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    keep working on those barbell rows man they will def help with the lower lat insertion and help you gain thickness in your back!

    thanks man, i will for sure!!!

  2. Workout - Back

    Deadlift - 405x1x6 (way weaker than last week, also was very light headed, i figured out later that i was dehydrated) i went pee an it was super yellow so i started drinking alot of water and within 20-30 minutes (after deads) my energy levels skyrocketed, strength went up, and focus an pumps were great! Just stinks the deadlifts sufferred so much


    assisted pullups
    5 sets 8-10 drop on last set

    5 sets 8-12 drop on last set

    underhand pulldowns
    5 sets 10-12 drop on last set

    bent over row
    4 sets 10-12 drop on last set

    1 arm db row
    4 sets 10-12 worked up to 95 lb db

    low cable row
    4 sets 10-12 double drop on last set

    straight arm pulldown ss neutral grip low cable row
    3 sets 10-15

    hammer strength pulldown leaning against the pad and grabbing the outsie of the machine, def. felt it in my lower lats more

    chest supported row
    4 sets 10-12 drop on last set

    alot of back work for sure today, felt pretty good though once i got rehydrated and focused.

  3. gettin kinda lonely in here guys............... anyways, hit the bottom of the container today -( not sure how many servings are left, but wouldn't think much more than a week or two left.

    LEGS! - focus was off the charts today!!


    135x as many - constant tension to failure

    45 degree leg press
    5 plates + 25 -4 sets 10-12 drop to 1 plate on last set
    3 plates + 25 - 50 reps supersetted with 30 body weight squats

    Leg ext.
    3 heavy sets 10-12
    3 lighter sets 12-15 with strong contractions and double drops on last 2 sets

    hack squat
    4 sets 10-15 drop on last set - i really havent been feeling thee much in my quads, i might try to find a different exercise...any ideas?

    front squat - constant tension - slow negatives

    30 steps - 4 sets using green kettle bells, no idea how much they weigh

    glute bridge
    185 - 5 sets 10-12, hold for 10 seconds on last rep of last set....glutes were burning horribly!

    glute ham raise

    lying leg curl - 3 sets 10-12

    seated leg curl - 3 sets 10-12

    anyone have issues with one leg overpowering the other? MY left leg is much bigger than the other, what has worked best for you to even them out....1 leg leg presses? I usually do 1 leg squats on te smith machine or bulgarian split squats, today i did lunges, have been thinking about 1 leg leg press though. I also try to focus on really pulling with my right more than my left on glute ham raises and leg curls.

  4. My right leg has a lot more stabilization power than my left due to it being my plant leg for just about everything. I have noticed that doing 1 leg isolation exercises have helped a bit after doing my main movements. And BTW im still fallowing along brother! Youre doing great work!
    Hit me up with any questions any time.

  5. Thanks man....glutes are torched today, love it lol...... w ill update todays workout later......what else would you guys like to see in here before this is over let me know

  6. ok, so there is alot less prodigy left than i thought ;-(..........probably only a couple workouts

    very fast paced, focused, intense workout today

    incline db press
    75x6+4 forced

    Flat DB press

    Weighted Dips ( was pretty beat so only could use 10lb for good reps)
    4 sets of 10
    2 bodyweight sets as many reps as possible
    2 negative sets with 80 lbs 2 sets of 5 negatives

    DB incline fly
    35x10-12 3 sets

    supersetted with

    hammer strength incline
    110 10-12 reps 3 sets

    hex press

    40lbs - 3 sets 12 reps

    cable fly
    3 sets drop on last set 10-15 reps

    decline skull crusher
    60lb 4 sets 10-12 presses on last set plus negatives

    vbar pressdown
    4 sets of 8-10 double drop on last set

    rope overhead ext.
    4 sets 10-12 drop on last set

    1 arm cable overhead ext
    4 sets 10-12 forced reps on last 2 sets.

    wide grip ez bar curl
    5 sets 8-10 - 60lbs

    ezbar cable curl

    4 sets of 10 reps drop on last set

    also threw in some ab exercises in between sets including leg raises, roman chair raises, decline sit ups and russian twists

  7. prodigy is all gone, and have done 2 workouts without it.....HUGE difference, i have to pic up some more, i will post the final review probably wed. night, busy day tomorrow....thanks again guys this is a winner for sure, i got my buddy taking it now too and he loves it as well, making prs like crazy.


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