Hey Guys, here is a review sent to me through PM, we can't release his username because he just found out he can't post a review for another company besides the one he reps for, so I am posting it for him.

Stim pre workout:

I opened the caps and poured them into about 6-8oz of water and shook the shaker. The powder mixed without issues and tasted pretty good. Tasted like a fruit punch type of flavor.

By the time i got to the gym i felt it kick in. It wasnt a crazy over the top stim but it had a nice mixture of motivation and focus.

About 4 sets in the pump and vascularity began to show itself and was very noticeable. I did not take anything else as i wanted to really see what this product could do.

I also definitely felt my endurance and breathing was a lot better than usual and sweating was also up.

The workout went very well and after i did cardio which was a lot easier than usual. Overall i think this product is a very good pre workout that provided enough stim to kick things into higher gear and a great pump to really take the workout to a higher level.

Non-stim pre workout:

Mixed up the non stim and began to sip on it on my way to the gym. It resembled a watermelon flavor and like the stim version was really good tasting.

Got to the gym and began my arm workout. The pump kicked in pretty quick and my arms felt solid. Vascularity was just as good as the pump and seemed to be a bit better than the stim pre workout. Endurance was just as good as the stim pre workout which made the workout a bit longer than usual. I just didnt want to leave.

Overall i think these two could be used togethor and you would never miss a beat depending on if you wanted a stim or stim free pre workout. Great job by Athletix as usual.

Thanks for allowing me the chance to give these samples a go.