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  1. DAY 27 -Cardio day - 1 hours

    Taking 4 caps- 2 waking, 2 bed-time. Cardio is helping nicely with leanout. Nothing else to note today...just cardio day.

  2. DAY 28- DELTS

    FRONT RAISES DB- 40,45,50 -3 SETS 10-12 reps
    DB Raises on incline bench- 15 then 3 set 10-20 reps
    Cable Raises- 80,90,100 - 3 sets 10 reps

    Rope Delt pulls- 60,70,80,90 - 4 sets 10-20 reps
    Rear cable flys- 40,45,50 - 3 sets 10-20 reps
    Rear Delt machine- 70,80,90,100 -4 sets 10-20 reps

    Side Delt machine - 90,100,110 -3 sets 10 reps
    Cable side raises-35,40,45 - 3 set 8-10 reps
    DB side raises- to failure with any weight possible - 3 sets reps range 20-30

    Sitted trap machine reverse sitted 3x45 each side - 3 sets
    Standing trap machine - reverse grip-3x45 each side- 3 sets
    standing trap plate raises to failure 20 reps range

    Taking 4 caps- 2 waking, 2 bed-time. Delts going nicely. Mass to all heads and all heads visible. I have enjoy mostly from Gamma-o the lean affect and also the high libido has be very fun!!

  3. DAY 29 - LEGS

    DB squat 55 6 sets -20 reps deep
    Leg Press 45x7,6,5 plates each side -2 set per plate- 6 set total -10-12 reps
    Vertical leg press 4 plates -3 sets 10-15 reps
    Charles Glass Single legged Leg press(this is one legged side tilt leg press-targets outer sweep)- 2x45 + 2x25 each side-3 sets 10 reps
    Leg extension- to failure by 1 leg at a time then both legs together


    standing leg curls- 35,40,45,50- 3 sets 10-20 reps
    Laying leg curls - 80,70,60,50,40,30 - 10-12 reps 6 sets
    LEG press with leg very high- 4x45 each side 10 reps 3 sets
    clean deadlift 1x45 -10-20 reps -3 sets

    Taking 4 caps- 2 waking, 2 bed-time. Leg workout was great. I have been using very slow control movement. This has help cut and also add mass, in very short time. Legs are still lagging compared to upper body. I hope to solve that problem this year. I have one day left on Gamma-O. I will post a final review in a few days....


    I have not taken a natural test booster in a long time. My only history of taking natural test booster are the old jungle warfare and iforce reversitol and gaspari novedex xt. This was a long time ago and these, I think had steroidal components. So it not fair to compare gamma-o to them. So gamma-o is my first true natural test booster. I used this purely stand alone and just with a pre workout and whey. I had a nice increase in libido and had lots of fun with that. Sleep was deep and memory recall was also increased. This at first seemed weird to be.. normal I don't recall anything. The deep sleep in turn increased recovery. This allowed me to hit hard with each day. I had increase in mass and leaning out..but I honesty can't say that is gamma-o at work. It seemed more from diet and training. As a natty supplement it worked good- I would give it a 8/10. I have read other reviews on gamma-o and most of them recommend taking for more time then my 1 month log. Maybe long term use may work better. This is natty supplement.. so dont expect huge increases in mass, strength or recomp. If you need something to help with libido and sleep and recovery then by all means give this a try!!!

  5. Thanks again bro, you rocked this log

  6. im interested in gamma-o. i got my old man a bottle and he reported better pumps, to his surprize, as he usually doesnt notice anything from supplements i give him. im wondering if gamma-o improves someones entire steroid hormone profile; i vaguely recall reading something about it that its like cholesterol except that with men, testosterone is made more efficiently from it. im VERY curious if adrenal hormone levels can benefit as well, such as dhea ect. ; im also wondering if anyone knows anything about trying bigger dosages


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