IsoTean Rebuilds Kenpo

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  1. Just one serving left in my IsoTean jug. All good things must come to an end. Took a scoop last night before bed as I was slightly deficient in protein yesterday. No issues with recovery or DOMS. No issues with the GI system. I'm adding IsoTean to my protein supplement list.

    Weather is almost a little too cool here. Preworkout shake of IsoTean. Still using iForce Compete for my intra.


    DB Lift and Curls with hammer grip

    WOD from knees

  2. Final review is up in post 2. Thanks iForce for allowing me to log IsoTean!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kenpoengineer View Post
    First, a big thank you to iForce for allowing the opportunity to log their new isolate based protein called IsoTean. After one tub of use here are my thoughts:

    Flavor: 8/10 I logged their chocolate flavor. It tastes like Swiss Miss without any overpowering sweetness. I used 8, 10 and 16 ounces of water and the taste remained good even though I exceeded their recommendation on water use.

    Mixing: 10/10 No undissolved protein clinging to the sides of my Nalgene container. A few shakes is all it takes to dissolve.

    Recovery: 8/10 I've used many isolate proteins before and this one holds up to all of them. Recovery is so hard to judge as it really depends on your workout intensity, muscle stress level and duration.

    Side Effects: none. No GI issues, bloating or gas.

    Overall I'd recommend this protein to my fellow lifters. The only issue I had was that the scoop was wide and shallow and would not fit into the neck of my Nalgene. Lol
    Awesome final review. Nalgene? You need to get an iForce shaker cup
    iForce Nutrition Representative
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