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  1. I haven't done this much it just worked out that way. I usually do chest alone nothing else but I had limited time on both sessions so I hit what I could in the time I had. they felt pretty good. my shoulder gave me a twinge on both workouts especially close grip bench for tris and incline dumbbell presses. just the angle I was hitting them. it started on flat bench but I adjusted my self under the bar and took the pressure off. after I got home and started adding up the weight I realized I got a new pr on bench I have never in my life done 175 before especially for that many reps. I am curious to see what my clean bench press max would be now. I usually don't care about that , I just go for failure and I know I am doing it right for growth, but this has got me thinking. I am definitely stronger than I have ever been even getting older, this is what it is all about. my chest is sore but I didn't get to shred it as usual with cross overs . I really like to finish with them , makes me feel like I really did some work. my arms are kicking my ass this morning though! have a good one. I guess legs are it today!

  2. Nice work on the PR man, age is nothing but a number!

  3. Back yesterday.
    Widegrip pulldowns
    82.5,87.5,92.5, 97.5, 92.5, 87.5,82.5,77.5,72.5 all the way to 42.5
    T bar row

    Bentover rows
    4 sets of 115 to failure

    One arm row

    Seated wide grip row

    Bodyweight to failure
    Not many as my arms were blasted

    Powermax is an amazing preworkout you really don't want to stop.

    Finished with 15 minute treadmill jog.

  4. I bet your arms were blasted after that! How were the bi and back pumps after all that volume?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by nicksox15 View Post
    I bet your arms were blasted after that! How were the bi and back pumps after all that volume?
    None at all alittle stiff but not too sore.

  6. shoulders tonight

    quick one but a good one

    started with rotator cuff warmup with 10lbers
    the massive set of side laterals
    200 reps 12,15,20,20,15,12 ten reps each started with 20 @3 sets

    one arm cable raises
    8 each arm for 4 sets at 20 lbs

    machine seated shoulder press
    4 sets of 10

    behind the back shrugs
    65 lbs 4 sets 20

    one arm shrugs
    20 for 4 sets each @40lbs

    that's all the time I had but they are burnt.

    I should be able to get legs tomorrow depending on work schedule. wish I would have had more time today , I still had power left but a buddy of mine was on the smith so I didn't get to do barbell presses.

    did some core work later on at home. still trying to lose this midsection fat to see some abs before starting my bulk. in September. I am hoping to find some money to get what I want to help with this, but it isn't looking good. even some protein powder would help . with prices these days buying a lot of food for a family of five ontop of what I will need will be very expensive. don't know how single people do it. on a positive not though great workout!

  7. Fantastic volume Chef! You're killing my volume levels. Nice work brother.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by kenpoengineer View Post
    Fantastic volume Chef! You're killing my volume levels. Nice work brother.
    thanks brother doing what I can with what I got!

  9. Yea, you've been killing it with volume! Good job making the most out of the time you had!

  10. allrighty legg day yea ah!!!!!

    front squats
    95 4sets of 8 deep

    leg press
    388, 478,503,503
    15 reps for first three 25 for last one

    calf press same as above except 20 reps each

    10 reps each

    leg extensions

    done and done. I couldn't have done another one if I wanted to I was so drained after this one . back is aching a little from the other night so I didn't want to push it. got in some supplement whey at work today. 2 scoops plus med 2 whey drink =60 grams protein, 114 carbs, 1000 calories!blam that should help out with the bulk.

  11. Boom! Nice job dude, Howd the powermax help ya through all that?

  12. little different feel with it this go round. I seemed a lot more tired that usual. could have been that shake . it really sat heavy on me for a few hours . hadn't had a protein shake in a while.

  13. Yea, they can make you a bit lethargic fir sure

  14. Cranked out arms tonight.
    Took powermax 30 minutes prior and creatine during.
    Machine preacher curls
    Tricep machine dips
    Ez bar curls
    65 for 4@10 reps
    Hammer curls
    Rope pushdowns
    130,130,110,110,70,50,30 to failure
    Reverse tricep. Extension
    Cg bench
    95 for 3sets
    Kickbacks Superset with dumbbell curls 25 for two sets to finish.
    Vascularity at its best. Great pump.
    I am officially in the muscle shirt club. Got my membership card tonight! !!
    On another note got an old t shirt out of a duffle. Bag in the attic never been worn,30 years old and fits like a glove !!!!!!
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  15. Nice job brother. Has to feel good putting on a 30 year old shirt and rockin it!

  16. That shirts as old as me! Good workout man, really killing it in here.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by nicksox15 View Post
    That shirts as old as me! Good workout man, really killing it in here.
    Thanks guys not there yet but I am on the right road.

  18. chest pains ,chest pains everybody need some chest pains!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hit it hard today and pre exhausted the pecs early on.

    high and low cable flyes
    4 sets ea of 15

    incline bench
    4 sets 10 135

    flat bench on smith
    4 sets 8-10 135

    decline bench 105 4 sets 10

    incline dumbbell press
    30,40,40 10 reps each

    flat cable flyes
    4 sets 15

    hex press
    3 sets 15

    after the cables I couldn't lift as much weight as I had wanted but as Dorian Yates says " it doesn't matter after the muscle is exhausted it's all good "

    forgot to pack my Powermax in my bag and that made abig difference in the pump and focus of my workout. I definitely felt different today without it. it is in my bag Now!!!

    I really wish I had away to get some side money for a run this fall but it isn't looking good. I guess i'll have to do it the old fashion way eat my way there. my job allows me no spare time to do anything to earn any so that isn't an option. maybe the good fairy will leave me some on my birthday next month.

  19. Man Chef, chest burnout brother. How much time did that workout take? What PH cycle were you planning for the fall? PM me if you would like privacy.

  20. around 45 minutes

  21. That's a productive 45 minutes!

  22. yeah I am a busy boy. no time for conversations! in and out.

  23. I'm the same way, longest I go is an hour

  24. i really feel like crap today achy all over . don't know the reason for this at all. was going have a leg session today but unless I pull out of this funk I don't see it happening!

  25. Listen to your body man, sometimes it's got a funny way of telling you to take a day off!

  26. Got. As short arm workout in.
    Trying a torq workout and so far I like it. Same weight higher reps lst one to failure. Should be tabletop get what want without hurting myself.

    Exam bar curls 50lbs-30,20,10,failure

    Rope pushdowns

    Skullcrushers 50-39,20,10,failure.

    close grip bench ez curl
    75 for 4 sets 30,20,20,15

    one arm tricep pushdowns
    35 lbs for 4 serts 20last one to failure

    reverse tricep extensions
    65 -3 sets 25

    25-2 sets 15 each

    all I could get in but they are pumped. had to workout at home with what I have. I will get shoulders tomorrow and legs Saturday. have a good night guys!

  27. Good work man, gotta love that pump with all that volume and powermax!

  28. shoulders yesterday. once again forgot the powermax so no preworkout which sucked. I really need that energy bump and focus. i did ok without it though.

    10 lb laterals to warm up

    seated front press
    95,105,105,105 8-10 range

    laterals super set with front raises
    25, 20,15,10 to failure

    low pulley raises
    4 sets 15 reps 12.5 resistance

    rear delt cables
    25 for 4 sets

    rear shrugs
    185 for 15 -4sets

    and my shoulders are killing me today along with my tris. shoulders are becoming my favorite exercise to do. never would have thought this with all the pain I used to have with them.

    too sore even for legs today I need to get them tomorrow for sure I must find time gym only open for 4 hours tomorrow. have a good weekend Nix and ken you two are the only ones following this log it seems. so there ya go!

  29. Definitely jealous! You're kicking ass with you're shoulder workouts and I'm in a sling for another 3 weeks

  30. punched out a little leg workout tonight with my baby girl doing arms . ten lb dumbbell curls(two arm) 5 lb dumbbell hammers she was screaming!

    150 leg extensions at 80 lbs
    ez bar hack squats at 100 for 50 reps
    then I had to walk back up stairs that was the hardest ! i'll get em tomorrow!

  31. did a TORQ workout on legs tonight . it's one exercise per muscle group with high reps minimum rest

    did legs , calves and arms
    leg extensions 90 lbs 30,20,10
    leg curls 70-30,20,10
    seated calf raises-95-30,20,20,15,10
    preacher curls -55-20,20,15,10,5
    straight bar pushdowns-70-30.20,15,10

    I never though doing a medium high weight (for my workout) would take me to failure this fast but I was stopping on the single reps to rest and get half reps.
    I know I will be sore as hell tomorrow because when I switched from extensions to curls the bar on the machine was killing my quads . I thought my calves would explode on the raises. all in 30 minutes. I am just trying to change things up and keep the muscles thinking what is next, I know this may seem unorthodox to the veterans but this is a regime really used a lot by older athletes because of not being able to take the big weight anymore. joint and tendon pains getting in the way , age slowly trying to stop us. screw that, blow the muscles mind as much as possible I say. but I could be wrong I am just becoming an old fart!

  32. Nice work man! It's a good thing to switch it up from time to time, keeps those muscles guessing!

  33. all jacked up on powermax and rocking out the back today!

    started with seated rows and ran the rack
    four full sets at 155,195,195,195 then all the way down to 65 20 reps each to start finished with 6

    right into close grip pulldowns 195, 175,175,175 for 10 each

    behind the back under the leg rope pulls (hell I don't know what they are called) 4 sets at 55 lbs of 15

    superset behind the back barbell shrugs with one arm rows and pullups

    215,170,135,135 for 20 each , 50,60,60,60, 10 each, bodyweight to failure every set

    that was it short and sweet wide open minimum rest back is full but not hurting. my other gym has more back related equipment but you work with what you have . good one today very nice. measured last night have gained a 1/2 inch on my ams an inch on my chest , waist went down two. that will do for sure.

  34. Damn, very nice on the measurements! I'm very jealous, lol. Since my surgery I've been going the opposite way! Soon enough I'll be back at it, me my Powermax and some iron! Keep up the good work in here man, very happy Powermax has delivered for you.

  35. Quote Originally Posted by chefbo View Post
    all jacked up on powermax and rocking out the back today!

    measured last night have gained a 1/2 inch on my ams an inch on my chest , waist went down two. that will do for sure.
    Nice work in here. Congrats in increasing muscle size!

  36. Quote Originally Posted by kenpoengineer View Post
    Nice work in here. Congrats in increasing muscle size!
    thank you sir very important to see results from your efforts.

  37. probably gonna take another day off today because my shoulder is still keeping me up at night. doesn't really bother me during the day thought , weird!

    all my kids are working out daily now. situps , pushups , jumping jacks really cool to see them taking stock in what dad is doing. my daughters saw a little fat roll around their midsection and freaked out. all that summer laying around on rainy days snacking takes its toll!lol

  38. well of course I didn't take a day off! I hit chest today really hard with the TORQ workout. I did four exercises though instead of just one.
    decline dumbbell press 40 lbs for 50 reps, 35, 20,15, 10, 16 superset with cable bentover press
    (taking the place of dips) that really wrecked my pecs good. takes all the stress off your arms and isolates the pecs.
    4 sets 35,45,45,55 for 20 each

    flat flyes
    4 sets 50,40,30,20 with 15,20,20,25 lb dumbbells
    superset with cable flyes
    45 for 20, for two sets, 55 for 20, 65 for 12

    that was a workout. shoulder started pinching a little on the last set so I went no farther. cannot risk any type of injury this year. I upped my cals a little by about 5-600 a day with protein shakes around 200 cals each with 8 grams protein, 22 carbs so I take about 2-3 each day in the morning before breakfast to jump start my day. my gut look a little inflated lately so I am gonna watch it and see if that is what is doing it . my workouts haven't changed any in fact they have increased in intensity so I am not sure I understand why I am gaining fat. the powermax rocks my workouts and I sweat like hell during them so my cardio is up from minimal rest times. all I did today was in 30 minutes! I am taking another companies fat burner at two a day to help control but it may still be in the placebo phase . it usually take two weeks to kick in and my appetite hasn't diminished like before on it. I will keep an eye on it. Performax is working out great for me , really like the minimal stim but the focus is unbelievable .

  39. Glad your enjoying it And holy volume batman! Very nicely done

  40. hey nick clear your inbox


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