Becoming the next prodigy with PNI's Prodigy

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  1. Becoming the next prodigy with PNI's Prodigy

    Whats up guys and welcome! Glad to have everyone in!

    Huge thanks to PNI for letting me log this amazing product. I had tried the OG Prodigy just a month ago so its effects are fresh in my mind for sure. I thought it was amazing so i really ant wait to try this new and improved formula. The thing that I find most intriguing with the new formula is the 1g!of agmatine! Also since I LOVE amazing focus, the addition of the Dendrobium (sp?)extract really excites me.

    current stats
    height - 5'9
    weight - 168
    do not know maxes since i have not maxedout in a while rough estimates -

    bench - 240
    squat - 340
    DL - 460

    Bodyfat - around 9-10% id say,i will try to get some pics up within a few days.

    I am currently on 100mg/wk test cyp for TRT due to not producing any LH and therefore almost 0 testosterone

    Training wise I train very high volume, usually starting out heavy and doing some backoff or drop sets after......

    I train - chest/tris (sometimes add light shoulders)
    Back/bis (if I run out of time ill do bis with shoulder)

    My most lagging parts are biceps and lats - i am strong on rows but my pullups are horrible

    As of right now I follow IF and really just eat once a day , one huge meal. I am working on getting out of that habit and getting on a more consistent eating pattern so my nights arent spent jsut eating all night lol I just love being able to eat so much at once lol.

  2. todays workout - legs

    pre exhaust leg ext
    4 sets 15-20 with double drop on last set

    front squat - constant tension very slow negative (crazy how much weight i have to cut), also very short rests, not more than 60s


    Back squat - same as front squat


    leg press
    6 plates x 8-10 - 4 sets drop one plate at a time to 1 plate on last set
    3 plates 2 sets of as many as possible

    Hack Squat
    110x12-15 4 sets slow negatives short rests

    bulgarian split squat holding 30 lb DB in front of body at chest level
    4 sets 10-15

    glute bridge - had shoulders a lot high than normal so there was constant tension the whole time, much harder

    185x10 with 10 second hold on last rep

    good morning - havent done these in along time so tried them out


    glute ham raise 5 x 10 - i hold onto a pole while i do these so i control the negative and assist myself on the way up, tear my hammies up!

    lying leg curl and seated leg curl 3 sets 10-15 each with drop on last set

  3. i mixed 1 scoop of prodigy in about 20 oz of water....mixes super easy,but mixes much lighter than the original prodigy...... i think it needs to be mixed in a lot less water,i sipped throughout my workout.

    I have fruit punch flavor and it was barely noticable with that much water.

    I did notice amazing focus which is what I love about certain preworkouts

    the COP helped my endurance, I was not as winded and seemed to recover rather quickly during my short rest periods......looking forward to testing this out sum more, hope to get some sick pumps on chest day :-) tomorrow will be an off day so ill have to wait till friday :-(

  4. Waiting for the mailman like I did for Santa when I was little for my tub, should be some great logs!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by perez47 View Post
    Waiting for the mailman like I did for Santa when I was little for my tub, should be some great logs!
    U should be ....good stuff, can't wait to follow the logs

  6. I'm in bro. Enjoy!!!
    After a year off, I'm back

  7. My phone is going to explode following 9 prodigy logs !
    "Strive to seize the initiative in all things"

  8. Quote Originally Posted by roblasane View Post
    My phone is going to explode following 9 prodigy logs !
    Me an you both
    Hit me up with any questions any time.

  9. I am excited to see everyones feedback on Prodigy!!!

  10. 2nd Prodigy fueled workout today....chest/tris/abs

    I mixed prodigy with about 16 oz of water today (less than last time), also did about 1.5 scoops. - taste was still not that strong, doesnt taste bad at all just very watery.....i did try a little powder on my finger and it was a different type of fruit punch, again, not bad, but not candy like either ill try it again and give a better description.

    i drank a large amount in the beginning of the workout and sipped throughout, never actually finished which is good since I am a stim junkie and the fact that i didnt need it all is a good sign. Again focus was incredible, so far loving the focus i get on this!

    pumps were def. noticeable today, chest was swollen for sure, wasnt like a painful pump but jsut an all over swoleness haha. although when doing weighted dips it really felt like my sternum was going to rip apart after a few sets......good stuff!!!

    decided to pre exhaust the chest a little since after last week my shoulders were more sore than my chest

    db incline fly
    45x8-10 4 sets

    db incline press
    60 4 sets 8-10
    2 sets as many as possible with 40lbs

    weighted dips
    25lb 4 sets 8-10
    2 sets bodyweight as many as possible
    2 negative sets with 80lbs 2 sets of 5 negatives

    flat db press , twisting from neutral to regular grip
    4 sets 10-12

    hammer strength incline
    3 sets 10-15 double drop on last set

    flat db fly 3 sets 12-15 supersetted with pushups

    decline skull crusher
    60lb 4 sets 10-12

    db overhead
    60lb 4 sets 10-12 drop on last set

    cg smith bench with bands pulling up so more tension on the tris at the top! good stuff
    4 sets 10-12

    rev grip cable pushdown supersetted with neutral grip 1 arm cable pushdown 3 sets 10-15

    roman chair leg raises 4 sets of 50

    rope crucnh 4 sets of 25 supersetted with 50 v sits.

  11. So today i wanted to see what kinda kick i could really get from prodigy so i put almost 2 scoops into about 20 oz of water....again a very watered down taste, mixabililty is perfect, a couple shakes and its gone. so i chugged about half and set it down.....then s**t got real. UNBELIEVABLE focus and energy..... i couldn't help but move around in between sets, i was walking all over the gym just like staring into space, it was so sick. Also, usually on back day i have a very hard ie feeling the right side of my body work, not today! the pump in my back was awesoe, contractions were great and pump my back!!! haha can u tell i excited haha

    quick note - i weighed in today with pants and long sleeve shirt on and was only 168 :-( i thought my arms were looking smaller, not happy, even though my dang stomach is the same size, i have like a pouch on my lower abs and it doesnt even feel like fat....any chance this is like fat deposits for cortisol or something?

    the workout - back, no deads today, legs are still sore from leg day.....focused on getting some lats for sure, i am lacking big time and since i have a wide waist i gotta do whatever i can to get wider.

    wide grip pullups - my biggest weak spot by far, i can row a decent amount but not pullups at all
    5x5, first time i can remember getting 5 sets of 5 perfect reps on all sets

    underhand CG pull ups

    front lat pulldown
    5 sets 8-12 working up to 100 lbs on last 2 sets, got soe forced reps from a buddy as well

    cg underhand pulldown
    4 sets 8-12

    pendlay row - first time i havent done these early in the workout and man was i weaker....usually do 135-155


    1 arm db row - semi strict form not textbook but not bad
    4 sets of 12 with 75 then 1 set of 15 with 45, perfect form reps

    cable low row - 4 sets 10-12 drop on last set

    chest supported row
    4 sets 10-15 drop on last set

    decline bench reverse crunch - 5 sets

    ab wheel

  12. soe friends at the gym asked what was up with me, it looked like i wanted to kill the weights and i aid i did haha and too much energy (in a good way ) and talked up prodigy, might let the try a scoop if i feel generous, probably not though i love this stuff so far!

  13. prodigy is quickly becoming my go to, favorite preworkout. I have tried almost every preworkout and this is top 3 if not #1 in my book, so far at least in terms of performance in the gym. the energy is amazing i stim tolerant and dont even need ore than a scoop, focus is incredible, i jsut pace back and forth beween sets, staring off into space, i cant help but move around, i love it!!

    shoulders/chest pump


    standing strict press
    95x8x5 double drop to bar on last set
    65x as many
    65x as many

    heavy side laterals - had to cheat it up but controlled it on the way down
    15x10-15 x 2 drop on last set

    db shoulder press - 4 sets
    45lb 10-15 drop set on last set

    cable lateral raise 4 sets of 15 no rest between arms

    smith machine high pull - 4 sets 10-12

    smith behind the head press - 3 sets 10-12

    face pull 5 sets 10-12 supersetted with seated bent over rev flys with 17.5 x 15

    one arm cable rev. fly 3 sets of 15

    incline db fly and press, flat db fly and press, and dips all 3 sets of as many with only 30 second rest....sick pump!!!

  14. another sick workout with prodigy, a little light headed to start for some reason so i didnt push the squats but focus energy and pups were all there as always!!!

    The workout! - LEGS!!!!

    squat - went a little lighter than i coudl but focused on perfect form, this made it pretty tough


    leg ext 4 sets 15-20 double drop on last set

    hack squat
    5 sets 8-12 double drop on last 2 sets - 160lb

    45 degree leg press
    4 sets 10-12 - 5 plates - drop to 1 plate 1 plate at a tie on last set

    front squat - constant tension


    1 leg smith machine squat

    4 sets 12-15

    glute bridge - ass was on fire!!! never had such a burn and pump in my ass!, i put my shoulders ona higher box so the weight cannot touch dwn at the bottom so there is a full range of motion


    Glute ham raise
    5 sets of 10

    hammies were pretty fried at this point

    seated leg curl - 3 set 8-12

    lying leg curl - 3 sets 10-12

    and of course gotta refuel after a session like that so I went to red lobster for dinner and coldstone for dessert!

    got a rock lobster tail lots of veggies, garden salad, some biscuits ( of course) and a rainbow trout with ore veggies.....for coldstone, sweet cream ice cream, butter finger, reese pieces, fudge and peanut butter O YEA!

  15. the workout! - quick question, do you guys feel that bodyweight abs help to deepen lines....i have blocky ab with no lines really, thinking of how to help this. thanks


    incline barbell press (been a while), kinda bothered my shoulder

    135x8+2 forced
    135x7+3 forced drop 115 drop 95

    weighted dips

    35x8 drop body weight x as many as possible
    bodyweight x as many as possible
    80x 5 negatives - 2 sets

    flat DB press

    db decline press
    55 lbs 4 sets 10-12

    incline db fly supersetted with hammer strength incline - 3 sets 10-15

    bent over cable fly - 3 sets of 15

    skull crusher - 4 sets 10-12 plus press, 3 forced reps on last set and drop set plus more forced reps

    rev grip skull crusher with pullover
    4 sets 10-15

    vbar pushdown
    4 sets 10-12 double drop on last set

    one arm cable overhead - 3 sets 10-12

    leg raises - 5 sets
    mason twists with 8lb ball - 4 sets of 100
    couple other different crunches

  16. another good workout fueled by produgy, pump was not as crazy as normal and focus was a little hit an miss, i think it is due to my lack of sleep lately and i think i was a little dehydrated today.....still a pretty solid workout, will be hitting back toorrow, gotta work on my lats so lots of pullups and pulldowns!

  17. Nice log so far and I am following along because I want to see how the new version of Prodigy is working for you because
    I liked the old version and I got a few people hooked on it but now the formula has changed. Lol I usually am to crazy about
    companies that change something that isn't broken but I'll continue checking the logs and see what people think about it.

  18. Well well well look who is running a log of prodigy.... Good to see ya using it. One of the best pre workouts I have used. Especially V2.0

  19. Honestly I like this better than the original, better focus, better pumps, great energy. Flavor is not as strong per se but doesn't taste bad just thinner

  20. back and some abs today...........really trying to work on growing some wings!!!

    pull up 5x5

    underhand pull up 5x5

    front pulldown
    5 sets 8-10 rop on last set

    reverse grip close grip pulldown
    5 sets 8-12 drop on last set

    pendlay row ( so weak on these after all those pullups and pulldowns)


    snatch grip rack pulls
    275 - 5x5

    db 1 arm row

    low cable row -
    4 sets 10-12 drop on last set

    hammer strength pulldown
    3 sets 10-15 drop on last set

    ab wheel roll out supersetted with 50 crunches on ball ( thrusting hips as well which helps to work lower and upper abs) got a great burn from this

  21. keep working on those barbell rows man they will def help with the lower lat insertion and help you gain thickness in your back!
    Hit me up with any questions any time.

  22. Just cardio last two days, no prodigy....chest tris abs todat, will update tonight....will probanly through in some pulldowns for them lats too

  23. Chest/tris/abs

    incline db press


    25x8 drop bodyweight x as many
    90x5 negatives, 2 sets

    hammer strength flat press

    140x10 drop 90 x as many
    140x9 drop 90 x as many

    db decline
    55x10 +3

    cable fly - 3 sets 10-15 supersetted with pushups

    skull crusher - short rest periods

    60x8 plus 3 negatives plus presses plus diamond pushups on knees to failure

    db overhead ext. - went super low on these for a total stretch

    55x8 drop 40 x 8

    neutral grip cable pushdown

    4 sets 8-12 drop on last set

    rope pressdown
    4 sets 10-12 drop on last set

    decline bench rev crunches - 5 sets as many as possible

    leg raises 4 sets of 15

    windshield wipers on flat bench 4 sets of 50 (25 to each side)

    Pumps were not as strong as normal, could be due to very small amounts of carbs the last two and focus were pretty goo though, not the best theyve been but better than without it thats for sure haha

  24. killer leg day!


    squats felt really good, gettin stronger while still hitting depth

    Deadlift - legs felt good so wth y not haha


    pre exhaust leg ext

    80x15-20x3 drop on last 2 sets

    leg press- feet close together shorter RM for quad sweet
    5 plates 12-15 reps 5 set drop on last set all the way to 1 plate
    1 set with 3 plates - 50 reps supersetted with 30 bodyweight squats

    hack squat - 4 sets 10-15

    front squat
    15,12,10,8,10,12,15 reps , short rest, used 105 lbs, quads were shot!

    glute bridge - full rom and squeezes, my glutes were on fire!!
    5 sets 10-12

    high step up - 12 steps no weight each leg, 4 sets

    glute ham raise - 5 sets of 10

    db rdl
    5 sets 10-12 - slow negatives, 60 lbs. - i was beat after this, so these were not 100% cant lie

  25. focus was great, energy was off thecharts, and the pump in my ASS was crazy haha


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