Athletix Acute FX Stim Pre-Workout Review

  1. Athletix Acute FX Stim Pre-Workout Review

    Apologies about forgetting to review the Stim Pre-workout Capsules. I have been pretty busy with work and haven't gotten around to it.

    So this morning I took all 4 caps. Normally I take 200mg of caffeine daily in tab form, however I skipped this today since this stim pre-workout has 250mg of caffeine per the ingredient profile released by Athletix. For the sake of time and convenience, I took the capsules in cap form. However I am aware that the powder in the caps are flavored and can be uncapped & mixed in water.

    About 45 minutes after taking the caps I could start to feel my brain waking up. The feeling was very smooth and clean. I noticed an a slight increase in my ability to focus and concentrate. The stim component of this feels slightly stronger than my usual daily dose of 200mg of caffeine. No cracked out stim feeling but slight crash a few hours later.

    Pump: The pump was okay, but nothing special. It was similar to pumps I have gotten from bulk CitMal, Agmatine, and Icariin, although it was milder in nature. I got a better and longer lasting pump from the non stim pre-workout sample from Athletix.

    Mind-Muscle: The focus was good but very mild. I felt the stim aspect of this product more than the focus and concentration. I had a good work out nonetheless, but focus was only slightly better than normal.

    Energy: Energy came on smooth and clean. Overall the energy lasted about 3-4 hours and then I had a slight crash. This usually happen when I go over 200mg of caffeine daily.

    Overall: 3/5 - I enjoyed this product but it was rather mild and I also didn't like the slight crash I got a few hours later. I much prefer the non stim pre-workout by Athletix.

  2. Thanks for the detailed review!
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