CriticalBench Dry Rub Review


2013 NPC Pittsburgh Championships
May 4th, 2013


I see this listed for $19.99, very reasonable price. Much less than other topical diuretics Iíve used it the past.


I applied this over my entire body. I did one application at 5:00am day of the show, and applied my tanner at 6:00am and 7:00am (Jan Tana Ultra 1).


  1. Warm shower and exfoliate with apricot scrub. Run shower extremely warm to build up steam in the bathroom.
  2. When out of shower, dry off.
  3. Apply Dry Rub over entire body from toes to neck, including back, glutes, etc. You get the point. I did everything but my face and head, which I guess you could if you wanted.
  4. Then I wrapped my entire body in saran wrap, very tightly to squeeze the water out of the skin.
  5. Then I applied a neoprene suit, to keep body temp in. A scuba diving wet suit.
  6. Then I sat for an hour and after the hour, showered.


I chose this protocol because Iíve been using it for years, another topical diuretic made custom for me by someone who encourages the saran wrap and neoprene suit for best effects. From trial and error, this step makes a drastic difference and I would never go without it. Also, repeat applications every 2-3 hours work even better.


It provides a cooling sensation, and then heat. Not to the effect of eviscerate smolder, it is very comfortable. I just slept for the hour and set my alarm clock. Under the saran wrap though, I could feel tons and tons of water building up which made me extremely itchy, but it was well worth it! The smell is a tad strong as well, but whoopie!


Drastic reduction in water weight from the skin. Even with the use of systemic diuretic (Please donít ask what I use), this was able to pull a lot of water from the skin. I truly wish I was able to get before and after pics, but at that point pre-contest I could barely stand or function, let alone remember to get before/after pics. I literally wake up to do this and pop right back to bed, so out of it!


1 full bottle, lasted two full body applications and a tad bit left over. I did 1 application before pre-judging and 1 before the night show. I do completely wash my tan off after pre-judging with tide laundry detergent, so if you donít, you wouldnít be able to do another as your tan would run. I completely re tan for the night show.


HELL TO THE YEA! Effects were similar to my other topical diuretic, but for far less money. This worked the same, if not better than the one I previously used. Next time, I will be buying 2-3 bottles so I can get 2-3 applications in before pre-judging and another 1-2 before the night show.

THANK YOU DSADE FOR ALLOWING ME TO TRY THIS!!! I greatly appreciate it and from day 1, I have been and will remain to be, a huge supporter of your formulas!

On a final note, I will never, EVER EVER, go a contest prep without Abliterate being applied to my midsection for a minimum of 8 weeks, and will never go a contest prep without eviscerate being applied to my glutes and hamstrings for a minimum of 8 weeks!!