Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Weight: ~150lbs
Goal: Lean Bulk/Recomposition

Dosing: I'm going to be dosing this as a pre-workout combo. 1 scoop of Condense + 1 scoop of D-Pol mixed with 10-12oz water, about 20-30 minutes pre-workout. Pretty much before I leave my house to drive to the gym.

Initial Review:

Taste: 5/5 I can't really give an individual taste rating, as I mixed them together in the same cup, but together the Melon Cooler Condense and Custard Creme D-Pol actually taste pretty great together. Also, being as I have acid reflux and can't consume any products with red dye (particularly red 40), the fact that both products are dye-free is a huge plus.

Mixability: 3/5 I'm not completely sure why, but when I mixed these two products, there were some solid white flaky/chunky bits in the bottom on the cup after being shaken for a good 10 seconds. Not sure why. I simply drank what I could, put more water in the cup, swished it around, then slammed it back. Worked well, got the flaky bits in my system.

Noticed Effects: To be completely honest, today probably wasn't a real good day to take these two pre-workout, being as today was an off day and all I did was some cardio, speed bag, and light punching bag work. During the 90 minutes I was there though, the only real noticeable effect was increased sweating. I didn't notice any pumps or anything, no abnormal vascularity, and no real intense energy or focus. Just increased sweating.

Disclaimer: For one, I'm extremely stim-tolerant. I can drink 2 scoops of Muscle Marinade and go to sleep in an hour. I also on a daily basis take in 3-400mg of caffeine through coffee and soda (black coffee, no sugar or creamer. Pepsi Max, zero calories). So that may play a large role in my experience. Finally, I'm in no way affiliated with Purus Labs and this review is completely independent. Meaning I spent my money on these products.

I will continue to update this log/review as I do different workouts and monitor the effects I notice. Thanks for reading.