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  1. Diet note:

    Macros for the last two high carb days:
    I have brought my carbs up and fats down..
    C 500
    P 300
    F 50

    These are rough estimates and i'm closer to 600g carbs today. Let me just say I feel amazing. I'm very full and vascularity is high.

    Supp note:
    So sups I've used recently was AP by itself for a month, then adding in versa 1 and stacked them for a month. Now i'm on my second bottle of versa a week or so into it.

    I just realized I have some Anabeta and some erase in my closet.. I was thinking about adding them in for eight Weeks (i'm tired of looking at the bottles) . Does anyone see a problem with this, Or should I wait before starting abe /erase

  2. Training today

    09/17 back

    1 arm BB row

    -didn't use the suitcase handle for these, simply held onto the barbell behind the collar
    -last set super set with Meadows row x8 rep

    Supinating one arm seated low cable row

    -Slow negative, big stretch, pause on stretch, explode up and flex at peak contraction..
    -multiple drop sets in here
    - PUMPED

    Incline supinating db scap row
    35° : 60x10
    20° : 60x3x12
    -I really liked these once I got a feel for them

    Swiss pulldowns
    One set each grip
    One final set with all three grips
    Aiming for ten reps

    Two drop sets baseball pullover

    Head down rear delt fly ss 20° incline DB hex press
    15x4x15 // 30x7x15

    about four second negatives for each of these with intense peak contractions

    Two sets pulley flys

    Two sets six ways

  3. Quote Originally Posted by aceroni View Post
    Supp note:
    So sups I've used recently was AP by itself for a month, then adding in versa 1 and stacked them for a month. Now i'm on my second bottle of versa a week or so into it.

    I just realized I have some Anabeta and some erase in my closet.. I was thinking about adding them in for eight Weeks (i'm tired of looking at the bottles) . Does anyone see a problem with this, Or should I wait before starting abe /erase
    Bump for opinion. I think it'd be fine but I wanted to see what everyone else said

  4. Quote Originally Posted by aceroni View Post

    Bump for opinion. I think it'd be fine but I wanted to see what everyone else said
    What's the proposed stack layout?
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post

    What's the proposed stack layout?
    well I ran AP for two months, one solo, one with versa. Now i'm running versa solo but I was thinking of adding in Anabeta elite and og erase for eight Weeks I just wasn't sure if I should wait or if that would be ok

    So it was like this
    Weeks 1-4 AP
    Weeks 2-8 AP + versa
    Weeks 8-now versa

    Thinking about going:
    Weeks now-12 versa, Anabeta elite, erase
    12-16 Anabeta elite, erase

    I'm going to keep the erase super low, 25mg just so I don't run into any issues. Last time at 75 I had joint cracking (very minor, hardly noticeable) and my libido was definitely down

  6. 09/18
    Arms, calves, conditioning.

    High pulley cable curl ss high pulley rope extensions
    20x3x15 // 60x3x20

    Nothing too difficult just getting huge blood flow with no resr, slow negatives, and strong peak contractions

    Dips ss barbell curl
    Bw x12->1c x8-> 2c x 8 // 65x8
    2c x8->3c x6 // ""
    3c x8 -> 4c x 6 // ""
    4c x 6 > 5x6 // ""
    5x6> 6 x4 // ""
    6 x 5 > bw x 10...+10 // ""

    For the dips every set was an ascending set. The number with a c represents 1 chain, I believe somewhere between 12-20 lbs each. They were all off the ground at the top

    The curls were done with two grips, a fat grip and a grip 4orce.I'd do the set number of reps with the blue fat grip wider than shoulder width, then a shoulder width grip with the grip 4orce (16 total reps)... towards the last few sets I was only getting 6 reps each. Last set I went to empty barbell with no grips

    finished with two rounds of super sets:
    Body weight skull crusher ss bw cg pushup
    1.25 incline db curls ss fat bar reverse curls..
    As Many reps as possible on all

    Did the same rotation of calf work, five rounds

    Light conditioning
    55lb sled sprints out in the sun boom!
    50yd backwards x 4
    45yd forwards x 6
    varying rests, 15-30 seconds

  7. I gotta grab some fat grips
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    I gotta grab some fat grips
    Fat grips are nice for a variety of things.
    I used the blue ones.

    Grip 4orce are nice because they make you squeeze them shut the entire time.

    Also, edited above with conditioning

  9. Since no one said otherwise I started Abe and og erase yesterday at four caps and one cap, respectively..
    I had about 250 carbs yesterday, and i'm just stupid vascular today. Have 4-5 separate veins running thru my abs from my hips.. A few are visible thru my midsection..

    I tried to take a picture but it's just either a. Won't do justice to this or b. Is a crotch shot and I know you're not here for that... Or are you? (no homo)

    I've never noticed an increase in vascularity in the second day of that stack.. Might be that i'm already so lean, might be the versa..

    Not sure but holy ****.

  10. I ran AB and versa together. No ill effects at all. Just a recomp
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  11. Yeah, there's no issue with adding ABE and Erase to (or following) your VERSA-1™ run. VERSA-1 doesn't affect hormone levels, so jumping into a stack that may have an impact on them should be fine. Sorry for the delayed response ace.
    PEScience Representative

  12. Pre bed omelette

    Name:  ForumRunner_20130919_232538.png
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  13. Earlier today, a few hours after training.

    Name:  ForumRunner_20130920_005814.png
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Size:  224.3 KB

    macros today:
    c 280
    P 310
    f 110~

  14. Upper training yesterday 09/19

    Dog bone scap pulldown

    flat DB press

    20° incline DB press

    35° incline DB press

    No back support seated fat bar ohp

    Black mini band resisted pushup ss 20° partner resisted DB incline fly
    Bw x12,8,8 // 20x12,8,8

    - pushups I had the band in. my palms wrapped around my back
    -flies my brother would push outward against my elbows for the top half of the movement

    Low pulley behind back lateral

    Last two sets with fifteen partials out of the bottom

    skinniest fat bar fat man rows ss plate lateral raise
    Bw x3x12 // 25x3x12

    DB rear delt flies

    These were done head down, with two elbow angles, first about 90° with body, second 40° with body.. 12 Reps per angle

  15. Food looks so good! And Damn dude. Vascular as fawk. Nice workout tho

  16. The ABE and VERSA-1 stack has received good feedback. I think you'll enjoy it.
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  17. Suppdate:

    Stack is atm:
    1 versa ED
    4 ABE ED
    1 og erase EOD

    Yeah I know the erase is dosed super low but i'm already getting results at this amount, why add more?

    Things I am noticing, that I have come to expect from the stack:

    Fuller.. Guy at the gym today told me I was looking bigger
    More vascular (veins creeping up my abs, and regular veins are buldging)
    Crazy endurance in the gym (can do many sets without tiring)

    Also I have a new friend girl I've been hanging out with.. I've noticed more frequent erections (steel rod), horny at the drop of a hat, and low refractory period (she even noticed this)

    Sorry if that was too much for some but i'm just reporting the facts.

    i've noticed all of the effects from both versa and abe/og erase separately, but they are enhanced when stacked together.. I can tell and i'm barely into the second week of adding abe/og erase.

    Also I think having versa already going has made the latter addition kick in faster

  18. 09/20 legs /deads

    seated calf 6x10 ss dorsi flexion 6x AMRAP

    stand calf 390x5+10 partials x 4 sets heavy flexing here, holding at the top.

    Conventional speed deads

    hips were tight, figured i'd just go with speed work

    BSS 60x4x10
    reps are per leg
    again hips were tight, keeping everything light
    last set with a dropset to BW x15

    HS Hax squat
    1 ascending set
    1 drop set
    both with 30 second quad stretches.. brutal

    Tried some occlusion or bloodflow restricted leg extensions
    did one set.. Kinda crazy. Intense pump, not sure if i liked it.

    three sets of levers 6 reps each.. focusing on getting my body flat, holding, then slowly going back down to the floor
    leg raise 3x15
    45 degree hyper focusing on only erectors no hips 5x15

    09/23 legs

    standing unilateral leg curl ss standing unilateral SLDL
    50x8 // 20KB x 8
    60x2x8// '' ''
    -did three angles on the leg curl, so reps are per angle per foot, so 24 reps per leg per set
    - i love these.

    SSB speed box squat
    - rest around 30-45 seconds
    -sit back hard, pause, stay tight, explode off box.
    - hips were a little tight so i didnt have my stance REALLY wide.

    GHR (the easy one not the EFS model) ss prone leg curl
    bwx18,12,20,10 // 4x10

    -last set adding partials

    Unilateral LP ss bw lunge
    3px25 // bw x 40yd
    3px20->2px20->1px20 // bw x 40yd.. + 30 yd

    -p represents 45lb plate per side. reps are per leg, which were done simultaneously..
    -these blew my quads out like woah.
    -ran out of time.. couldn't find the lights in the gym and the sun was coming down. it was pitch black as i finished with 5 rounds of the JM MD calf death I've posted above..



    meadows row ss 1arm bb row
    75x3x8 // 75x3x8

    1arm bb row ss 1arm bb row (straddling bb as opposed to standing to the side of it)
    75x2x8 // 75x2x8

    my lats were blown the **** up after these 5 supersets of rowing combos

    Rack row ss supinating unilateral low cable row
    225x5x10 // 60x5x8

    last set of each i did a dropset

    baseball pullover ss dogbone pulldowns
    50x5x10 // 110x10, 90x4x10

    SSB upperback GM
    155x15 (+15 shrugs) x 3 sets

    35 degree incline fly ss 20 degree incline hex db press
    20x8x12 // 30x8x10

    - flys: only doing the bottom 3/4 of the movement, stopping right before losing tension in the chest. 4 second negative, 2 second pause at the bottom
    - hex: 4sec concentric / 4 second eccentric / 2 second flex at top
    this combo was a great pump for some extra light chest volume

    triple set:
    1)20degree incline rear delt db fly 20x5x15
    2) Horizontal press 5lbx5x8
    3)six ways 5lbx5x8

    reverse hyper ss GHR rocky abs
    140x4x12 // 10lb x 4x10


    09/25 arms / calves / conditioning

    seated calf 6x15 hard flex hard stretch

    standing calf ss black EFS mini resisted dorsi flexion
    300x5x10 // 5x AMRAP

    unilateral freemotion low pulley kickbacks ss decline straight BB skull crusher (with fat gripz)
    5x20 /// 65 x 5x10

    - really slow negatives on both exercises, strong contractions on the kickbacks

    swiss bar pushup ss incline KB skulls
    M x20 // 30x7
    Ix15 // 20x10
    Mx20 // 20x10
    Ix15 // 20x10
    Mx20->Ix12 // 20x10

    The letters represent the grips, M being the middle grips in the swiss bar, I being the inside grips.. Didnt use the outside grips today.

    1 dropset high pulley rope extensions

    45 degree incline DB curl ss Fat gripz BB curl
    15x5x24 // 65 x10,10,8,6,6

    for the DB curls i kept my palms supinated the entire time, i'd do 4 reps left arm, then 4 right, twice, then 8 reps both arms simultaneously
    bb curls were done with a strong flex at the top and 3-4 second negative.

    DB hammer curl ss reverse BB low pulley curl
    30x5x10 // 40x8, 26x4x8

    last set of hammer curls was a dropset
    last two of the pulley curls were with added partials out of the bottom.. biceps were blown out

    one dropset low pulley baseball curls

    Edit :
    Forgot conditioning.

    Prowler pushes
    high handles +145lb x 30 yd
    Low handles on front no weight x 30yd
    Both of these together is one set
    Did six rounds of these resting between 30sec-1 min

  19. Officially caught up again lol nice stuff man
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  20. 09/26 heavy chest light back

    Dual pulley scap pulldown

    Rear delt head down fly (2 angles) ss spider walks

    15x4x20...+15// red mini x4x8

    -flies: 3/1/3/0 palms back first done with elbows at 90° with body, second elbows at 45°
    -spider: up and down is one rep
    -These were nice. My rear Delts were blown up

    20° DB incline fly ss 20°DB incline press
    30x10// 60x10
    40x4x10// ""

    The flies were done with a 4/2/3/0 tempo, stopping just before losing tension in the chest
    presses were done 3/1/2/1 with constant tension

    15° fat bar BB incline ss free motion unilateral cable flies
    155x6x8 // 30x5x10

    First three sets of presses were done to 1" above chest, pausing and explode up. last three were done to a 2 board..
    Last set I went and did a drop set to 135#

    flies were done with a slow negative and hard peak contraction

    Earthquake bar ss machine press
    4x amrap // 4x10

    Used my 1 1/2" pvc pipe with two 20# Kb and one 10 hanging on each side
    each set I moved my grip out and on the last set I added static holds at the top

    DB lateral ss DB front raise
    20 x 4x15// 20x4x10
    slow negative and hard contraction on both

    Wg ng chest supported row ss plate lateral raise
    3p x 4x10 // 35x8, 25 x3x8

    Farmer walk
    Handles +50# x60yd x 4
    +100# x 35yd x2
    +100# x 30yd x4

  21. Freaking brutal. Good sesh, man!
    Training log:

  22. Brutal indeed. I like
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  23. Quote Originally Posted by herderdude View Post
    Freaking brutal. Good sesh, man!
    Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Brutal indeed. I like
    Thanks fellas.
    I was playing around with my grip on the fat bar and found I was going too wide which was causing me to lose pop off the board.

    Once I brought it in it felt much better both in terms of on my delt and power..
    Who knows I might see some pain free benching in the future (more than likely incline)

  24. Solid sessions ace. Benching with a fat bar takes a lot of stress off my shoulders.
    PEScience Representative

  25. Great sessions Ace. Love the detail all around bud. Glad you're enjoying this :-)

  26. Breakfast: huge omelette
    1c whites
    2 whole eggs
    6Oz sirloin sauteed in butter, onion, yellow pepper, mushrooms, garlic, and laurys season salt
    With one slice Muenster cheese

    Ate the whole thing... This is about a third of it

    ~5 carb
    ~45 fat
    ~75 pro

    Name:  ForumRunner_20130928_144540.png
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    Training yesterday 09/27

    Foam roll, monster walks, superD set the hips

    One leg sldl
    Bw x10
    +10x 8

    Conventional pulls

    Everything felt great up until 405 which felt MUCH slower than it should have, sI I shut it down.. Looking back I think it might have to do with the heavy sldl right beforehand.. Derp

    Sumo off 3" pads
    275 x5x5

    Haven't done sumo in forever but these felt great. Explosiveness and pop felt great and my chest stayed pretty upright.

    My hips are pretty tight from these today. no wonder you're often tight from sumo pulls, Sean.

    BSS 60x4x10

    Unilateral leg press

    One ascending set up to 4 plates per side
    One descending set working my way back down

    Did these with a four second negative, bringing them all the way down. I'd pause at the bottom for two seconds, maintaining tightness in my legs, then explode back up.

    I figured these should help my starting strength on deads, also they gave me an brutal pump.

    Bw x18, 12

    Calf work
    Seated ss standing ss external rotation (dorsiflexion)
    Five rounds

    Three sets lever ss three sets 45° hyper with orange efs band around neck

    Three sets leg raise ss three sets Roman chair back extension (on ghr)

    I'm pretty toasted today. So glad I made yesterday a high carb day.. Needed it after that.

    Edit: suppdate

    Acne is on the rise. Nothing serious, but normally my skin is clear... so I can tell where it's coming from.

    Not going to take abe on my low days since it will increase hunger.
    same for erase, only taking on training days. (eod)
    I'll still take versa today and tomorrow.

    Not sure if I should just use the extra abe for a longer run or add the extra ones in on training days.

  27. Yesterdays low day: a few notes:

    I do not count greens as carbs.
    My only carbs were in my last meal of the day which ended up being ~6oz 90/10 gd sirloin on a bun.

    I noticed I was less hungry yesterday.. Not sure if it was from back loading the little carbs I had, or not taking abe.. Probably a bit of both. I'm going to try to do this again today and see how it goes

  28. Don't worry. I'll eat the carbs for you when I go to Qdoba.
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  29. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Don't worry. I'll eat the carbs for you when I go to Qdoba.
    Thanks brother, i'm not too worried. I've had two meals today zero carbs this far and hunger seems minimal

  30. I haven't done one leg sldl in ages, but I used to love them! What are you doing with the non-working leg Ace? I used to put it back on a short box or stepper.
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  31. Quote Originally Posted by classic34 View Post
    I haven't done one leg sldl in ages, but I used to love them! What are you doing with the non-working leg Ace? I used to put it back on a short box or stepper.
    They're great for getting the hams and glutes firing.
    I just let it rotate backwards, trying to keep it in line with my upper back.. Basically i'm pivoting around my hamstring tie in (and sit back with a slightly bent knee) on my working leg

  32. 09/29 legs

    lumbar was still toast from Friday, and partly from sitting at work all weekend.. So I didn't do any rdls or, single leg sldls. Also, I kept the squats light.. Sucks but I'd still say it went well

    Unilateral leg curl

    Done with three different angles

    SSB low box squat
    Set xrep

    edit: now that I think about it, the box was in the hole

    elite fts GHR
    Bw x 10,8,6

    Other ghr
    Bw x9,8,7

    walking lunge
    2 chain x 60yd x2
    second set drop chains do another 60 yds

    Five rounds of calf work
    1) standing calf ( four second flex)
    2) donkey calf (four second stretch)
    3) bw, dorsiflexion

    Efs 45° hyper ss DB side bends
    Bw x 25,25,20,30 // 80x15, 90x12, 100x12,10

    Definitely notice less hunger on the days I did low carb when back loading..
    Also i'm filling out like crazy from the two days with 30g carb back loaded followed by today, which is near 500 and counting. Feeling great from the carbs. Whoop whoop

  33. Nice man, definitely a solid day. lumbar issue or not.

  34. Training went great today

    Weighted supinating pullups
    worked up to 6 chains.. 4x5

    -shoulder width grip, bro said about three links were off the ground at the top

    Meadows rows

    One arm bb row

    Used handle on end of Barrel. 25lb plates always

    20°incline supinating DB scapula row


    Cable fly 21s three sets

    20° incline DB hex press
    35x 5x12

    3sec eccentric 2sec concentric, 2sec flex

    Landmine laterals ss landmine rear delt

    Did laterals with BB behind me, ten reps, then ten with BB in front, then 10 rear delt flys

    go to about 4 mintes in. these are excellent.
    -Pump city
    Last edited by aceroni; 10-02-2013 at 12:56 AM. Reason: added delt video

  35. 10/03
    Quick arms at the university gym

    Hammer curls ss high pulley rope extension
    35x4x15 // 4x 20

    BB skulls ss BB grip 4orce curls
    75x5x10 // 55 x4 x12

    DB incline curls two drop sets
    DB overhead tricep extension two drop sts

    Four sets countdown seated calves
    Four sts standing calves ss dorsiflexion

    Kept everything light today, focused on slow negatives and hard contractions everywhere

    25 min LISS walk home (I know I know, **** liss, but we missed the bus so we had to)

  36. Excellent day of pressing my friends.. Pain free- Fu[k yeah


    Chest supported row

    Five sets of 15, light, varying grips. Trying to get blood in the upper back before pressing

    DB flat twist press
    30 x4x15

    4 second eccentric 3 second concentric 3 second flex

    At the top I actually supinated my wrist as hard as possible, flexing my pecs really hard.

    The pump from these was astounding.

    15° incline Swiss bar pin press
    225 + slingshot x3,3,5

    Was having a hard time setting up an arch with this incline.
    Once my buddy told me to keep my abs tight with a belly full of air I felt much much stronger. Was amazing what a single cue can do.
    My feet were underneath me but I just wasn't getting any leg drive at all.
    The third set with the slingshot I obviously found the groove as I was able to bust out two extra reps.

    DB flat

    20° incline fly
    35 x4x8

    My training partner resisted my concentric portion of the lift, about 1/3 from ******* to *******. Great squeeze from this.

    20° DB incline rear delt

    One set rear delt destroyer palms back pinkies up (holy ****)

    Three sets fat man rows ss plate laterals
    Bw x3x12 // 25 x3x12

  37. I'd love a Swiss bar. Good stuff
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  38. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    I'd love a Swiss bar. Good stuff
    Thanks brother. The Swiss bar is great. Allows me to tuck more easily and even takes some stress off the Delts.

    Although, my front Delts are fried.

    I've been feeling kinda beat up.

    I think the additional leg day each week is catching up to me.. Not that i've even been pulling heavy each week (cause I haven't) I just think the extra volume is starting to add up.

    Going to play squats by ear on Monday.. If I deem necessary I'll deload this week. If i'm feeling strong, **** it i'm hitting a PR on that SSB, make it my bitch

  39. I vote for SSB PR
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  40. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    I vote for SSB PR
    I knew you would. I went in today to pull, and my technique felt absolutely perfect with 135.

    When I went up to 225 my lumbar told me not to go up. Fortunately, I listened.


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