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  1. What is your diet like, seems like you have some intense discipline!
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  2. You are a beast no doubt buddy, you look in top condition.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Athletix View Post
    What is your diet like, seems like you have some intense discipline!
    With my hectic schedule and family life, I realized a long time ago that the only way I can make my diet work is to enjoy eating the same things day after day. That being said, during prep time, I will literally eat the same meals every day for 8-10 weeks. My macros normally break down like: 200-250 grams carbs, 225-265 grams protein, and 45-80 grams fat. The wide ranges are due to the changes I will make as I get closer to a show, dropping carbs and fat to the lower end of the range. During a 10 week prep, my calories will range from a high of around 2800 to a low of 2200.

    Breakfast is always Muscle Milk with skim milk and either oats or waxy maize starch. (Don't kill me for the Muscle Milk! I've done it for over 6 years...every morning, no exceptions. It works for me.) I will do a meal of oatmeal with protein powder, walnuts and fruit, a meal of chicken with salad, a meal of an egg white omelet with turkey sausage and mozz cheese, a meal of my homemade protein pancakes or muffins, a meal of organic brown rice cakes with natty pb and homemade low sugar jelly. I will also add in at least one scoop of whey and a scoop of casein protein at the appropriate times of the day. The other staple every day is a spinach/kale/strawberry/raspberry/blueberry smoothie, done in the Blendtec blender all with ingredients right from our backyard garden.

    I'm going to start incorporating potatoes (white) into the meal plan. I've normally used sweet potatoes in the past but I would much rather eat white potatoes. I actually enjoy white potatoes and only tolerate sweet potatoes. After watching Dusty's Costco video recently, I'm good with the white potatoes if he's good with them.

    I admit that I'm not the most conventional dieter out there. I'm lucky to be able to accept and process dairy, grains, and a lot of other foods that a lot of competitors tend to stay away from. I've been fairly successful with it so far, so I figured if it ain't broke...

  4. ^Hard work!

    Nice job man!
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