Log of Androfactory Bulk-Up and FOCUS. Going for big gains!!

  1. Log of Androfactory Bulk-Up and FOCUS. Going for big gains!!

    Whatsup guys, im doing a log of AF Bulkup and Focus. Im focusing on bulking a ton while getting great strength gains. I previously used Andromass and i loved the stuff so im hoping i get a similar effect (Does anyone know if they're comparable?!??)

    Anyway, my last cycle of Mass i weighed in at 195 with ahh around 8-9 percent BF. I ended up fracturing a wrist, going through mental problems (not psycho, but anxiety and bipolarness/ depression) So ive been away from the gym for a bit. My worst is construction based, so i still gain a lot of strength and i do hit the gym a bit more again. My life hasn't been the same the last 6 months, so im hoping these products bring me back to my motivated self! Right now im at about 175 in weight, with around 8 percent body fat. I can gain muscle very easily, i have great genetics. My diet is going to be a lot of meat like steak,chicken,beef, as much as i can take in. With some Veggies of course and all that. Trying for around 6000cals a day. Also, i still have a full bottle of AndroEnhance, so im going to join this into the mix.

    Other products i have- Anabeta, Mass HGH, Almost a full bottle of Androhard V3, and i still have around a half bottle of Androbulk.

    So before i start the cycle im wondering how i should line this up, what to take and how much and if i should use the leftover androseries i have? Maybe i could do Androbulk and Bulkup together until AB runs out(it could kickstart things) then just continue to run Bulkup,Focus, Anabeta? Im going to pick up a good PCT this week too. So Can you guys recommend or help me fix this log a little bit before i start it? Also, another idea is i could run AB until its finished, get that in my system then kickstart the Bulkup? Im not sure. Please help me with this guys, i wanna run a great log and make it fun for you guys to follow!!

  2. Hey buddy do you have a review of the Bulk up + Focus? Would love for you to post that. Thanks!
    Sustain Alpha is back!

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