Bernardino, majoring in Exercise and Nutritional Sciences.
    I also work at Stater Bros Grocery Store roughly around 30-35 hours a week so a good pwo is what I need for the days I have to work at 6am and need the extra energy for a workout as getting my meals in can be a bit of a struggle as I have no time to sit down and eat while at work besides my lunch hour.

    Will be updating this daily with my workouts,daily diet, and all things prodigy's effects has on me and my workouts. Hope you all enjoy as I just can't wait for my first workout tomorrow with prodigy! (LEGS!!)

  2. Oh yeah my supp stack consists of
    Animal Pak
    Fish oil
    Universal Atomic 7 BCAA
    Universal Casein Pro
    USP Labs Oxy Elite Protein
    Optimum nutrition Creatine mono

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    subbed....catchy title, nice!!!
    Glad to have you my man

  5. Just finished my legs session, had a 6 am work shift today but surprisingly not to tired. High carb day so I definitely had the energy to get through it but brutal nonetheless.

    Took one scoop of prodigy about 45 mins before my workout on an empty stomach mixed with about 10 ounces of water. Still was able to taste the fruit punch flavor but will use a couple ounces less to get a full flavor taste. Not to shabby though.

    So my routine today was

    Foam roll for 10 mins
    Stationary bike for 5 mins

    Stiff legged dead lifts- 15x bar, 15x 135, 15x185, 12x205, 14x225 (full extension and flex at top)

    Leg Press- 15x3 plates each side, 15x4 plates, 12x4 plates and 35, 10x 5 plates, 11x 5 plates
    (Continuous tension w no lockout)

    DB walking lunges- 8 each leg

    Squats- felt pretty good muscular wise with these but cardio wise was struggling a bit I'll admit.
    10x 225, 10x235, 8x235, drop set to 135 to failure.

    Sit down calf press- 20x 45 each side, 15x 45&25(3 sets)

    Fst-7 (7set) sit down leg curl- 7 sets 12 reps x 45 & 10 w one second flex

    Fst-7 leg extensions (alternate toe angle to work "tear drop" and rectus) 12 x 115

    Horizontal calf press (slow decent and one second flex)- 20 x 115

    I've always been good with pumps and vascularity even without a PWO so pumps is a hard one to judge so far. The one thing I did notice with prodigy is I did seem to have more muscular endurance than usual as you can see with my last set being more reps than the precious on some exercises.
    Also I was able to focus more than usual which was hard today as I said because I was really tired from lack of sleep.

    Chest tomorrow so that will be my great indicator as I've never been good with pumps or vascularity during chest.

  6. Purus Labs Rep

  7. Another day in the books. Came home and took a little nap after work today then headed off to the gym for chest and abs.

    Again took prodigy about a half hour before my workout but used 8 ounces of water this time around and got a better taste of the fruit punch flavor. Was a really good taste and is something that if it were a brand of juice or drink I could honestly drink it so taste is on point!

    Today's routine:

    Rotator cuff warm up
    BW kettlebell push ups 2 sets x20 reps

    Decline DB Press
    65 x 20

    Parallel Bar dips
    20x BW
    15x 35 lb plate attached to belt
    12x same weight
    10x same weight

    Incline Hammer Strength Press
    15x 45&35 (each side)
    15x 45&45
    12x 45,45&10
    Drop set 6x 45&45
    Drop set 12 partials x 45

    Incline DB flyes

    Fst-7 Cable Crossovers
    7 sets x 40 lbs each side w 1 second flex

    1 set BW push ups to failure

    Hanging leg raises (3 second descent)
    20x BW
    20x BW
    15x BW

    Pull down Crunches
    20x 115
    20x 135

    DB side crunch

    Endurance- had a lot of both muscular and cardio endurance during this workout more so than I did last chest workout, only had to rest 30 seconds between sets and was ready to go for the next one not only physically but mentally which brings me to....

    Focus- Pinpoint focus today, maybe the gym being empty had something to do with it but I felt like after each set was finished I was already thinking about how I was going to dominate the next

    Pumps- this is what got me excited about today's workout! I usually have trouble when it comes to chest pumps no matter how I implement certain exercises (drops, rest pause, etc) but today it felt like my chest was going to pop out of my skin but in a good way! I also noticed a lot more fullness and roundness all around with some more striations than I've noticed before hand

    Vascularity- nothing as far as my chest was concerned but a ton in my arms. Do not think this is due to prodigy though because I've always been really vascular in my arms and calves. However I did notice the veins to be a lil wider than usual

    All in all a great workout today. Have work from 8-5 tomorrow then going to hit some back and calves!

  8. After having to postpone back last night to today i hit it hard

    Prodigy one scoop 30 mins before with 8 ounces of water, same great taste!

    Back and Calves

    Foam roll 10 mins

    Deadlifts (one rep, reset and continue)
    15xbar, 15x135, 12x225, 8x295, 6x315, 6x 335

    BB Rows (overhand)
    15x135, 10x185, 8x185, 8x 205

    DB shrugs(1 second flex)
    20x 115's, 18x125's, 15x130's

    Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
    12x115, 10x150, 10x155

    Neutral Grip Sit down Cable Row
    12x105, 10x 115, 10x135

    Lower Back Extensions
    20x 25lb plate, 15x 25, 15x25 Drop Set BW x failure

    FST-7 Lats
    Wide Grip Neutral hand position Staright arm Pulldown
    7 sets 12 reps x 80 (1 second flex)

    FST-7 Rhomboids
    Chest support row (overhand, elbows flared)
    7 sets 12 reps x105

    Seated calf raises superset w dorsiflexion to failure
    20x 45 (each side), 20x 45, 15x 45&25, 13x45,25&5, 12x 45&35, 20 partials out of bottom, Drop Set 45 each side 3 second top flex to failure

    10 min foam roll

    Had crazy endurance and focus today! Prodigy is easily winning me over so far. The real test will be after the first week whether it not I'll have to up the dosage but as for now 1 scoop is working just fine. Shoulders tomorrow, I can feel the crazy pumps already!

  9. Wasnt able to post my shoulder workout yesterday so here it is!

    Prodigy 30 mins prior to workout with 8 ounces of water
    Intra Workout: water and intra aid from universal nutrition

    Shoulders and abs

    Rotator cuff work 6 light sets

    Starting implementing a pre exhaust method to my rear delts as oppose to presses first and have felt a lot better and stronger in my presses because of it

    Cable Face pull (bar at eye level, elbows flared out)
    15x110, 15x120, 12x135

    DB military press (seated)
    10x60, 8x70, 6x75

    Seated DB lateral raise
    12x30, 10x35, 10x40, 10x40

    Seated Bent over rear lateral raises
    20x20, 15x25, 15x25

    Seated DB front raise (alternating)
    12x35, 10x40, 10x40

    FST-7 machine lateral raise
    7 sets 12 reps x 70 lbs

    FST-7 Reverse Fly
    7 sets 12 reps x 100 lbs

    Shoulder rotations (stretch)


    Hanging leg raises (3 second descent)
    20xbw, 18xbw, 15xbw

    Cable crunches
    20x130, 18 x140,15x140

    Layne Norton stationary bike HIIT
    5 min warmup, 90 seconds steady state, 10 seconds pedal as fast as possible, 20 seconds highest resistance while pedaling as fast and hard as possible, repeat til you hit 15 mins of HIIT (20 mins total)

    Had a Skin Ripping Pump going during this workout! More than usual and I attribute that to prodigy!

    Endurance- through the roof, could have went all day if I wanted even for cardio I was feeling good!

    Pumps- as stated before pumps were insane

    Focus- pinpoint focus yet again, always thinking about the current set and the one following it with no amount of distraction entering my mind!

    Vascularity- seemed the same as to where I was before prodigy

    Post workout- 1 scoop Oxy Elite protein, 1 scoop Torrent (universal)

    Arms and calves tomorrow!

  10. After work went home to take a lil nap and hit Arms and Calves. I started doing calves 3 days a week after reading an article on John Meadows website and decided to give it a go around and I have seen amazing results! My calves have gotton tremendously larger and more vascular! If you have trouble with lagging calves as I have give John's routine a go around. Anyway here's today's workout

    Pre Workout- one scoop prodigy in 8 ounces of water 1/2 hour before workout

    Intra workout- intra aid (universal)

    V bar pushdowns
    20x70, 20x90, 12x 110, 10x110, 12x 120

    DB Curls (decided to change up from alternating to doing both arms at the same time and felt really good, allowed me to really keep my form strict and not cheat as much as I may have when alternating. Also allowed me to use more weight as I wasn't as fatigued as I would be alternating)

    10x 35, 10x40, 8x40

    Dips (belt with plate attached)
    20 x BW, 12x35, 10x45, 10x45

    Cross Body Hammer Curls
    12x30, 12x35, 10x35

    FST-7 tricep flex Rope Pushdowns (iron bull t-grip 2.5 attached)
    7 sets 12 Reps (1 second flex) 40 lbs

    Rope Twist alternating twist curls (saw IFBB pro Brandon Curry do this and really liked the idea and have it a try)
    15x 25, 12x35, 12x40

    FST-7 tricep stretch machine press (kinda like a skull crusher, seated and neutral grip. No flex and 3 second negative)
    7 sets 12 reps 60 lbs

    FST-7 EZ bar curls (switched between outer grip and reverse grip each set. Also did these with a hanging wrist to isolate the bi's more)
    7 sets 12 reps 40 lbs

    Arms have been my strongest and biggest body parts along with my quads all my life and getting a pump and gaining mass is never an issue so no need for any drop sets or added sets


    Seated calf raises superset w dorsiflexion to failure
    20x45 each side, 15x45, 15x45&25, 15x45,25&5, 12x 45&35

    Horizontal calf press
    20x 130, 20x 150, 20x 160, 20 partials out of the bottom stretch position, drop set w 1 second flex failure x 130

    Post workout- 1 scoop oxy elite protein, 1 scoop torrent (universal)

    Overall a great workout, everything was there from endurance to pumps to focus and vascularity. Pretty hard to judge prodigy's pump and vascularity ability when it comes to arms day for me but my calves had a pump I've never had before!

    Well tomorrow in heading over to the US open of surfing with my buddies in Huntington Beach here in sunny Southern California so no work out for me. Gonna resume on Saturday with legs!

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  12. Had a late night so needed the added energy from prodigy so went a scoop and a half for legs today and man was it awesome!

    From the moment it touched my lips I was immediately filled with energy and ready to win the day


    5min stationary bike warm up
    Foam roll and dynamic stretching

    Squats (constant tension)
    20xbar, 20x135, 12x225, 6x275, 6x295, 5x315

    Unilateral horizontal leg press
    12x110, 10x120, 10x130

    DB SL deadlifts
    12x90's, 10x95's, 10x105's

    FST-7 leg extensions w 1 second flex (alternate toe angles to work different quad muscles)
    7 sets 12 reps x 115

    Smith machine calf raises superset w dorsiflexion to failure
    15x 45,45&35, 12x 45,45,45 , 10x 45,45,45,10

    FST-7 lying down leg curls w 1 second flex
    7 sets 12 reps x 65

    Horizontal calf press
    20x130, 20x150, 20x170, drop set w 1 second flex to failure x 150, DS to failure w flex x 130

    Always liked staying heavy with my compounds with lower reps but as I did last week I do change it to volume every now and then

    Pump- again crazy pumps!

    Focus- pinpoint focus but this time seemed to last longer than usual probably due to the fact I used a scoop and a half

    Vascularity- this is what excited me today, for the first time I had crazy vascularity in my quads! Definitely made my day

    Endurance- was able to last a brutal leg session even on the low energy I had due to a late night thanks to prodigy

    Another amazing workout with prodigy! I think I'll stick to one scoop on certain days like arms and shoulders where I don't need prodigy as much as I would on legs or back day where it seems to where I'll do a scoop and a half

    Intra workout was yet again intra aid from universal

    Post workout was oxy elite protein from usp labs and torrent from universal nutrition

  13. Chest workout today and my strongest one ive had in a while! Took a scoop and a half of prodigy yet again because I had trouble sleeping last night and needed the extra kick. Wise decision

    Since I worked out about an hour after I woke up my pre workout along with prodigy included universal nutrition pro&oats and universal atomic 7


    Rotator work
    3 sets 20 push-ups BW

    Incline DB Press
    20x60, 15x70, 12x 75, 8x85

    Flat Bench Press
    20x135, 8x205, 8x215, 6x225

    Incline Hammer Strength Press
    15x45,45,10,10 (each side), 12x45,45,25, 10x45,45,35

    Incline DB flyes
    15x40, 12x50, 12x55

    FST-7 Cable Crossovers w 1 second flex
    7 sets 12 reps x 45


    Pulldown crunches
    20x130, 15x 160

    Hanging leg raises w 3 second descent
    20xbw, 15x BW

    Side crunches (each side)
    12x BW, 12x BW, 12x BW

    Best chest session I've had in a while. The strongest I've been since I started dieting!

    Pumps- chest pump was amazing! Actually as I'm writing this I still have an amazing pump!

    Vascularity- still no chest vascularity but I am seeing more striations in the upper chest but I could not attribute that to prodigy

    Focus- not only pinpoint focus yet again but I had an extra edge about me today and my training partner even asked me what got into me, as I said this is the strongest chest day I've had in a while.

    Endurance- could have gone all day of I wanted, despite the lack of sleep and nutrition I felt great the entire workout

    This session really impressed me and my love for prodigy is growing! I think a scoop and a half is my set point and although the tub won't last as long, it's definitely worth another buy as of right now!

    Well time to eat!

  14. Holy **** guys i think I've found my mark with prodigy! Ever since upping to dose to a scoop and a half I've had the best lifting days I've had in a long time! The endurance and focus are crazy I can't say enough!

    Today was back and calves and man was it awesome!

    Foam roll and rotator work

    Deadlifts (reset after every rep)
    20x bar, 20x135, 12x225, 8x285, 6x305, 5x 325

    DB Row (single arm)
    12x115, 10x125, 11x125

    DB shrugs
    15x115, 15x125, 10x130

    DB pullover
    12x60, 10x70, 9x70

    Single arm lat Pulldown (underhand)
    12x105, 10x120, 10x120 superset double arm negatives 6 reps x 120

    BB good mornings
    10x100, 10x 120, 8x135

    FST-7 Straight arm pulldowns w 1 sexond flex
    6 sets 12 reps x 75
    Last set hit 20 reps for failure

    FST-7 chest support row (elbows flared out)
    6 sets x 12 reps 95
    Last set hit 21 reps


    Seated calf press superset w dorsiflexion to failure
    25x45 (each side), 15x 45&25, 12x45&35, 10x 45&45

    Horizontal calf press
    20x 170, 20x190, 20x210 drop set (1 second flex) 8 reps x190, 6 reps x170

    Foam roll

    Holy **** this workout was crazy! Usually I won't do this many sets but I just wanted more and more and could handle it with very little sloppy form (only maybe on the last set of a couple exercises)

    Not to mention I wasn't able to hit that many carbs today due to being called into work on my day off.

    I stand by prodigy right now and stake my reputation on it at this point, that may change as I get closer to the end but right now I am so impressed that I'm willing to do so!

    My back was so full and pumped that I could barely sit my arms straight down to my sides.
    Endurance was through the roof and so was focus

    Wow I really am speechless after today and gotta hit shoulders tomorrow morning before work and can't wait! PNI you have blown me away so far

  15. Early morning shoulder workout thursday

    1 scoop prodigy and 1 scoop universal atomic 7

    rotator work


    Reverse Flyes
    20x90, 20x100, 18x110

    DB Military Press
    15x55, 10x65, 8x70, 7x75

    DB side laterals
    12x25, 10x30, 10x35

    Seated Bent over laterals
    20x20, 18x25,17x25

    Hammer Strength Military Press
    10x 45,10,10 (each side), 10x45&35, 8x45&45

    Cambered Bar Upright Row

    FST-7 Machine Face Pulls (wide grip)
    6 sets 12 reps x 90, last set 15 reps x 90

    FST-7 Machine Side Raises
    7 sets 12 reps x 75

    Good workout, prodigy helped a lot since it was a first thing in the morning work out.

    Pumps- Weren't as great as usual but that is most likely attributed to the lack of food in me
    Endurance- Great stamina, as I said this was a workout done without any food in me
    Vascularity- Vascularity remained the same as usual
    Focus- Really good focus which made this workout a great one despite the lack of nutrition

  16. Had the day off from work so was able to get some food in me before hitting legs in the afternoon. Made some protein pancakes, got some laundry done and went to the gym.

    Pre Workout
    1 1/2 scoop prodigy (my go to dosage for legs,chest and back days)

    Intra Workout
    Atomic 7 & Carbo Plus


    5 min bike warmup
    Foam Roll

    20xbar, 15x135, 10x225, 7x265, 6x275, 5x295, 5x305

    Leg Press
    20x3 plates, 10x4 plates, 10x 4 plates & 25, 10x4 plates&35, 9x 5 plates

    DB SL DL
    12x90, 10x95, 10x95

    BB Walking Lunges
    8 steps each leg x 70, 8x70, 8x80

    FST-7 Seated Hamstring Curl
    6 sets x 12 reps x 45&10, last set 15x45&10

    Horizontal Calf Press
    20x190, 20x210, 20x230 drop set 10x210, 7x190

    FST-7 Leg Extension (alternating toe angles)
    7 sets x 12 reps x 105

    Foam Roll

    Although this workout kicked my ass I was able to muster enough to put 110% into each rep. Prodigy definitly aided in my endurance along with my introduction of BCAA & carbs intra workout. The pump in my hamstrings was so strong, at one point I almost had to lay down in the middle of the floor (I love that feeling though)

    Taking tomorrow off. Working til 5 and dont feel like running into the gym on International Chest Monday haha Back at it Tuesday


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