Wilsy7 maiden stack/journey for perfection!

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  1. Wilsy7 maiden stack/journey for perfection!

    Hey guys! Not long a member on here but thought why not jump in at the deep end and run my first log after all its thanks to all you guys help and knowledge thats helped me become more aware of the fantastic supplements that are out there.

    Heres my stack, shown above, tropinol XP (2 bottles), intimidate (2 bottles), erase pro (2 bottles), GABA (2 tubs), conquer and hemavol. Ive run OG erase before along with the GABA and enjoyed them so looking forward to taking it to the next level. I also have my staples as per usual, protein, dextrose, BCAAs, EAAs.

    Ive been training for about two years now, I'm 21 and weigh in at about 187lbs currently at 6'1". Bare with me as I'm from Northern Ireland in the UK so work in kgs. I train using a 5 day split,

    I usually eat 1.5 hours before training, TXP 45mins pre and then conquer/hemavol 30 mins pre. I sip on a shake of protein, dextrose, BCAAs, EAAs intra workout. Shake post training as above minus the dextrose then a meal 1.5 hours after this. Diet consists of, chicken, eggs, wholegrain rice, oats, nuts. The usual really. Eating every 3 hours!

    Monday: chest/calves
    Tuesday: quads/hamstrings/abs
    Wednesday: back
    Thursday: shoulders/calves
    Friday: arms/abs

    Saturday and sunday are rest days from lifting but i usually do some cardio each day. 30mins on the cross trainer at 130-140 BPM. So somewhere on the threshold between low intensity and high intensity.

    This is me about 6 weeks ago before i went on holiday, 187lbs here. No idea what BF is i guess 12%. Had dieted down from 202lbs over 2 and a bit months. Im already a bit fuller again now as I'm eating up a bit more now again so will get another pic of myself currently.

    Tomorrow starts the second week of this stack after an awesome first week. Ill start getting my numbers up this week as still not 100% after holiday. The conquer hemavol stack is awesome, great pumps, focus and energy. Really really enjoying it. Goals for this are to put on good size and strength gains while staying relatively lean. I need to bulk up i feel so size (good size) is the priority.

    Sorry for the long winded intro!

    Comments and criticism welcome!

    Many thanks

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  2. July 15th


    1kg = 2.2lbs

    30 degree incline DB press - 30kg, 12/10/8

    Flat chest press machine - 35kg (each side), 9/9/9

    Incline press machine - 17.5kg (each side), 20/20/20

    A1 - BW pushups, 12/12/12
    A2 - 15 degree DB flys, 17.5kg, 9/10/10

    CR machine - 40kg, 12/12/12/12

  3. Best of luck in your fitness goals, Jordon. I really liked Conquer, and have heard great things about Hemavol as well.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by gokix811 View Post
    Best of luck in your fitness goals, Jordon. I really liked Conquer, and have heard great things about Hemavol as well.
    Thanks! Im really loving both this far, i would definitely recommend it, complement each other very well.

  5. July 16th


    1kg = 2.2lbs

    Single leg press - 70kg x 12, 72.5kg x 12, 75kg x 12

    Back squat - 90kg x 10/8/8

    Leg ext - 70kg x 12, 77kg x 12/12

    Seated curls - 77kg x 10/10/10, 63kg x 12

    Leg press (FST-7 style only for 3 sets) 80kg x 20/20/20

    Good day, didn't get squatting first unfortunately so numbers are a bit lower than normal. Still a good day tho, makes a change. Forgot how hard it was when fatigued.

  6. July 17th


    1kg = 2.2lbs

    Pulls up - BW - 7+5, 5+5, 5+5.
    Work to positive failure on these then negative failure.

    Pulldown machine - 41.25kg (each side), 12/12/12

    Low row machine (upper back) 40kg (each side) 12/12/12, 20kg x 12, slow reps pausing at the contraction on the last set.

    T-bar row - 40kg x 12, 50kg x 12, 55kg x 12

    Row machine - pronated grip - 40kg (each side) 12/12/12, form dropping. 20kg x 12, same as above on last set.

    High cable pulley reverse flys - 6kg x 12, 8kg x 12/12

    Another good day, was very tired going into today but not too bad once moving. Pump and feeling not as good as last week altho the numbers were slightly better today. Pull ups are still crap i know that, only been doing them for a few weeks so hoping to get there eventually. Feel ill make good progress with my back by improving these. I have long arms, thats my excuse lol

  7. July 18th


    1kg = 2.2lbs

    DB press - 27.5kg x 10, 25kg x 10/8, 20kg x 12. (No spot, can go heavier but really struggle getting the heavier ones up on this movement)

    Shoulder press machine drop set, 30kg x 10, 20kg x 10, 10kg x 12. (Each side)

    DB laterals - 8kg x 15, 10kg x 15, 12.5kg x 12/12

    Cable laterals (FST-3) - 5kg x 20 x 3. Only done 15 on my left as my right is lagging so trying to bring it up.

    Plate shrugs - 20kg x 15 x 4 no problem, need more weight but hate using the dumbells for these. But gonna have to next week.

    Seated calf raise superset with standing calf raise,
    20kg x 12, 25kg x 12/12
    40kg x 10/12/12

    Need more weight for the seated raises. Another good day. Been VERY tired the last few days. Early work shifts catching up with me. Looking forward to the weekend to a decent lie in lol experiencing SEVERE DOMS in my legs this week. My legs are usually very sore (4-5days) but this is worse still. Maybe the different order of things that shocked the muscle.

    For anyone following this, i feel i should be deadlifting, but don't know where to put them. Im not sure if its ok to dead lift on leg day before back? I cant do back first in the week or else i cant squat sweet FA. Any help appreciated.

  8. July 19th


    1kg = 2.2lbs

    Skull crushers (straight bar) - 30kg x 12/11/10, 20kg x 12

    V-bar cable pushdown - 50kg x 12, 60kg x 11/11(drop to 40kg x 12)

    Db overhead ext - 20kg x 12, 22.5kg x 12/12 ( don't enjoy this exercise much)

    Dips - BW x 12/10/10

    Wide grip BB curls (straight bar) - 20kg x 12/12/12

    Lying cable curls - 40kg x 12, 45kg x 12, 50kg x 10

    Preacher machine curl - 25kg x 12/12/12

    DB wrist curls - 15kg x 12/10/10+2

    Week over. Over all a very good week. Not happy with my arm session. My biceps are sore going in from back which isn't normally the case so definitely lifting less than usual. Gets me down a bit.

  9. July 22nd


    1kg = 2.2lbs

    30 degree incline DB press - 30kg x 12/10/9, 25kg x 12

    Incline chest press machine (plate loaded) FST-3, 17.5kg x 20/20/20

    Flat chest press machine (plate loaded)
    - 35kg x 10/10/8

    A - BW pushups x 12/12/12
    B - 15 degree incline DB flys - 17.5kg x 12/12/12

    Smith machine calf raises - 80kg x 12/12/12

    3 set drop set, 80kg x 12, 60kg x 12, 40kg x 12

    Good day today. The weights felt heavier than last week and struggled getting the DB up on my last set of incline. Once up tho my numbers were up from last week. Great pump and focus throughout.

  10. July 23rd


    1kg = 2.2lbs

    Back squat - 100kg x 10/8/8, 90kg x 10

    Single leg press - 70kg x 12/12/12

    Seated curls - 63kg x 12, 77kg x 12/10/10 (the pump i get on these is severe! I cant bare it, have to take long rests between sets)

    Leg extension - 77kg x 12/12/12 (more weight needed(

    Leg press (FST-3) - 80kg x 20/20/20

    Great day today.

  11. I am subbing.

    I am disappointed there is only one PES product being used though!

    Good luck, Jordan.
    PEScience Representative

  12. Going to be changing to four day split as of Monday to try and alleviate my arm day issues. May be over training them as i feel they are crap. Cant lift nothing anymore with them. Plus i only have one day between back on wednesday and arms on friday at the moment. Arms have been sore before even training them! Cant be a good thing.

    Will look like this from monday,

    Monday: chest/biceps
    Tuesday: quads/hamstrings/calves
    Wednesday: off
    Thursday: shoulders/triceps/traps
    Friday: back/calves

    Think this looks good at least i feel that going from 5 days to 4 a week tho will make me go backwards. But i think thats just in my head as ill be doing the same volume just more recovery! Will have to spend a bit longer in the gym for some of the sessions but hopefully not too much. It would be nice to hear someone else's opinion tho?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    I am subbing.

    I am disappointed there is only one PES product being used though!

    Good luck, Jordan.
    Don't worry ABE is already penciled in for the near future Ben. Thanks for all your help! Greatly appreciate it. Glad to have you along

  14. Subbing as well. Even if I too am upset there is only 1 PES product!

    Kill it Jordan!
    PEScience Representative
    http://pescience.com/insider http://facebook.com/pescience

  15. Quote Originally Posted by LiveToLift View Post
    Subbing as well. Even if I too am upset there is only 1 PES product!

    Kill it Jordan!
    Now we are getting somewhere!! Thanks

  16. July 24th


    1kg = 2.2lbs

    Pulls up - BW - 8+4/5+5/5+6
    Working to positive then negative failure.

    Plate loaded lat pull down - 42.5kg (each side) x 12, 45kg x 10, 47.5kg x 10

    Plate loaded Upper back machine (hammer grip) - 40kg (each side) x 12/12/12, 20kg x 12. Slow form pausing at contraction and stretch on the last set.

    T-bar row - 50kg x 12, 60kg x 12, 60kg x 10 drop to 40kg x 12

    Plate loaded row machine (pronated grip) - 40kg (each side) x 12/10/12

    Reverse cable flys (high pulley) - 10kg x 12, 15kg x 12/12

  17. July 25th


    1kg = 2.2lbs

    DB press - 27.5kg x 10/8/9, 22.5kg x 12/8

    Single arm laterals - 12.5kg x 12/12/12, 10kg x 12

    Standing DB laterals - 10kg x 12/12

    Seated DB (hammer grip) front raises - 8kg x 15, 12.5kg x 12/10

    Cable rope front raises - 20kg x 12, 25kg x 12

    DB shrugs - 25kg x 12, 30kg x 12, 32.5kg x 10/10

    SM calf raises - 100kg x 10/10/10, 60kg x 12/12/12

  18. July 26th


    1kg = 2.2lbs

    BB curl - 30kg x 12/12/12, 32.5kg x 9, 20kg x 12

    Single arm DB hammer curls - 10kg x 12, 12.5kg x 10/10, right arm 10kg x10

    Skull crushers (straight bar) - 30kg x 11, 32.5kg x 8/8

    Cable rope pushdown - 40kg x 12, 55kg x 12/10

    Single are pushdown - 20kg x 12/12

    BB wrist curls - 25kg x 15, 27.5kg x 12, 30kg x 12

  19. July 29th


    1kg = 2.2lbs

    30 degree incline DB press - 30kg x 12/11/11/11

    Flat press machine (plate loaded) - 35kg x 11, 37.5kg x 9/9

    Incline press machine (plate loaded, FST-3) - 17.5kg x 20, 20kg x 20/20

    A - BW pushups -12/12/12
    B - 15 degree incline db flys - 17.5kg x 12/12/12

    BB curl - 32.5kg x 10/10, 35kg x 8, 30kg x 11

    Single arm DB hammer curls - 12.5kg x 12, 15kg x 10/12, 12.5kg x 12 (last set right arm only)

    Wide grip Bb curl (straight bar) - 20kg x 12/12/12

  20. July 30th


    1kg = 2.2lbs

    Back squat - 105kg x 10/8/7, 90kg x 10

    Single leg press - 72.5kg x 12/12/12

    Seated curls - 70kg x 12, 77kg x 10/10, 28kg x 11 right leg only.

    Leg extension - 77kg x 12/12, 84kg x 13

    Calf raise machine - 60kg x 12/12/12

  21. August 1st


    1kg = 2.2lbs

    DB press - 27.5kg x 11/10/8/9

    Seated db front raises (palms in) - 10kg x 12/12/12, 8kg x 12

    Standing single arm laterals - 8kg x 12, 12.5kg x 12/12/12

    Standing db laterals - 10kg x 12/12/12

    Db shrugs - 32.5kg x 12/12/12
    20kg plate shrugs - 12

    Skull crushers (straight bar) - 32.5kg x 10/8/8

    Cable rope pushdown - 50kg x 12, 55kg x 12/12

    Lying db alt extension - 8kg x 15/15/15

  22. So far really really enjoying my first stack. My numbers have been increasing somewhere every week which is good. Im like probably the least vascular person alive, but have been noticing a bit more vascularity in my forearms and can see a slight glimpse of the one in my biceps. This is all cold as i train with a jacket on so I'm sure the vascularity would be more noticeable while training. Feeling much fuller. Altho I'm eating quite a few carbs. Haven't been tracking my cals exactly need to start again. Carbs have been hitting 250+ grams easily everyday. So i feel Ive smoothed out a bit more holding a bit more water. Ive been meaning to carb cycle but hasn't happened yet. Diets been clean, had two cheat meals since starting (8th july) so not too bad.

  23. August 2nd


    1kg = 2.2lbs

    Pullups - BW x 6+2/6+2/5+3

    Decided not to go to complete failure on these as it seemed to annoy my shoulder. Felt better for it will know better tomorrow. Form felt the best its been. Was actually pausing at the top for the first few. Prob not a good thing as it reduces my reps. I sometimes find it hard to blast exercises out and suffer for it by lifting less.

    Pulldown machine (plate loaded) - 45kg x 10/10/9

    Upper back machine (plate loaded) - 40kg x 12/12/12, 20kg x 12

    These felt very good today, felt very strong on these.

    T-bar row - 60kg x 12/10/12

    Row machine (plate loaded) - 40kg x 12/10/10

    Rack pulls (pins about 3 inches below knee, will move down another next week i think) - 100kg x 10, 120kg x 6/6

    These were much harder than i anticipated. I couldn't get doing them first and someone was always in the rack when i looked! ill put it to being fatigued for now as i normally pick 140kg off the floor for 6 for sets.

    Reverse cable flys - 10kg x 12/12/12

    SM calf raises - 100kg x 12/11/11, 60kg. x 14

    Not a bad day, lifting was good i just took my time a little too much today. Didn't get into the zone the way id like. Gym was busy which i dislike breaks my focus. Damn friday afternoon training and all the part timers lol

  24. August 5th


    1kg = 2.2lbs

    30 degree incline DB press - 32.5kg x 8, 30kg x 12/10/11

    Flat press machine (plate loaded) - 37.5kg x 10/9/8, 30kg x 12

    Incline press machine (plate loaded) - fst-3 - 20kg x 20/20/20

    A1 - BW pushups x 12/12/12
    A2 - 15 degree incline flys - 17.5kg x 12/12/12

    EZ bar preacher curl - 20kg x 11, 25kg x 11/10

    Straight bar preacher curl - 20kg x 12/12, 30kg x 8

    Standing single arm hammer curls - 12.5kg x 12/12/12

    Preachers frustrate the hell out of me, thats why i never do them. Get some weird ass shoulder dropping and with all bicep moves i literally don't feel anything in my right arm but my left is pumped to death seems to take all the weight. Drives me mad.

  25. August 6th


    Back squat - 105kg x 10/8/8, 90kg x 10

    Single leg press - 72.5kg x 12/12/12, left only 72.5kg x 12

    Leg ext - 84kg x 12/12, 77kg x 12, left only 28kg x 12

    Seated curls - 77kg x 10/10/10, right only 28kg x 12

    Donkey calf machine - 30kg x 12/12/12/12, kept the rest low on these felt good.

    Drop set - 60kg x 6, 40kg x 7, 20kg x 10


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