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  1. PurusLabs Condense

    I am not a pre-workout person I mostly stick with ECA stack or the like for my energy, but I have to say condense felt good not over stimmed. Also I got a great pump from condense. I have to say out of all the pre-workouts I have tried the flavor of the crips apple was the best pre I have ever had by far no one has come close!!!
    so I would rate it vs other pre workouts as
    Flavor 10!!
    Energy 8 >note:I have a script for ADHD meds so this rating might be low for some and this might be rather strong stim.
    pump 8 > I am only comparing this to other pre workouts I have tried.

  2. Thanks for the review. Always nice to hear reviews from non-bias people. Condense is one of my favorites, simple ingredient profile, and it works great!

  3. What other pre-workouts have you tried?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by SwMachine View Post
    What other pre-workouts have you tried?
    Ugh that's a long list. Superpump, no xplode, craze, 1mr, jack3d, and a bunch more I cant think of right now.
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