DS's Sponsored FinaFlex BCAA+SAA Review+Log

  1. DS's Sponsored FinaFlex BCAA+SAA Review+Log

    I will do a review at the end of my log. I'll be taking 1 scoop pre-workout and 1 scoop post-workout. I'm also taking D-Pol and Condense pre-workout.

    I was offered an awesome opportunity to do a review and log of FinaFlex's BCAA + SAA, I received it today and it's the Apple Fusion flavor. It's 30 1 scoop servings, so I'll be logging for 15 days per my dosing protocol.

    Today was my first workout taking BCAA+SAA, I'm using Wendler's 5/3/1 workout program as of right now and today was overhead press. I followed my afore mentioned dosing pre- and post-workout.

    The smell of this product is great, smells like green apple jolly ranchers and the taste is extremely similar to that as well. Just a little too sweet for my liking, so I'm mixing it with more water. Overall, it taste great and mixes great.

    Today's Workout:

    10xbar OHP
    10x55 OHP
    10x65 OHP
    4x75 OHP
    10x65 OHP
    20xbar barbell rows
    30x55 barbell rows
    25x65 barbell rows
    10x95 barbell rows
    8x105 barbell rows
    6x115 barbell rows
    10x25 tri extensions
    8x35 tri extensions
    6x45 tri extensions
    4x55 tri extensions
    10 chin-ups
    8 chin-ups
    6 chin-ups
    20x25 db bench
    20x30 db bench
    10x35 db bench
    10x40 db bench
    10x45 db bench

    During my workout It seemed like I was able to push myself much harder without getting as sore, and able to do more reps, the weights I stayed semi-comfortable with. Whether it gave me more energy or not, I'm unsure of. But I know for sure I didn't get near as sore during my workout. Very nice!

    I will update tomorrow with how sore I am or am not. Once again, thank you to Snags who contacted me with the offer and to FinaFlex for allowing me to log and review an excellent product!
    I'm just trying to bring sexy back.

  2. Day 2 with FinaFlex BCAA + SAA

    Pre-workout I mixed 2 scoops Condense, 1 scoop D-Pol and 1 scoop BCAA+SAA.

    The FinaFlex BCAA's taste amazing, like I said. I could probably drink it all day. Only complaint is that they're rather sweet, so I mix mine with lots of water.

    Workout was pretty decent today. Definitely noticed decreased recovery time and felt like I could keep pushing. Until my legs and arms started to "go numb", then I realized I should probably stop, lol.

    Post-Workout I had 2 scoops of WPI and 1 scoop of BCAA's. Mixed separately. BCAA's were consumed first, then waited a few minutes to drink my protein.

    After yesterday's workout, I'm not sore at all today, which I would expect I would be. So I would say the BCAA's are definitely helping with DOMS.

    Overall, really great product so far. Definitely helping my workouts and recovery. I would recommend it 5/5 to anyone interested in BCAA's. No doubt.
    I'm just trying to bring sexy back.

  3. I've been slacking on the log lately due to working a new full time job, but with that full time job I've had a great opportunity to really test these BCAA's being as it's a commercial lawn care and landscaping job.

    On work days I drink 1 scoop in 20oz of water mixed with 10g of crea mono on my way to work. Really noticed it helps me keep going and not get as sore while I'm working. Awesome stuff!

    I go to the gym at night after work, so I drink 1 scoop in 20oz water after my workouts at night. Definitely refreshing after a solid workout.

    So far, this stuff is GREAT. I get much less sore than I ever have.
    I'm just trying to bring sexy back.

  4. Ok, so I finished off the 30 day supply of the BCAA's. it took a lot longer than 30 days because of my hectic schedule over the summer, but I did. Luckily, my job allowed me to really test the BCAA's.

    I did commercial lawn care and landscaping. Muscle soreness is inevitable. Particular biceps and forearms. Well, the first few days I took the BCAA'S before work (about 5:30am) and then another scoop at lunch (anywhere from 11:30 to 1). The days I took the BCAA's I wasn't near as sore during the day or when I woke up the next day.

    I didn't take them every day because I honestly didn't think about it everyday, hence why it took so long.

    Overall, great product. Taste is probably a 7/10 for me. A little on the sweet side. Effectiveness I would say 9/10, because I would contribute some of it to muscle adaption, I would recommend it to others who get DOMS easily and/or frequently.
    I'm just trying to bring sexy back.

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