Athletix Acute FX review

  1. Athletix Acute FX review

    thanks again to JD for these samples.

    Pumps:8/10 pumps are there and are okay, seeing the formula, I would probably add something to this to get a bigger pump going. I did back and know when I really do get a big pump going. I did back and usually back is finicky body part that sometimes produces great pumps other times doesn't.

    Endurance 9/10 I really pushed myself while on Acute FX, seeing the profile I have no idea what caused this, I did so many sets for back, usually I do dead lifts or bent over rows. After I did my dead lifts I realized I wasn't tired at all and added bent over rows.

    Energy 8/10: it was good, and for 1 normal dose it ranks quite well. Personally I think maybe 6 caps should feel better or maybe add something else maybe a cap of Ephedrine would make it rock even more.

    Thermogensis 10/10 I was going to mention this then saw they mention it in their write up and figured that's what they were going for and its awesome it's so apparent. I was dripping sweat the whole workout, I felt so out of shape by the fact of having sweat drip off my face. I pretty great workout one of my best back workouts Iíve had in a while.

    Overall 8.7/10
    I did back when I sampled the pills took them about 30 mins before the gym session. Really wanted to push myself through as much back as I could. One of the best back workouts I had in a while. I see its on sale, at a ridiculously price, you should pick it up, I am.

  2. Another amazing detailed review, thank you so much for the feedback!
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  3. Acute FX + Ephedrine... what an interesting idea. And you thought you were sweating just from the sample!!! From my personal dosing (and I'm guessing I'm an outlier here) I noticed that I felt the effects from Acute FX more when I allowed a longer time in between dosing and working out. Most preworkouts are usually 20-30 minutes pre... I tried 45-60min and felt it even more.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by DJBeanPole View Post
    Acute FX + Ephedrine

    After trying Acute FX for my workout last night, I couldn't imagine stacking ephedrine with it :|. Sure would be a hardcore fat burning combo!
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