The Solution + PES: Shredding with Alphamine and Alpha T-2

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    The Solution + PES: Shredding with Alphamine and Alpha T-2

    PES Alphamine + Alpha T-2 Log


    [img] http://www.****************//photos/33840/Alphamine_raspberry_lemonade_l arge.jpeg[/img]

    PES' NEW Alphamine: Innovative & Powerful Thermogenic Powder!
    After two years of undeniable feedback from Alpha-T2, we sat down to begin our research onto an even greater, more innovative, more powerful fat burner…

    We realized all the fat burners on the market hold MAJOR flaws…we set out to create a solution. In search for our goal, we stumbled across the most effective and innovative formulation that has EVER been introduced......And with that said, PES' NEW Alphamine was born!
    ALPHAMINE is a revolutionary fat loss product with no other comparison! Here are just a few reasons why....
    Unmatched Formula

    Alphamine delivers a scientific formula geared towards ultimate physique enhancement. New stimulants. Superior Extracts. Ultra Thermogenesis. Strong Appetite Suppression. Lean Mass Preservation. Extreme Hardening Agents.
    This powdered product delivers ingredients faster than any capsule on the market while allowing the highest degree of variable dosing. Two small scoops with 10oz of water tastes so good you'll want to drink it for enjoyment! Need a little more or a little less? No worries...with a powdered formula you are in FULL CONTROL of dosing unlike a capsule. Find the perfect dose for YOU.
    Burn Fat NOT Muscle

    Until ALPHAMINE, no products are designed to selectively burn FAT while preserving muscle mass. Crazy…right? So many products based on energy and weight loss…but not FAT loss.

    Male or female, no matter how much fat you want to drop nobody wants to lose their precious muscle mass. Hard dieting, heavy stimulants, and extreme cardio all are begging to break down your muscle tissue for energy. Shift the focus to FAT loss.
    Alphamine takes physique enhancement a step further. Not only is this formula designed to shed fat and preserve muscle, we have included a potent muscle hardening agent in every serving. A flabby stomach is annoying enough as it is…the last thing you need are flabby muscles! Demand more than just fat loss…demand full physique transformation.
    Allow us to present to you the new definition of a fat burner…

    Alpha T-2


    Alpha-T2 is the first product that can effectively:
    • Target Fat Loss
    • Provide Full Body Fat Loss
    • Combine multiple fat loss pathways in the body for an even greater effect – synergy at its finest.
    • Give powerful fat loss without any caffeine crash and jitters

    Alpha-T2 contains pure Rauwolscine HCl, also known as alpha-yohimbine. Before you say “Oh damn, it’s yohimbine”?, keep on reading. Rauwolscine is VERY different than regular yohimbine. Just because they have a similar name does not mean anything as to what it does inside of your body. This new extremely superior ingredient makes yohimbine look like garbage.

    Regular yohimbine is well known for nasty jitters, crash, anxiety, etc. On top of that, it hardly does anything for fat loss. Rauwolscine does NOT have the same effects and is much more powerful at burning fat then regular yohimbine! It is an essential ingredient for anyone who wants to lose weight, and we give it to you in the pure form at a full and effective dose.

    Rauwolscine is the key to TARGETING fat loss in the midsection. Rauwolscine is known as an Alpha-2 adrenoceptor antagonist (Alpha-2-adrenoceptor blocker). Normally, when this receptor is active (which it’s going to be, unless you’re taking Alpha-T2), it actually slows your body’s natural ability to burn fat! By blocking the alpha-2-adrenoceptor with Rauwolscine your body will now INCREASE fat burning and DECREASE fat storage. Those evil Alpha-2 adrenoceptors are abundant in certain areas of the body; including the abdomen, the love handles, the chest, lower back, buttocks, and neck. So by taking Alpha-T2, you are TARGETING FAT LOSS in these areas!

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    Weight Change

    Throughout this log as I continue to cut I will hope the addition of Alphamine + Alpha T-2 can help shed 5-6 pounds over these next 4 weeks. Currently Sitting around 177 Pounds. Will take weight at end of the log as well to compare.

    Mirror Change

    I take weekly Pictures for my Trainer (Jason Theobald) as he does assess my physique pre-contest and in the offseason to stay in condition for next time I do take the stage (Currently growing into a middleweight after competing last July at Collegaite Nationals as a LW ((Came in right at 154 the cutoff)). Doing a cut right now to tighten up for a wedding next month/vacation I will be taking for 11 days.


    Upon Waking: 1-2 Scoops Alphamine and 1 Alpha T-2 ( Will take 2 scoops if training in the morning)
    6-8 hours later: 1 Scoop Alphamine and 2 Alpha T-2
    *** These were suggested by Mr. Cooper **


    Given the blend of the Alpha T-2 and Alphamine being a stimmed thermo, I am hoping that the amount of caffeine (Around 100mg) Will help fuel and power me through my workouts while also giving me the fat burning effect to aid for my physique change as well. Overall this will be monitored and I will give weekly updates regarding it and my workouts

    *** This log will start when the products come in which should be very shortly!!!

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  3. In for the ride.

  4. Sub a dub dub.

    It's always excellent to see pics as well.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. In for the food porn and intelligent/detailed log. Started Alphamine last Friday, so far it's great.

    Good luck
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  6. using the same stack now, love it. Enjoy it bro and good luck
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    In for sure!
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  8. In on super detailed Bob log and in for PRs!
  9. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Appreciate it fellas,
    When i log i give it nothing but 100% Feedback and tried to be as detailed as i can.

    it only helps 1-- the company
    2- the consumers
    3- those who do follow the log.

    Ill be giving it hell for these 4 weeks when they come in. Stay in touch for some epic food on restricted kcals and some progress pics.

    hope you dont mind looking at my ginger ass
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  10. In for this! Great start solution!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveToLift View Post
    In for this! Great start solution!
    Welcome! ONly my 2nd log on AM, but im no stranger to logging in general.
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  12. Bob can shred unlike 99.9% of the people I have ever I am interested in how this treats you. Good luck man.
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  13. In for some awesomeness
  14. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Damn this thread is popping and i have not even started it.. Im liking this....

    I hope to bring the results. ill be pushing hard in the gym, may have to get some training videos up while i am at it going for a 5 Rep Max on squat.. maybe 365 x 5?

    Ask Cooper how much i squatted when we lifted at PSU, and well see how much more i have improved
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  15. In for motivation
    Psalms 62:1-62:2
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    Quote Originally Posted by tyga tyga View Post
    In for motivation
    Ginger kids arent motivators bro.
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  17. You know I'm up in here. Good starting pics can't wait to see the progression.

  18. Subbb

    Sent from my SPH-D700 using Tapatalk 2 while texting and driving.

  19. Subscribed.
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    Welcome Fellas, goods should be here very shortly. Will keep you in the loop and will get to work right away. Time to shed some fat and weight!
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  21. I'm in for this as well Bob. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by breezy11 View Post
    I'm in for this as well Bob. Good luck!
    There he is!
    Hopefully the stuff comes in soon, and when it does this will get rocking and rolling. Ill start posting workouts tomorrow (Since today was a long day)

    worked 6-3, and have a massage tonight, kicking it off with legs tomorrow after a 90 minute Thai/Deep Tissue Massage
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    The Strength Guys
    BQ Hypertrophy M1
    Week 4 Day 1

    Tempo Indicator: (Eccentric, Pause, Concentric)

    5 Minute Warm-up on Bike

    30 Reps over various sets/grips

    Back Squat: (5:2:3 Tempo)
    240 x 8 (6 Sets)

    +5 Pounds

    Weighted Pull-Up: (5:2:3)
    BW x 8 (5 Sets)

    Wide Grip Cable Row: (3:3:3)
    95 x 8 (4 Sets)

    Smith Barbell Row (2:0:1)
    135 x 20 (4 Sets)

    **: DB Skullcrushers: (2:0:1)
    25's x 20 (3 Sets)

    A2: Tricep Pressdown: (2:0:1)
    105 x 20 (3 Sets)

    B1: Seated Calf Raise: (3:5:1)
    2 Plates X 6 (3 Sets)

    B2: Donkey Calf Raise: (3:5:1)
    4 Plates/Side x 6 (3 Sets)


    Ham and Cheese Thermogenesauce Omelete + Peanut Butter Strawberry Sweet Potatoes:

    Products not in yet
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  24. Thinking of starting this stack in a months time so can't wait to see the results

  25. That is a brutal tempo....sounds painful.
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