Reactive Strength Quest with Burn24, AnaBeta Elite, and BF

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  1. What happened?!
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  2. that sucks!
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  3. It blows , but I'll be heading to work(gym) shortly and will try and see what may still be feasible.
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  4. Ok so some know, but I had to put the log on hold for a bit. I messed my hand up and won't be able to finish the training planned for this week or hit my mock meet.

    I have an appointment to see a specialist Monday to see how long I'll be out for. Hand is still tender and extremely bruised today, but not in a lot of pain. Hoping Monday has some good news and that I'll be able to at least finish the log in some capacity. Depending on the news I'll see what I can do for this final week of the log, but it was supposed to be a deload before my mock meet anyways.

    I hit GHR 4 x 10
    3 trips forward sled drag + 3 trips reverse sled drag for 30yds
    Core + Reverse Hyper 3 x 10

    Bunch of band pulldowns, tri extensions, and pull aparts + tons of mobility (that I could do).

    Trying to just keep blood flow to anything I can, but give my joints some rest. I feel good and like I shouldn't be too limited in a few weeks based on how I felt today. Just pissed because I was on pace for some epic improvements in strength (was going to hit PRs across the board) and my body comp is ridiculous right now:
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    Felt I was hitting a nice peak...o well. Time to grit, grind, and push through this set back to get ready for a meet in the Fall.
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  5. Nasty lookin back bro!!!
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  6. You are at where I am right now bro, except your arms are slightly bigger than mine. You beast bro.
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  7. Looking shredded bolt. Sorry to hear about your injury! Bite the bullet and recover well sir!

  8. Thanks guys. My hand feels decent so I hope I get some good news on Monday. At least this upcoming week is supposed to be a deload and there is no doubt I'll be getting that training effect now.
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  9. So I went to the hand specialist today....they put me in a cast immobilizing my thumb for three weeks.

    I've decided to try and make the best out of it I can and will hit lifts 3 times a week (M/W/F) and GPP 2-3 times per week, focusing on becoming supple (like a leopard ), shoring up some joint stability (knees, spine, shoulder prehab), and upping my conditioning levels.

    Today I hit:
    Walking lunges (50yds) superset w/ GHR (10 reps) for 3 sets each.
    Band Rows (a catback variation) superset with Chest Flies on Cable Machine for 3 sets x 20 reps
    Heavy Sleds Forward + Backward Drags for 20yds.

    I can't grip anything, but am able to kind of rap bands or cable cross handles in my four fingers at least. Going to focus on just getting solid blood flow in the upper and may hit some heavier leg stuff next week (this is techincally a deload).

    Unfortunately this isn't sexy and I feel bad ending my log like this. I will write something up soon, as I used Burn24 for 3 bottles worth so far and loved it. I made some awesome strength gains before this hand catastrophe, just pissed I couldn't max out again for PRs across the board.
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  10. That sucks man. I know how you feel though. When I came down with bicep tendinitis I was out for ~2 months.
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