Thank you very much for the final review, greatly appreciated Glad you enjoyed!


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Again thanks to all the people at I-Force for the logging opportunity and support of AM forum.

I have tried a lot of pre-workouts. But Conquer is very different from anything I have tried. I am very sensitive to stims but for me Conquer is super-super clean. There is no jittery feeling or any GI problems. Conquer focus is second to none. The energy kick-in was late at first for me. As I started using it day by day, everything just got better in term of focus and energy. The pump were ok, but its not really a pump product. On arm day I did use Hemavol with this. That stack is amazing for pump. Conquer was run b/t 1 to 1.5 scoops(I may have used slightly more-it hard to tell with small scoop) the tub has 60 serving, its a great deal. I was also amazed that my body didn't adapt a lot to Conquer. The affects I got were mostly the same throughout the log. Some people say that pre-workouts are just stims, yep the stuff has stims. But with Conquer I got the focus and energy I wanted and as I got out of the gym, Conquer didn't negatively impact my life. No problem with crash or sleep. Conquer allowed be to lift harder, faster, and easier. I have made a lot of improvement and that is the biggest affect I got from Conquer.