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  1. Had a great back workout today. I went to my brother in laws gym which I thought was a commercial gym but definitely not. It was a golds gym that got new owners, they changed the name and updated a lot with a bunch renovations and new equipment, it is a sick gym. If I lived closer I would join in a heartbeat, only $22 a mth! My back workout was great, through a couple biceps in at the end, lifted a lot and was sweating like crazy, had a great time! The workout went like this:

    Bent over BB row

    1arm DB rows
    100's x 8
    105's x 8
    110's x 8
    125's x 5 - PR! First time hittin the 125's

    Wide grip body weight pull-ups
    4 sets of 10

    Supported t-bar row
    Wide grip pull down with 5 sec negatives

    Low cable seated row

    Hammer grip body weight pull-ups-ss-low cable rope row
    10 reps-ss-150x12

    2 arm DB bent over row
    3x40's x 10 - super strict

    Row machine
    Ez bar curl
    3x75x10 - 5 sec negatives

    Standing DB curl
    3x40's x 10 - super strict

    Incline DB hammer curls
    3x35's x 10

    Amazing workout, I didn't want to stop, had tons of energy and was lifting a lot more weight than usual!

  2. I will catch up to those pull ups one day!

  3. Killed it today!
    Life's a garden, dig it

  4. Amazing workout, one of the best in a long time. Before my workout my brother in law and I had to chip up 400 sq ft of stose tile, which is a workout all on its own. I actually took 1 scoop of supp-d at about 8:30 this morning before the tile and took another scoop about 11:45 before I hit the gym! I was movin like a mother f**ker!

  5. It's a great motivator!
    Life's a garden, dig it

  6. Back is damn sore from yesterday's workout. I did shoulders today, workout went like this
    4 sets of everything

    Standing BB press

    Seated DB press(regular press up come down switch to hammer style press up and come down equals 1rep)
    35's x 10

    Standing DB lat raises
    35's x 12

    Standing bent over DB rear delt raises
    25's x 10

    6 ways

    BB shrug(alt between holding the BB in front then rear with a 3 sec hold at the top)-ss-standing DB press - no rest between sets just keep going back and fourth till all 4 sets are done
    135x10-ss-25's x 12
    Traps and shoulders were pumped and sore after this!

  7. Ohp is hard, it's something I really need to work on. Good volume man

  8. Sorry guys super busy yesterday so I totally forgot to post my leg workout. My knee has been bothering me lately and popping when I put a lot of weight on the bar so I do more of a volume workout and it seems to do the trick cause I could barely walk up the stairs when I'm done!


    Front squat

    Hack squat-ss-standing floor calf raises

    Stiff deads

    Lying leg curl
    4x90x7(10sec rests in between sets)

    Leg ext-ss-toe elevated calf raises

    Squat holding a 45lb plate

    Bench squats

  9. I actually forgot to mention that I was a little tired yesterday morning and one scoop didn't do the trick so I put another half scoop in and sipped on it at the beginning of my workout, wow that made a huge difference! I was full of energy then! Today I just took one scoop and feel good bought to kill some arms!

  10. Dude try squats 16 sets 12. It's killer, I will never forget, before I transferred out of Texas A&M (we have one of the largest rec centers) I did that ranging from 135-185 and about half way through I up chucked all my food from the cafe. The employees asked if I "needed a medic" and as I whipped my mouth of what used to be brisket I just casually said "no, it's just leg day" and went to get another set in.

    It was a competition me and a friend had, we were texting each other between sets (he was at UTSA) of what we just hit.

  11. Awesome story! Arm w/o today was great created an insane pump, I'll post it in a bit.

  12. Yesterday's workout was great, i did arms, workout went like this
    Everything was four sets

    BB curl-ss-body weight dips
    95x10-ss-10 reps

    Preacher curl-ss-reverse grip overhead ez bar ext

    21's using ez bar-ss-close grip press using ez bar coming down to chin to put more emphasis on the tri's

    Incline hammer grip-ss-incline skull crusher
    25's x 15-ss-75x12

    Pumped like crazy!

  13. Today's workout was some deads, lower back and abs


    Hanging leg raise x 10


    Reverse decline crunches x 10


    Decline crunch x 18


    Roman chair leg raise x 12


    Hand/feet ball pass x 20


    Stiff dead-135x15

    Susp trainer pike(butt to ceiling) x 15

    Reverse hyper ext x 50

    Hyper ext x 20

  14. Nice! My favorite day is deadlift and bench day haha, it's a beast feeling but it's so taxing I only do it once every couple months

  15. Yesterday's workout was chest and it went like this

    Everything was 4 sets

    Flat DB press

    Incline BB press

    Flat BB press-ss-feet elevated stretch push-ups

    Incline DB hammer press-ss-feet elevated stretch push-ups with feet on ball
    55's x 12-ss-15

    Flat BB bench One set-135x15

    Today's workout was back. I hit a new PR! Everything was 4 sets

    Wide grip pull-ups
    10 reps per set

    BB row

    1 arm DB row
    95's x 10
    105's x 9
    115's x 8
    125's x 7 PR!

    Wide reverse grip pull-ups-ss-BB shrugs with 3 sec pause at top
    10 reps per set-ss-135x10

    Hammer grip pull-ups-ss-low incline rear delt raises
    8 reps per set-ss-10's x 15

    Wide grip inverted row-ss-meadows row
    10 reps per set-ss-45lb plate on the end of the bar x 8 reps

    Reverse wide grip inverted row-ss-dual DB rows
    8 reps per set-ss-55's x 5

    Hammer grip inverted rows 8 reps per set with 10 sec rests.

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    You inspired me for some post workout fluff!

  17. Double strawberry?

  18. 1 heaping scoop of trutein vanilla
    1 heaping cup of frozen raspberries
    Very little vanilla almond milk

  19. Quote Originally Posted by pete8407 View Post
    1 heaping scoop of trutein vanilla
    1 heaping cup of frozen raspberries
    Very little vanilla almond milk
    Mmm sounds tasty, I'm gonna make some in a bit. Gonna be out and about and don't wanna pick anything up

    I'll try this in a couple weeks maybe, I have a lot of blueberries lol

  20. I love blueberries too, I usually buy the 10lb bag at SAMs club

  21. Today was shoulders

    Everything was 4 sets

    Standing BB over and backs

    Seated DB press

    Standing lateral raises
    3x40x12 PR normally my last set is 40's with 8-10 reps and to do 3 sets of 12 was awesome!

    Standing DB rear delt raises


    Huge sets with no rests
    standing wide grip BB press

    Standing DB lat raises
    25's x 10

    Standing wide grip BB press

    Standing bent over DB rear delt raises
    25's x 10

    Standing wide grip BB press

    Standing DB lat raises
    25's x 8

    Standing wide grip BB press

    Standing bent over DB rear delt raises
    25's x 8

    Standing DB press
    25's x 15

  22. Really sucks, this was my last day of Supp-D. I'll post my final review this afternoon.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by pete8407 View Post
    Really sucks, this was my last day of Supp-D. I'll post my final review this afternoon.
    sucks bro

  24. Quote Originally Posted by pete8407 View Post
    <img src=" 862"/>
    I've had such a great experience in my first week with Supp-d that I didn't want to run out. So I bought this awesome stack
    Remember I won't run out!!!!!!!

  25. SUPP-D

    Final review is up! Thanks again, this is a great pre w/o!

  26. Quote Originally Posted by pete8407 View Post

    Final review is up! Thanks again, this is a great pre w/o!
    Preciate it bro


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