MIXABILITY: 4/5 This mixed a lot better than the stim-free which i though was odd, thought i be more clumpier or have more of those white pebbles but it really mixed well. gave it a mean shake and didnt have to refill then down again

TASTE: 5/5 yes yes and yes. love it and can sip on this all day, ill take that back. i can chug this all day. not too sweet at all or sour. ever since i quit regular soda and moved to diet, i hate drinkin anythin with sugar and this includes preworkouts that are too sweet. this was perfect, didnt make do my little twitch i do for sugary drinks.

ENERGY: 5/5 def not a cracked out energy feeling. only a few pwo gave me a clean feeling like this with no jitters, no gag feeling, or that throw up feeling like u wanna just let it all out after a rep. ot was a nice focused energy i got like from focus xt caffeine free and i love that feeling. the energy slowly came on to me after 15min of downing it and it slowly kept getting better. unlike the usually pwo that slaps u in the face with energy all at once.

PUMP: 4/5 def was pumped but not the craziest pump i ever gotten. but thats also a good thing, sometimes i get too pumped that i cramp up even after the gym if i make a certain movement and i hate that. the pump kept going throughout the workout and stayed

ENDURANCE: 4/5 just like the stim-free one, it was great endurance. I kept wanting to keep going and no crash feeling at all and since this one had stims it lasted longer and felt a lot better. i did sweat a lot more also

Overall: 9/10 really enjoyed this preworkout and def gonna pick a tub up. great for people lookin for something without 1,3 dim and wanting to get same results. like i said with the stim-free one, plz make somethin with mango