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  1. So here it is. I'm about to embark on a month long mission of greatness courtesy of Grambo and Purus labs. My mission is to use this stack along with my current supplements to get back into a decent shape. Also found a bottle of Condense to try the MM and condense combo.

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    Competition bound 2014

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    Competition bound 2014

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  4. Pure Purus stack coming in hot
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  5. Greatness awaits!
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    What's going on? I'm about to put in major work with this stack. I added in my organ shield and condense to the party. I'm hoping that's okay with you guys.

    Competition bound 2014

  7. Today was a non workout day. I have wanted to try the combo all together and almost went in an did some work but have to allow days of rest. Other supps taken will be BCAA multi v fish oil and whey protein.

    Competition bound 2014

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Rush954 View Post

    What's going on? I'm about to put in major work with this stack. I added in my organ shield and condense to the party. I'm hoping that's okay with you guys.
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  9. So here I go for today. 7-10-13

    I took Monday and Tuesday off due to life's curve balls but oh well I survived. Today was a leg day for me. I mixed 1 scoop of M.M. With 1 scoop of Condense and three D pol pills as directed.
    My first impression was the great smell of the M.M. And the flavor of that and Condense mixed. It took a little while to mix down but was great on taste and works well for energy. No crash as of yet and my workout was at 10:30 this morning.

    Leg day

    Lying leg press ss with calf press toes pointed in three ways 25 reps each.
    2 warm up sets followed by 4 working sets increase in weight each time 12-15 reps per set
    Started 4 plates and added 2 each time ended with 10 plates each side.

    Hack squat
    4 working sets
    Started at 180lbs and worked up to 360lbs all with 15 reps
    Front hack squat same weight and rep scheme

    V Squat machine
    Front squat
    270lbs +12
    360lbs+ 12

    Leg extensions
    Single leg

    I have been trying to go at a decent pace in rehabilitating my right knee. I am going to doing a number of corrective exercises in order to get my right quad to level out with the left.

    12 sets lying leg curl
    80lbs+15 reps*2
    95lbs+15 reps*2
    110lbs+15 reps*2
    130lbs+12 reps*2
    145lbs+12 reps*2
    160lbs+10 reps*2
    I really enjoy lying leg curl a whole lot more than the seated variation. Right now it's more comfortable. I keep my glutes tight the whole time and try to hold at the top of the movement while slowly bringing the weight back down. This was all I did for hams alone today.

    Hip adductor

    Hip abductor
    Same weight as adductor

    Cardio was 2 full court games at the gym where I train. I enjoy either sprinting or playing basketball for cardio rather than the conventional machines. Idk I don't like feeling like a hamster on a wheel.

    All in all it was a great workout. I felt really energized and pumped with a whole lot of endurance.

    Competition bound 2014

  10. Full court pickup games can be brutal cardio!
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Grambo View Post
    Full court pickup games can be brutal cardio!
    Especially when u play with people who constantly miss. It's more like sprints with a ball. Lol

    Competition bound 2014

  12. You had a chance to try slin shot yet?
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  13. Killed back yesterday to the point where I fell asleep early last night. It's been a while.
    Pre workout supps
    3 Dpol tabs
    1 scoop Muscle Marinade
    1 scoop Condense

    I get very good energy from this mix with high endurance.

    Warmed up with 10 mins on the treadmill to get the heart rate up.

    Wide grip pull ups
    5 sets of 10

    Wide grip lat pull downs
    1 warm up set
    4 working sets

    4 sets of behind the neck pulldowns
    12-15 reps per set

    4 sets reverse grip pulldowns
    12-15 reps per set

    Bent over rows
    4 sets
    12-15 reps per set

    Back extensions
    4 sets of 15 x B.W.

    1 warm up set
    5 sets 12-15 reps

    4 sets of decline sit ups x 25lbs

    4 sets of machine crunches x 135lbs

    Cool down with 10 mins on elliptical machine.

    I've Been enjoying the work I've been putting in as of late. I've upped cals to 3800 and moving closely to 4000 cals. My goal weight is 225 and I'm currently 212.5 as of this morning. Before bed I take a serving of organ shield which I keep on hand pretty much throughout the yr.
    I also have been using the slingshot post workout before my pwo meal. I have been feeling really
    Good with minimal soreness. I would've been real happy if Purus Labs had a protein ad a few other supps. It was my second day using the combo and I am happy with the way I'm feeling during training.
    Hopefully I can get some pictures up today or tomorrow for a starting point as I've seen a month to show differences in my past. My diet is 85% good but is improving drastically by the day.

    Competition bound 2014

  14. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    You had a chance to try slin shot yet?
    Yes. I have only used it twice so I'm hoping to continue use and find a benefit to using the product.

    Competition bound 2014

  15. So today will start my new week of training. As I stated before I'm hut coming back off of knee repairs. Torn medial meniscus to be exact. This week I'm going to add in a extra workout due to lack of workouts Last week. I am extremely motivated and focused to continue on with my goals to compete next July at Southern States classic 2014. I was at the show yesterday and it served me well. Now that I have that out o the way I can focus on my training and food etc.
    this afternoon I will be hitting legs.

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    Competition bound 2014

  16. Going to the shows/competitions you want to be in are great motivators I've found.
    Long term goals are what the games all about. Hopefully Purus can help you on your path! I know I'll be right here and be checking in next year when it comes around.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  17. I missed logging yesterday so I will be updating yesterday and today. Yesterday had a great leg workout and today worked back and chest. I'm feeling great in the gym and full of energy and endurance since I started the Muscle Marinade Condense an Dpol combo. My workouts are overall better and I seem to have the extra energy to get in my ab work even after training.

    Yesterday's leg session
    Warmed up on elliptical 12 mins.

    Single leg extensions 5 sets of 12-15
    2 warm up sets had me going. Once I feel those pre workouts kicking in it gets great.

    I'm going to be using single leg extensions for a few months as I'm trying to strengthen my right leg again and get it to match the left.

    Leg press 5 sets 15 reps all with 360lbs.
    I'm trying to improve my form so I'm staying at a controllable weight. Once again trying to even my imbalance in quads. This had my quads pumped to the max. I always use a full range of motion with these no load up and 1/4 reps for me.

    Hack squats
    5 sets of 12

    Reverse hack squats 5 sets 12-15
    Last set couldn't get the full 15 so I settled for 12

    V Squat machine
    5 sets of front and 5 regular 12-15 reps
    I range anywhere from 360 to 540 for reps usually go up per set starting at 180 for warm up and stop going up when I feel it's enough weight. No particular numbers just all on how I feel that day.

    Decline sit ups b.w. x25lbs
    4 sets till failure

    Ab crunch machine
    5 sets at 160lbs x25reps

    Oblique twist machine
    4 sets each side at 110lbs x25reps

    The pump and energy I had was amazing yesterday. I feel like the Muscle Marinade and Condense are getting better everyday.
    The Dpol tabs are great as well. My libido has increased and I'm just overall feeling better.
    I haven't noticed anything with the slinshot as of yet. I'm taking as directed. It's hasn't been long enough in my opinion to comment on the effects of slinshot.

    Competition bound 2014

  18. Today was a chest/ back day

    I started with back first as its the bigger muscle group.

    Warmed up with the stationary bike for 10mins.

    Wide grip pull ups
    5 sets of 15 reps xB.W.

    Bent over rows w DB
    1 warm up set
    4 working sets 10-12 reps per set
    I always increase weight per set. Even a 5lb increase makes a difference.

    Close grip pull downs
    4 sets of 15

    Wide grip pulldowns behind the neck
    4 sets of 12

    Seated machine row
    4 sets of 12

    I was drenched in sweat by this time and needed a shirt change. After this started my chest training.

    Chest workout was all hammer strength today. I like to vary between machines and free weights.

    Hammer strength incline press, decline, flat press
    Each machine was used for 10-15 reps each.
    I increased weight but was focusing more on the contraction of the muscles in the chest.

    Machine Flyes
    4 sets of 15 reps

    Pec deck machine
    4 sets of 10

    This chest/back workout was very intense today. I felt extremely pumped and full of energy throughout the whole time. M.M. Condense and D- Pol = success at the gym. I can't wait to go tomorrow and take this mix again. Im getting a real energy boost that last the whole day with this stack. Even now I'm ready to do things around the house. I'm usually drained after long sessions. Thank you Purus Labs for the opportunity to log these products I'm loving them.

    Post workout I had my Slinshot tabs and a protein shake. Shortly after my post workout meal. I'm going to starting taking pics of some of my post workout meals as they're great for me.

    So far I'm enjoying this stack a whole lot. It's going to be sad when I run out.
    I have yet to find someone to take new pics of me. I'm hoping to post some up soon though.
    Hopefully I get one with the Purus shirt I got in this nifty box. Btw whoever packs these boxes is a great person lol... Until tomorrow's shoulder session I'm out.

    Competition bound 2014

  19. Today's shoulder workout was excellent. This Muscle Marinade is growing on me. I've been killing my workouts with great endurance and straight clean energy and focus. The D-Pol and Condense make it even better. I forgot my headphones and it didn't even matter. I kind of enjoyed the workout without music.

    I warmed up with a game of 21 on the court then I took myself to work.

    Seated shoulder press on smith machine
    1 warm up set and 4 working sets.
    I did font and behind the neck presses and each had 4 working sets.

    Then I went and got in 4 sets of seated shoulder presses with DB's
    Started with 55lb DB and increased in 15lb increments.

    Upright rows
    All straight bars gone so had to use the EZ curl bar.
    4 working sets
    25lb plate on each side and increased 10lbs on each side until finished. This is one of my favorite exercises to do.

    Side lateral raises had to be done on machine today as I couldn't find any matching DB's for a while and didn't want to wait for them.
    4 working sets 15 reps each side
    The machine weight feels extremely light so I used a high weight which I know wouldn't be used with DB's at all.

    Front raises w/ DB
    4 working sets
    25lbs x1 set
    35lbs x3 sets

    4sets front and 4 behind the back
    Started with two 45lb plates on each side and increased a plate on each side per set.
    All my shrug sets are 15 reps minimum as I'm trying to get my traps to grow.

    Machine crunches 5 sets whole rack 25 reps
    Hanging leg raises 4 sets 25 reps
    No cool down today as I was ready to eat. Popped my slinshot with my protein shake on the way out the gym and headed home to destroy my food.

    I'm thinking I should start carrying my food to the gym with me as I'm always starving right after my workouts. Tomorrow is another leg day. I will need the

    Competition bound 2014

  20. Hella IN!!!
    Purus Labs Anabolic Titan/Rep
    Coach AB @

  21. Solid updates Rush, keep it up!
    My biggest pet peeve is no headphones in the gym. It's such a demotivator sometimes to get there and realize you don't have them haha
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  22. I keep 2 spare pairs in my truck at all times lol
    Purus labs Rep
    doin it mountain dog style in here come along for the shred fest-

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Danb2285 View Post
    I keep 2 spare pairs in my truck at all times lol
    This is a great idea. I'm hitting Marshall's as we speak to purchase 2 extras.

    Competition bound 2014

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Airborne42 View Post
    Hella IN!!!
    Thnx for joining the fun.

    Competition bound 2014

  25. So yesterday was another wheels endeavor.

    I'm hitting the legs twice a week just because I enjoy walking funny all week long. Lol
    As of next week I will be at six day a week. I'm excited and seem to be falling rite back into the groove. Yesterday I took my D-Pol before leaving home. On the way to the gym I sipped on my M.M. Mixed with my condense. This definitely is a mix of flavors the taste buds enjoy. Green apple Condense with fruit fusion I believe it says. It taste like fruit punch to be exact. These two flavors are my happiness. I'm definitely on drugs is what someone at the gym said to me yesterday afternoon. Lmaooo.

    I was on that crinnnacckkk. I'm in love thank u Purus Labs. I'm officially hooked. I'm thinking this logging opportunity is a way to make addicts, but Wth I likey...

    Warmed up with some abs and calves
    5 sets of Machine crunches each with 20-25 reps and increased in weight as I feel fit. Started with a set at 110lbs and kept increasing slowly per set. These are a good warm up for me and get me nice in warm. It beats the conventional machine aka cardio.
    I then got 9 sets of calve raises in. Three different variations each done at 25 reps per set. Toes neutral, pointed in, pointed out.

    V Squat machine is great for me to help rehab my knee.
    4 sets regular with 10-12 reps started at 180lbs and increased a plate on each side per set.
    Then I did my front squats in the same format as well.
    Laying leg press
    4 sets x 10 reps
    Started with four plates per side and increased a plate per side until finished. Very deep reps at all times.
    Leg extensions
    4 sets 10-12 reps
    Single leg extensions
    3 sets with 15-20 reps right leg only

    That was enough quad work for me for this week.

    Lying leg curl
    8 sets 10- 12 reps

    Standing leg curl
    4 sets 10-12 reps

    4 sets 12-15 reps
    Used the DB this time to switch up a little bit.
    Started with a set at 60lb DB and worked up in 10lb incriminates per set.
    This concluded my fun filled workout.
    Pwo I had two slinshot
    A gainer shake,then at a 6oz sirloin with broccoli and potato. Yesterday was excellent for a workout. Today is rainy and is bi and tri day. I'm in the mood to sleep as I don't have to work today and tomorrow. I know once I mix up my pre workouts and take a sip I will be up and out the door. Until later for another update.

    Competition bound 2014


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