Wilsy7 maiden stack/journey for perfection!

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  1. Update this sh!t !
    My current UNsponsored PES EP cutting log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/234161-adonisbelts-pes-erase.html

  2. Final review

    Throughly enjoyed this stack. Really liked the txp, definitely noticed the extra aggression and buzz it gave me for training. Especially once it ended and i was still taking conquer+hemavol i realised the lift it was giving. Great product.

    Erase pro didn't affect me drastically, i cant complain too much as I'm not cutting so wont see the full effects. It did however make me noticeably more vascular, which for me is quite big as my vascularity is poor. Once it finished i seem to have gained a bit more water weight and feel more bloated while keeping my diet consistent so it would appear that the EP was definitely helping with this. I like this to keep E levels under control and help with cortisol.

    Cant say too much on the intimidate, i was also taking GABA so cant comment on how it affected my sleep. I did sleep great while taking it and have continued too once it finished. GABA seems to work very well in this aspect for me. My aggression in the gym was boosted quite a lot, i would definitely put this down to the txp and intimidate.

    My lifts increased nicely throughout and I've definitely made some gains. Weight is up 2lbs, nothing major. I feel much fuller and a bit bigger. I have however stayed pretty lean with little fat gain so to me, being natural, 2lbs is quite good. especially in 8 weeks. Pleased



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