Genomyx Creignite

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    Picked up 3 when it hit Nutra on sale, I am a fan of MCC and this product looked promising. It has not let me down I am on tub #3.

    Effectiveness: 9.5/10

    Creatine is always effective and a winner here, this product has my 5 g daily dose along with other ingredients and benefits. Orotic acid is a great addition and makes this even better if you dose your creatine Preworkout like I do. Bloat was nonexistent as I am used to from most MCC products. Only reason this is not a 10/10 is because it isn't noticeably more effective than the reigning champ, monohydrate. That being said I still do prefer Creignite and maintained my PR's after the switch.

    Taste: 10/10

    I don't give a 10 lightly. If there is any room for improvement I don't. Some of you have probably read me saying it before in other threads though, hands down this is the best tasting supplement I have ever used. The juicy watermelon is to die for, overpowers all the bulk powders I have tried it with easily and is fantastic. I am borderline addicted.

    Effective creatine product, no bloat, fantastic taste, extra effects on top. Love the product. Recommended to any MCC fans or people looking to try something new.
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    Nice review, I'm considering this to.

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