Conquer & Potassium Nitrate Stack (Sponsored Log)

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  1. Alright so I'm going to give my overall thought on the Conquer & Potassium Nitrate stack. In short, unfortunately I don't feel like I got much from these products. I was very much looking forward to try this combo and was hoping for Hemavol like effects as far as pump, and some good focus and energy.

    - The first thing to mention is that I would feel fairly nauseous after taking 2 scoops or so (My usual dose). While it does pass and isn't terrible it is still a downside. Letting a workout partner try it he also said it made him nauseous, which I hadn't mentioned.

    - usage - Dosing and mix-ability is good. No clumps or anything and just a few caps for the Potassium Nitrate, average sized caps cause that is a problem for some.

    - Endurance/Energy - Not much to say for energy. If you are sensitive to caffeine you might get a nice bump but at 2 scoops I didn't notice any jolt. Which I'm told is how Conquer is supposed to be. More clean energy. To put it practically, I felt as if I had 2 cups of coffee, nothing crazy.

    - Pump - So I dosed up to 4 caps preworkout with Potassium Nitrate with various changes in time preworkout. To be honest and blunt, I really felt as if I had no effect at all. After experiencing pumps that can be achieved with Hemavol and maybe a few other supps out there, I would consider "the Pump" to be normal from 2-4 caps of Potassium Nitrate.

    - Focus - Again, I had a few good days where I was completely in the zone. But when looking for consistent effects, there really isn't any. Just good days and bad days I suppose. Due to people saying its more of a "mental' PWO rather than Stim junkie style I was expecting some noticeable effects, but didn't get much.

    Of course maybe this stack just isn't for me and my body chemistry. Some people react great to things I don't. Really hate to give a negative review but got to be honest with these things hah.

    Endurance/Energy: 6/10
    Mental Focus: 6/10
    Pump: 6/10

    Of course a huge THANK YOU to Iforce for letting me Log this stack.


  2. Well first off, thank you so much for keeping a log for us. I'm sorry you didn't get as much out of it as you were hoping. I must admit, you sound like myself. You sound like you want that cracked out stim energy which I personally enjoy; Conquer like you mention is not designed for that. Also, as for the pumps, it seems as if your body likes the fullness aspect to induce pumps like hemavol will do. KNO3 does not increase plasma volumes for fullness like hemavol; Although I do feel KNO3 very well, I do enjoy the fullness with Hemavol, so I stack both.

    If you want that cracked out energy, if you can still find Maximize Intense im sure you would love that, couple that with hemavol and I think you would find your match made in heaven. Each of us are very different in our preferences

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  3. love the honest review, while we'd love to see amazing results from every single person who tries it, we know sometimes its not 100%.

  4. Thanks for the input guys

  5. Agree with the guys above - you gave us an honest review, which is what we like. All feedback is valuable.
    HiTech Representative



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