First off I'd like to thank ANS for the samples of the much anticipated preworkout ritual now let's get down to the nitty gritty

Profile: 10/10 with clinically studied, optimal doses of ingredients like creapure, beta alanine, agmatine, L citrulline, and stims like higenamine, it provides great endurance, above average pumps, and great energy with no crash...

Taste: 7/10 now when I opened this I was extremely excited! Not only did it smell great but the powder tasted amazing, not just like green apple but like a straight up candied apple sucker, when I mixed two packs (2 scoops) in 15 oz of water it was not what I had expected. Not bad, just not great, masking so many ingredients is no easy task but this would defiantly not detour me from using daily

Workout effects: 9/10 now I used as a stand alone without any additional N.O. Supps but even then still one the better pre's I've used. With additional nitrates this would make for an awesome product

Overall 9.5/10: I will recommend this to everyone and i will defiantly buy this in the future and use with something like usplabs Yok3d or iforce's new KNO3