iforce tropinol xp, intimate and erase stack

  1. iforce tropinol xp, intimate and erase stack

    Hey all,

    looking for a bit of help on the best way to do this. I have two 100 cap bottles of tropinol xp, two 30 cap bottles of intimidate and one bottle of 30 caps of PES erase pro.

    What's the best way to stack these for optimal results. The tropinol will last just over 7 weeks at four caps per day, the intimidate will last around 8 weeks and of course the erase around 4 weeks.

    should I run the intimate for the entire duration of the tropinol? And then run the erase as a pct.
    should I start the erase before the tropinol and intimidate finish or just start as they finish. So many questions lolol thanks for your help. Also stacking Iforce conquer and hemavol.

    Help appreciated.


  2. First off, IMO if you have not ran any of these solo, I would not stack em. I would make sure each is run solo first and see how you react. Never smart to stack for the first time. With that being said, which of these have you run before? All 3?

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  3. I've run the original erase on its own before. I first started looking at the tropinol and got the intimidate bottles free I purchased the erase simply as a pct as I don't fancy run the test boosters alone even tho they are 'natural'

    Why do you suggest running them solo, incase something goes wrong stacking or purely because I may reap more benefits running them alone for the first time?

    Thanks for your help


  4. Well, because if a certain ingredient bothers you and you are unaware, say like an allergic reaction, you will have no clue what is causing. All three could be ran together, just follow directions on labels, no need to adjust dosages.

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  5. Would you suggest running the erase at the end on the tropinol cycle or during?


  6. Should I run the erase for the last 4 weeks of the tropinol and intimidate cycle or start 6 weeks in and run it to 10 weeks. (2 weeks after the tropinol and intimidate end)

    Or I could dose the erase 1 cap every other day and run it throughout the entire cycle. There's so many options and not sure which would be best?




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